17 Second Manifestation Technique That Works!

17 Second Manifestation Technique That Guarantees You Get Anything You Want

17 Second Manifestation Technique

You may have heard about the law of attraction and manifesting your desires and dreams using it. Even the most ardent fans of the law of attraction won’t say that it is an easy task.

Do you know that there is a simpler manifestation process that can get you the same result? You can get it going in just 17 seconds! Read on, to find more.

What is the 17 seconds manifestation method?

If you are familiar with the law of attraction and the movie that catapulted it into the world stage, The Secret, you may have come across Abraham Hicks.

Abraham Hicks is a spiritual group founded or “channeled” by Esther Hicks, who featured in the movie The Secret. Esther Hicks is a best-selling author and inspirational speaker on the law of attraction. Her best-sellers include “Ask and It’s Given” and “Money and the Law of Attraction”.

Abraham Hicks is described as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension”. Abraham Hicks’ 17 seconds manifestation technique has gained popularity among the law of attraction fans for its simplicity and coherence.

Let’s see what it is about.

The 17-second rule is a powerful manifestation technique that states you can launch your manifestation process by holding on to a single thought for 17 seconds. 

The theory behind this method is that if you can manage to maintain a thought in your mind for 17 seconds, you can stimulate its energy vibrations. Going further, if you can hold on to the same thought for 68 seconds, the vibrations will rise dramatically and get amplified enough to manifest the thought.

This method of manifestation is loved by beginners as well as experienced practitioners of the law of attraction for its simplicity and fast turnaround. However, be warned that 17 seconds may sound too easy but hard to put into practice. 

A step-by-step guide to the 17-second manifestation technique

Indeed, the law of attraction doesn’t place any limitations or restrictions on what you can manifest with it. Whether you are following the regular manifestation method or this easier version, you can manifest love, a relationship, your dream job, or oodles of money. 

It is neither magic, miracle, or divination. Manifestation involves channeling your thoughts on the right path and strengthening it with supportive action to make your dreams come true. This may sound deceivingly simple and easy. It is definitely not. It takes practice and experience to get it right.

Step1: Set the mind on a positive note

You may already be aware that negative thoughts can bring your energy down. The law of attraction and manifestation is all about positive thinking. Only when you are in a positive mental space, your energy vibrations can rise high enough to match that of your desire and manifestation happens.

This means you have to find ways to feel happy, peaceful, and positive. You may use the recommended law of attraction techniques like meditation, visualization, affirmation, or gratitude to achieve this mental state.

While at it, you may set the right ambiance for your 17-second manifestation ritual. Soft lighting, soothing music, and scented candles can help you ease into a joyous and calm frame of mind. Choose the setting that works for you.

Step 2: Choose what you want to manifest

At any given point in time, your head will be teeming with a long list of things you want to accomplish. You need to be alarmed only if this is not the case.

However, when manifesting, especially for beginners, it would be ideal to choose one goal at a time. Once it is achieved, you can always move on to the next one. Dividing your attention amongst more than one goal may not work well for manifestation unless you know exactly how to do it.

Scan your mind for that one wish of yours you want to prioritize. You may ask yourself prodding questions to make sure that it is something you are passionate about and really want. While at it, try to gather as many details as possible about this desire of yours. The more specific and detailed you are, the higher the chances of manifestation.

Step 3: Set the 17-second manifestation timer

You need not buy something new for this purpose. You can use your phone, alarm clock, or a stopwatch.

Now, all you need to do is think about this goal you want to manifest for the entire 17 seconds without break. The trick is not to let your mind wander in between. 

Your mind is a tricky fellow – a great wanderer. Only when you try to focus on one thing, you will understand how it wants to go anywhere but where you want it to. 

You may not find it easy to hold the thought at first. Don’t feel annoyed or angry. Bring the mind back with love every single time. Think of this as similar to training a dog or any other animal. Only with patience will you succeed. Every time there is a disruption in your thoughts, reset the timer and start all over again.

Without a timer, your thoughts may be distracted by the thought of the 17 seconds getting over. Do anything and everything that can help avoid distracting you from focusing on the goal for 17 seconds.

If silently thinking about the goal is not helping, you may frame it as an affirmation and repeat it aloud.

Step 4: 68-second manifestation rule

Now is the time to face the question – Are 17 seconds enough?

Abraham Hicks calls 17 seconds the combustion point. 17 seconds of pure thought will prompt you to think about another one with similar vibrational energy. And, as per Abraham, you need four such cycles of thoughts to manifest your goal. This means, in total 68 seconds. 

Once you have finished the first 17 seconds and the timer goes off, take a breather and set the timer to 51 seconds. That is three more rounds of 17 seconds each. Turn back your attention to your goal and continue to focus on a sequence of thoughts related to your goal for 51 seconds.

If you are finding this difficult to manage, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just be patient and continue to practice the steps. Your mind needs lots of training and practice to make it think the way you want it to.

Step 5: Let it go 

Now comes the even more difficult part of giving it up. You need to release these thoughts from your mind to allow the Universe the space to step in and work its magic.

After 68 seconds of intense focus on the goal, you should switch off the thoughts and focus your attention elsewhere.

Now is the time for you to place your trust in the Universe to deliver your wish. Remember that there is no timeframe for this. 

Meanwhile, you need to practice patience and not allow doubts to creep into your mind and wreak havoc. You can use this period productively by engaging in activities that aid your goal. 

Keep your eyes peeled for every single opportunity that comes your way. Make use of them in the best way possible.

Bottom line

If you are convinced that this will work for you, there is no need to wait any further. Try it now.

All you need is a little over a minute, the ability to focus well, and an open mind to manifest your dreams.

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