4 Big Signs She is A Player

4 Big Signs She is a Player

4 Big Signs She is a Player

Is she playing me?

Trust. That forms the rock bed of any healthy relationship. So, when you enter a relationship, you would want to trust your partner and not search for signs of disloyalty, cheating, or betrayal. But you don’t want to be taken for a ride for sure or want to suffer the pain of a broken heart.

Then, the question before you is – How to tell if a woman is playing you?

You cannot trust your partner completely and at the same time make sure that you’re not being used or taken advantage of. This is a slippery slope you may find yourself in in the early days of a relationship. You can walk the tightrope by balancing both aspects without compromising on either. You can look out for certain signs in her behavior to ensure that she is who she says she is and not a female player. 

This article explores the possibility that she’s playing you and offering you clear signs she’s leading you on and not serious about the relationship. Once you uncover the presence of these big signs she is a player, you can be more alert to confirm the same.

How to know if someone is leading you on?

You felt on top of the world when you met the girl of your dreams. As far as you know, your relationship is going great. Then, one fine morning, she shocks you by walking out on you. Or, someone tells you that she is seeing someone else as well. 

Naturally, you feel cheated and betrayed. You keep rethinking the relationship, wanting to know how you could have prevented this. How could you know that you’re dealing with a female player? 

All you need to do is look out for these big signs she is a player.

1. She bails on dates too often

You make the plans together but when the time comes, she bails out on you. She has stood you up not once or twice. However, she always comes up with plausible excuses that you will let it go, though you feel terribly disappointed. 

You find this act of hers rude and infuriating. You feel as if you can no longer rely on her to keep her word. She has done this too many times that you reluctantly admit that you cannot trust her anymore. You think that promises are important and are meant to be kept but she thinks promises are merely words and are meant to be broken. 

When you think about this, you feel jittery about building a long-term relationship with her. Clearly, you’re not her priority. This makes you wonder how things will be moving forward.

2. She flirts with other men

There is no doubt about her intentions. She wants to be the center of attention in any gathering and she enjoys teasing and toying with men whenever she gets an opportunity. She doesn’t discriminate between married and unmarried men either. When some men take the bait, she encourages them without reservations. 

When you confront her with this, she assures you that she has eyes only for you and you are in an exclusive relationship. She tells you that you shouldn’t read too much into her behavior. She’s merely enjoying the company of people. 

If she continues her flirtatious ways even after you made clear your apprehensions, it’s a clear red flag – one of the signs she is a player.

3. She continues to keep her relationship status as “single”

Now, social media is the most preferred medium to announce your relationship to the world. When you have found the right person to share your life with, you will not hesitate to let the world know about it. In fact, you will change your relationship status from “single” and fill up your page with lovey-dovey messages and photos with your new partner. 

Couples in the early days want to record every moment of their togetherness for posterity. So, if she is not so keen on taking pictures with you, it is an obvious red flag. 

She may offer you a simple explanation for this. Such as, she’s just out of a relationship and she doesn’t want the world to know that she jumped immediately into another. Or worse, she hasn’t yet broken up with her current partner though she is planning to do that soon. Whatever her reasons are, the relationship is not as confirmed as you thought it is.

4. She doesn’t introduce you to her family and friends

That is the natural progression in a relationship. Once you get to know each other well and feel comfortable with each other, you want her to meet your loved ones. That will give her a better idea of who you are and your family and friends will get a chance to know the girl you are dating.

However, when your girlfriend is acting evasive on this account, it is concerning, to say the least. In the beginning, you may find it odd that she goes to visit her family or attends her friend’s wedding alone. Even after prodding and prompting, she doesn’t seem to take the hint. So, you ask her right out the reason for her behavior. She will give you some roundabout answers that fail to convince you. 

She may not be considering the relationship with you as a long-term one. This is one of the signs she is a player.

Final thoughts on a female player

A female player will never invite you to her place or spend the night with you. She won’t save your phone number or save it under an alias. She will be reluctant to put a label on your relationship and will be hesitant to introduce you to anyone as her boyfriend. You never feature in her future plans. She will blow hot and cold and will be inconsistent in her affection and attention.

A female player is evasive, non-committal, and erratic about staying in touch. She’s averse to PDAs. If only you care to look for them, there are so many signs she is a player. If you place more emphasis on trust in the relationship and prefer to go into it blindfolded, you cannot blame your girlfriend for playing you. 

Checks and balances are vital for a healthy relationship. To abandon them for the sake of trust is foolish. When she uses you, you cannot blame her because you have been ignoring the signs she is a player. Moreover, there is no need for you to stand by and let her fool you. Instead, you should find yourself someone who will appreciate you for who you are.

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