100 Law of Assumption Affirmations

100 Law of Assumption Affirmations

100 Law of Assumption Affirmations

Ever heard about the Law of Assumption? Do you know that you can use this law to manifest your desires?

This might make you wonder, “What is the law of assumption?”

The law of assumption states that anything you assume as true will become your reality. 

Isn’t that wonderful? You can assume your wildest dreams as true and you can make them happen. 

If only it was as simple as that. There has to be a catch somewhere or else everyone would be manifesting big time. 

Want to know more about the law of assumption and how to manifest using the law? Read on to learn more about it. Here you will also find a list of 100 law of assumption affirmations that you can use in your manifestation.

How to use the law of assumption?

Manifesting with the law of assumption is similar to the regular manifestation process using the law of attraction. You gain clarity on what you want to manifest and take a step-by-step approach to reach your goal. You can take the help of various tools and techniques of manifestation such as visualization and affirmation to raise your vibrational energy so that it will become a match to that of the goal. Then manifestation happens.

When you are manifesting using the law of assumption, you again start with your desire. You need to be passionate enough to work hard for it. Focus on the desire and gain clarity and details. 

The next step involves feeling your desire and soaking it up. You need to dive into it headlong and drown in it. Merely focusing on it, thinking about it, or writing it down is not enough. 

To make this possible, you should take help from your power of imagination. Your imagination can alter your state of mind and ultimately change your reality. The better and deeper your imagination is, the quicker you can make your desire a reality.

One of the most powerful tools of manifestation is visualization. Resort to immersive visualization to get the best out of it. Bring in powerful emotions like happiness, passion, and devotion. 

A point to remember here is that for this step to be successful, you need to eliminate limiting beliefs from your mind in the beginning. With them present, none of your efforts will bear fruit.

Now is the time to bring in the law of assumption. Assume that you have succeeded in your manifestation. This step is often referred to as “carrying on as if”. You behave as if you reached the goal.

According to the law, when your internal state of mind changes, it automatically changes your reality. The change will be reflected in the real physical world. In other words, your desire materializes.

How to use positive affirmations when manifesting with the law of assumption?

Although visualization is highly effective in bringing out the internal transformation we want, it relies heavily on your power of imagination. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a good sense of imagination. Especially, if you haven’t used it much and developed it, you may find it difficult to reach the level of imagination needed to make the manifestation work for you.

So, what is the alternative? Does this mean that people with less imagination cannot use this approach to get their dreams realized? No, every problem has a solution, only if you care to look for it in the right places.

Affirmations are considered the ideal tools for those facing challenges with visualization. You can also use them together for better results. 

These positive statements are the best aid to bring about a transformation of the mental state. As you repeat affirmations, they work slowly on your mind, remove the roadblocks, and help you get where you want to go. By repeating them as many times as you want to, you can alter your state of mind, thereby altering your reality.

Though the method and the steps of manifestation are simple to understand, in practice, it is much harder. Believing with absolute certainty that something in your imagination is true is no easy task. For the affirmations to be effective, you need to be involved in them while repeating them and not repeat affirmations like a robot. 

100 Law of Assumptions Affirmations to make your dreams come true

  1. I have the ability to create my reality.
  2. My reality is a direct outcome of my internal mental state.
  3. Everything I assume will become reality.
  4. Transformation begins from the inside.
  5. I am the custodian of my reality.
  6. I have the capacity to rescript my life story.
  7. I assume the best things in my life.
  8. I am who I am.
  9. I will be who I want to be.
  10. I get what I assume and believe.
  11. I won’t stand in my way.
  12. Nothing can stop me from reaching my goal.
  13. My reality is a projection of my consciousness.
  14. Patience and persistence are the keys to success.
  15. I persist, so I succeed.
  16. I persevere despite physical evidence to the contrary.
  17. I live in the end.
  18. I believe that I have accomplished my goal.
  19. My dream is already a reality.
  20. As long as I can feel something, I can have it in the real world.
  21. It gives me pleasure to assume the best.
  22. I am already in possession of what I desire.
  23. I am letting go and allowing my goal to manifest with ease.
  24. I have the courage to assume.
  25. My assumptions serve my best interests.
  26. I mold my assumptions to suit my purpose.
  27. I refuse to bow down to fear, anger, and negativity.
  28. I am ready to let go of my disbelief.
  29. My reality is a reflection of my beliefs.
  30. I am prepared for a radical transformation.
  31. I am keen to start my life afresh.
  32. I assume and it shall be.
  33. I deserve to enjoy the best things in life.
  34. My desires are valid and reasonable.
  35. Nothing is impossible; everything is possible.
  36. I am in charge of my life.
  37. I control the course of my life.
  38. No doubt I have accomplished my desires.
  39. Anything I can experience is already a reality.
  40. No power can hold me back.
  41. What my consciousness believes is my reality.
  42. My belief exists in my consciousness.
  43. I fully believe that my assumptions are true.
  44. I am capable of assuming the best.
  45. I am impervious to negativity.
  46. I can thrive in any situation.
  47. I fear no one.
  48. I am fearless in my assumptions.
  49. I hold the key to manifesting anything I desire.
  50. I welcome complete transformation.
  51. No one can harm me without my consent.
  52. I give myself permission to manifest my desire.
  53. My desires can transform me for the better.
  54. I can feel that my desires are already manifested.
  55. I block and divert all negative energies.
  56. My consciousness is in charge of my senses.
  57. I am eagerly anticipating a positive shift in life.
  58. I am letting go of delays and obstructions.
  59. I am ready to embrace my new self.
  60. I create, as I assume.
  61. I am the scriptwriter of my life story.
  62. There is nothing that I cannot achieve.
  63. As I visualize, I manifest.
  64. I am in total control of my senses, thoughts, and emotions.
  65. I am a magnet for amazing opportunities.
  66. My thoughts are creating reality incessantly.
  67. Anything I can assume, I can create.
  68. I am assuming that I am the person I want to be.
  69. I behave as if I am living a perfect life.
  70. I am predestined for greatness and success.
  71. Success is an inevitable truth for me.
  72. I am persisting relentlessly in my pursuit of desires.
  73. I am proud to be myself.
  74. I have the unconditional support of the Universe.
  75. I am living the life I have always wished for.
  76. I assume the best for everyone including myself.
  77. My mind is filling up with positive feelings and thoughts.
  78. I create my reality.
  79. I am strong and powerful beyond my imagination.
  80. I enjoy divine protection from the Universe.
  81. I succeed in everything I attempt.
  82. I am the master of my destiny.
  83. I am capable of creating the best life for myself with my thoughts.
  84. I am in control of my life.
  85. Everything will work perfectly for me.
  86. I choose to be positive and successful.
  87. I have complete faith in my abilities.
  88. Everything is exactly the way it should be.
  89. There’s nothing I want that I cannot achieve.
  90. I am in perfect alignment with the Universe.
  91. I use my intuition to guide me to safety when I find myself in difficult situations.
  92. My mind is clear and my heart is pure.
  93. I am a master of manifestation.
  94. I am brimming with positive energy.
  95. I am capable of handling a lot of responsibility.
  96. I am strong enough to overcome any obstacles on my path.
  97. I choose to focus on the positive side of things.
  98. My heart is filled with gratitude for the wonderful life I am living.
  99. I can create the life I want to live.
  100. I open my heart to receiving the desire I asked for.

Bottom line

Daily positive affirmations work their magic for you only if you repeat affirmations with belief. If you recite affirmations like a parrot without feelings or beliefs, they can do nothing for you.

You can make affirmations work better by choosing the ones that resonate well with you. By this, it means affirmations that ring true to you and conforms to your belief system. 

A simple method to check the suitability of the chosen affirmation is to recite it to see if it brings relief to you. That is proof that it works for you. If you can’t find an affirmation that truly resonates with you, you can tweak the existing ones or write one by yourself. 

Just remember that your choice of affirmation holds the key to the success of your manifestation.

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