10 Signs of an Intelligent Woman

10 Signs of an Intelligent Woman

10 Signs of an Intelligent Woman

Women are often appreciated for being beautiful, graceful, hardworking, or even funny. But rarely is a woman noticed, let alone valued for her intelligence. 

Maybe the blowing winds of change have altered our perspectives and learned to treat women as equal in every respect to men. It would be a revelation for many that highly intelligent women are as common as men. 

Why we have ignored this fact for all these years is easy to understand. Women have always been seen as homemakers. With many other changes happening in the world, more opportunities are opening up for women to explore. Intelligent women are making the best use of it and proving in the process that she is not inferior to men. 

Intelligence has various facets; you can be street-smart or book-smart. Intelligence is also gauged as being successful in any chosen field. 

Now, the inclusion of intelligence in a woman’s positive attributes poses a problem for men. All these years, men were not conditioned to search for an intelligent woman. This article will help you identify highly intelligent women through these hard-to-miss signs. 

What are the signs of highly intelligent women?

For men, it makes sense to have intelligent women as their partners as they are already successful or about to make their mark in the world. Not only can an intelligent woman help you succeed, but she will also appreciate your positive traits better.

Let’s see the signs of an intelligent woman.

1. She’s flexible

Intelligent women are not rigid or set on a particular path in their way of thinking as well as doing things. She follows the laid down rules if she thinks it is right and suits her. If it doesn’t, she isn’t afraid of following her own path. She is confident and comfortable in her own skin.

When she makes decisions, she isn’t too bothered about what others may think. A smart woman is well-read and knowledgeable on most topics. She forms her own opinions and is fearless to voice them. She doesn’t care if others don’t agree with her.

2. She’s interested in everything 

Inquisitiveness is the basic requirement for original and creative people. A smart woman has it in abundance. She isn’t satisfied with the information she is given by others. She wants to find out for herself. Intelligent women are fascinated by the world around them and want to know more about it.

Without curiosity, the knowledge of a person will remain stagnant and limited. The urge to know more about things and people helps intelligent women to expand their knowledge pool, thereby also their standing in society.

3. She keeps an open mind

It’s vital for all intelligent people to keep the doors of their minds open to ideas, opinions, and suggestions. Having a set way of thinking or shutting out differing viewpoints can be detrimental to the growth of the person. She understands this simple truth and learned the value of the power of the mind.

Even as she accepts others’ standpoints, she also maintains transparency in her dealings. Her mind is an open book for others to read. She understands the charm of being mysterious but she also knows that being too mysterious can drive people away.

4. She’s unpretentious

Intelligent women know when to be proud and assertive, but they refrain from taking it too far and too often. She is aware that such arrogant behavior will drive people away and she will be left with no friends. This doesn’t mean she isn’t proud of her achievements or assertive about her ideas. 

Intelligent people are well aware that they cannot be experts in everything under the sun. She knows her strengths and areas of expertise and uses them to her advantage. On other occasions, she is ready to listen to more knowledgeable and creative people.

5. She thinks out of the box

A smart woman doesn’t place any limitations on her choices. She is open to new ways of thinking and doing things. When a problem she is confronted with doesn’t have a conventional solution, she will go out of her way to find them. She is excellent at creative thinking and ready to try out novel ideas.

Just the fact that she keeps an open mind points to her inclusive nature. She neither restricts herself to traditional approaches nor limits her options. Some may think that keeping an open mind makes her less intelligent, but she refuses to be reined in by such people.

6. She’s willing to learn from her mistakes

This is one of the most prominent hallmarks of highly intelligent women. She accepts that she is prone to mistakes. After all, she is human and to err is human. However, when someone points out her mistakes, she isn’t offended by them. If she finds them to be true, she’ll readily admit her error and promise herself not to repeat them.

As she admits her fallibility, she never considers herself perfect. This makes a world of difference in her attitude and behavior. She doesn’t have a big ego to cater to, which makes her relationships easy-going.

7. She’s in charge of herself

Intelligent people know their minds and have absolute control over them. She is emotional and impulsive but never lets it run out of hand. Self-control is the biggest virtue any human being can have. This requires a thorough knowledge of self and one’s own capabilities and weaknesses. 

Her ability to rein in her thoughts, feelings, words, and actions can be a huge asset in relationships. She would never let her impulses and emotions get the better of her and make her regret them later. Because of this, she rarely needs to apologize to anyone as all her words and actions are pre-screened and thought out.

8. She loves her me-time

She is a people person and loves company. But she also needs time with herself for self-reflection and organizing her thoughts and feelings. Some may misinterpret this as being shy or a loner. She is neither. The need for privacy and me-time isn’t a sign that she doesn’t like to mingle.

This alone shouldn’t be treated as a sign of intelligence as introverts and people who are anxious or shy may also behave this way. So, ensure that she is displaying some of the other signs of an intelligent woman as well.

9. She believes in creating her own luck

Highly intelligent people believe that luck is for all those people who fail for a lack of ingredients for success. Such as hard work, knowledge, dedication, and will to persevere. Whether she has all the right elements to succeed or not, she firmly believes that her future is in her hands and her hands alone. Luck has no role to play in whether she succeeds in her goals or not.

Luck is often the refuge of weak-minded people. Whenever they don’t find success, they blame it on luck. She knows better than that.

10. She believes in now, today

She knows how to keep the tendency to procrastinate at bay with productive thoughts. She also understands that as a human being, she is naturally prone to postpone things. She ensures that she never sets things aside for later with her constructive way of thinking.

The need for perfection is the excuse used by many to procrastinate. Though she too wants her life to be perfect, she doesn’t use it as a cover to postpone doing things.

Final thoughts on highly intelligent women

Highly intelligent women are no longer a myth. All of the famous and influential women who have found their place in history books were highly intelligent. It’s just that no one associated women with intelligence until recently.

As one of the highly intelligent women, you too can join your illustrious predecessors by making a mark in the field you choose. Men are waking up to this truth and would like to travel the path to success with you.


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