50 Things to Manifest: Ideas for Manifestation

50 Things to Manifest: Ideas for Manifestation

50 Things to Manifest: Ideas for Manifestation

So, you are intrigued by the Law of Attraction and the idea of manifestation and want to give it a try. Great! Welcome aboard!

As a first step, you need to zoom in on what you want to manifest. Of course, you may have 101 ideas teeming in your head. But you are not sure if they are suitable for manifestation.

Let us be clear on one point. You can manifest into existence anything, literally anything, you want. There are absolutely no restrictions or limitations. Go right ahead and manifest your desires one by one.

However, there are guidelines for you to comply with to succeed in manifestation. Such as unwavering belief in the process and an undying passion to achieve the goal. 

If you think any of your desires satisfy these guidelines, proceed on your manifestation path without delay.

Or if you want some help in figuring out what to manifest, you have come to the right place. 

This article is a compilation of manifestation ideas. Here you will find smaller intentions that you can use to start your manifestation adventure. As you gain more confidence and skill, you can move on to the bigger goals. 

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    Small intentions for beginners

    1. Unexpected gifts

    There are days in our lives when we like to be floored in the positive sense and feel pampered with surprise gifts.  What better way to test your manifestation skills by making this your intention for the day or week? The Universe may grant your wish through someone or as a win at a lucky draw.

    2. Compliments

    Appreciation and praises are always welcome. On a day when you are feeling low and looking for something to perk you up, make this your intention. Wait and watch how the Universe makes it happen. You will be surprised by who is complimenting you.

    3. A phone call or text message

    Are you waiting for someone to get back to you? Maybe you are waiting for the outcome of that job interview or you had a tiff with your partner or friend and hoping for reconciliation. As long as you remain optimistic and can maintain a positive attitude, this is absolutely possible to manifest. 

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    4. A parking space

    We have all had our struggles with finding a parking space. In the bigger scheme of life, this may be nothing. But at that particular moment, an empty parking space can make your life easier. The trick is to believe in a positive outcome and work towards it.

    5. Free meal or cup of coffee

    This can test your manifestation prowess and have some fun too. You don’t need to specify where this freebie is coming from. Maybe you will get an invite from your friends or colleagues or an office party. Or it can be a reward you won for repeated orders.

    6. Finding something lost

    Haven’t we all wished for a lost item to turn up on its own? How much time do we waste away searching for them? Make it your intention and continue the search. Watch how it turns up just like that!

    7. A table at a crowded restaurant

    We have all gone through this on our weekend outings. After much deliberation, we pick our favorite restaurant and drive through crazy traffic to reach there only to find that there is a long line of people ahead of us waiting for a table. Try making it your intention and see how it goes.

    8. Hearing your favorite song

    With the technology available at your fingertips, you can listen to any song you want anytime. That is not the point. It would make you feel so much happier if the song comes on when you switch on the car radio. Or something similar. Try your manifestation skills to make this happen.

    9. A sign from the Universe

    We often look for reassurance that what we are doing is right or we are on the right path. The law of attraction tells us that the Universe is sending us messages through hidden signs all the time to guide us. You can wish for any sign or even a particular sign to put your mind at ease.

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    10. An idea or an inspiration

    When we are confronted with a problem or dilemma, we rack our brains for an acceptable solution. The more you think about it, the harder it gets. Relax and make it your intention. Maintain an optimistic outlook and continue to do your bit to resolve the issue. Sleep on it and there you have a wonderful idea popping up in your mind.

    11. Motivation to complete your work

    We have all endured days like this when we feel drained and have no energy or urge to finish the work. How we wish for a magic wand on such occasions! Make it your intention and follow the guidelines of manifestation. Be ready for the sudden burst of energy.

    12. A pleasant sunny day

    Long winter months and how we wish for the sun to come out so that we can feel the warmth. Why not try making this your intention and make it happen? You can keep up your positive vibes with the right affirmations.

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    13. Lovely weather

    Whether it is snowing or raining, don’t we all wish for clear skies and the sun shining bright? Perfect weather for a day out is something we always wish for. Why let it remain just as a wish? Why not try manifesting it? 

    14. A small amount of money

    Month-end and most of us are running short of cash to clear our bills. Don’t we all wish for a small windfall? Nothing big but enough to cover the immediate needs. Set this as an intention and follow it up with supportive action. Such as buying a raffle ticket or applying for that tax refund. 

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    15. Something special

    Won’t you like to manifest something special? Such as a kind gesture, a token of gratitude, or a warm smile. When things are not going great, naturally you wish for something to make you feel happy. Make it your intention and see how it goes.

    Major goals for more experienced

    Here are some bigger manifestation ideas segregated into categories for easy navigation. 

    Love and relationship

    16. An affectionate partner

    All of us are searching for a devoted and caring partner to share our lives with. Life would be worth living with an ideal partner by your side. You would find it easy to overcome the hardships and hurdles that life throws at you when you have an understanding partner. So, a partner of your dreams should be right there on the top of your wish list.

    17. A loving relationship

    Whether you are single or in a not-so-great relationship, you would be wishing for the kind of perfect relationships you have seen in your friends’ circle. You too can make it happen by setting it as your manifestation goal. Before you begin your manifestation journey, make sure that you remove the negative blocks and limiting beliefs that can create hurdles in your path.

    18. A new relationship

    If you are single and feeling lonely and left out in your friends’ circle, you must be wishing for a caring person in your life. Merely wishing for a relationship is not enough. Make it your goal and follow it through with appropriate actions. Ensure that you are complying with all the guidelines of manifestation. It is only a matter of time before this becomes a reality.

    19. Taking vows

    So, you have been dating for a while now and getting the vibes that this is the person you want to spend life with. The next obvious step is to get hitched. Are you facing any problems with this? If so, try the manifestation approach and see the obstacles fade away in no time.

    20. Good sex

    For a strong relationship, intimacy and healthy sex are vital. If you are facing trouble on this front and are not sure how to make it right, you can set it as a goal and manifest it. Make sure that you are following the guidelines of manifestation diligently.

    21. Pregnancy

    This is something most couples want desperately once they decide they want to start a family. But for some of them, for unexplainable reasons, it doesn’t happen as easily as it does for others. If you have ruled out medical conditions preventing pregnancy, you can set it as a manifestation goal and follow the rules.

    Is there anything more exciting than the possibility of a new baby? We’ve got some fantastic news for you! This article on angel numbers for pregnancy will help you find your angel number and learn why it’s essential to know your number during pregnancy.

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    Health, fitness, and wellbeing

    22. Weight loss

    This is a dream of every overweight or obese person. They would be willing to do anything or go to any lengths to lose weight and look fit and healthy once again. Instead of going after fad diets and damaging your body and health, why not give manifestation a try. But you need to take supportive action to make your dream come true.

    23. Fit and strong body

    A healthy body is a sight for sore eyes. Isn’t this what every human being wishes for? Eating healthy and working out can help in this regard. But staying motivated to stick to your exercise regimen and food habits is not so easy. Bring manifestation into it and things become easy and manageable.

    24. Sound sleep

    What you wouldn’t give for a good night’s sleep! With the kind of hectic and stress-filled lifestyle we are living, getting good sleep has become a luxury. On top of that the pressures of the job and working crazy hours! You can at least try to manifest sound sleep during the few hours you can set aside for that. 

    25. Healthy skin

    Having beautiful, glowing skin is the most visible sign of good health. It can raise your confidence levels and make you feel on top of the world. If you are having skin trouble for no medical reason, try setting it as a manifestation goal and make it a reality.

    26. Good health and wellbeing

    As the saying goes, health is wealth. Without it, nothing else will matter. However, sometimes, you will find yourself facing health issues for no apparent reason. Maybe it is stress or work pressure. If you have ruled out medical grounds for your ill-health, try the manifestation route. It works better than you think.

    Career prospects

    27. First job

    Getting the first job is always special but for many job aspirants, it is a bitter experience. When you get rejections after rejections or no response at all, you tend to lose heart and feel dejected. This is not an easy situation to be in. Set it as a goal and try to manifest the job of your dreams. Believe it or not, this is very much possible.

    28. Change of job

    So, you are not happy with the job you have now and are looking for a change. When you are not successful like others, you may start doubting yourself whether you are being overambitious or greedy. The truth is there is nothing wrong with aiming for the stars. As long as you are passionate about it, you can manifest it. 

    29. Promotion

    You have been slogging away at the job for some time now and you expect to be rewarded for your hard work with a promotion. When you do not see it coming even after putting in your effort, naturally you feel dejected and dispirited. Why not try to manifest the promotion you know you deserve?

    30. Getting a raise

    You have been working hard on the job for a while now and you have not received a raise in a long time. You know that you deserve it but somehow it is not happening. Shake off the feeling of despair and do something constructive. Make it your goal and follow the rules of manifestation to realize it.

    31. Improving work dynamics

    Your relationship with your boss and colleagues can impact your performance at work as well as your mental and physical wellbeing. Having a good working relationship is as important to you as it is for the team and the organization. Set it as a manifestation goal and make it happen in no time.

    32. Switching careers

    So, you are not happy with what you are doing now and you have found something more interesting and exciting. A career switch is not an easy proposition. But if you are passionate enough and are willing to work hard, it is manageable. Why not make it your manifestation goal to realize it faster?

    33. Starting your own business

    You have had enough of working for others and want to be your own boss. You know you have what it takes to run a business successfully. But starting a new business comes with its own set of hassles and hurdles that you are finding hard to overcome. Set it as your manifestation goal and see it happen quickly.

    Wealth and money

    34. Financial abundance

    Don’t we all wish for abundance and prosperity to satisfy our needs and desires? For most of us, it merely remains a dream because we rarely believe it as possible. A change in outlook can work wonders for you. Throw in a good measure of positivity, passion, and perseverance. You can manifest abundance in no time.

    35. Passive income streams

    Some extra income won’t hurt for sure. We have so many expenses to take care of that passive income is always welcome. The Internet offers a wonderful opportunity for earning money. However, figuring out how to earn it and where to find the opportunities are not so easy. Set this as a goal and make it happen faster.

    36. New sources of income

    You need not take up multiple jobs to earn multiple incomes. You can make your savings work for you and earn you a handsome profit. Investing wisely in equities, mutual funds, real estate, or similar avenues can ensure you a steady source of income, over and above your regular one. You can use manifestation to figure out how to go about it.

    37. Financial independence

    Wouldn’t we all like to reach financial independence instead of relying on others to meet our needs? This is not hard to achieve if you have the right mindset. Use manifestation techniques to shift your mindset and manage to be financially independent.

    38. Clearing debts

    Debts are like wet sandbags weighing you down. The earlier you can clear your debts and become debt-free, the better it will be. Being debt-free gives you some kind of freedom and light-at-heart feeling nothing else can. But clearing debts need extra income and you can use manifestation to make it happen.

    Friendships and bonds

    39. Making new friends

    Do you think you are lacking in friends and would like to have more? Or maybe you moved to a new place and want to make new friends. Whatever the case may be, making friends is natural for some and not-so-easy for the rest. If you want some help from the Universe for this, why not make it your manifestation goal?

    40. Finding a best friend

    Best friends are the siblings God forgot. A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself. Whichever way you want to look at it, having a best friend is the sine qua non or non-negotiable. Make it your manifestation goal and allow the Universe to help you.

    41. Establishing online presence

    We have all been here, trying to build a strong web presence. Maybe it is for your business as part of the brand-building strategy. Or you want to create a website or run a blog to earn an income. Whatever your motivations are, the internet offers amazing possibilities for anyone. If you are coming across invisible roadblocks on your path, make it your manifestation goal and make it happen.

    42. Improving family ties

    Maintaining good ties with your family is important for you in many ways. But things may not pan out as you expect with some family members. The more you try to get close to them, the farther they move away from you. Get the Universe to work for you by making this your manifestation goal.

    43. Building brotherhood/sisterhood

    Being part of a brotherhood or sisterhood is a dream many of us have. To enjoy the company of others with similar perspectives and desires can make life so much more meaningful. But it is not always easy to join these close-knit groups. Set it as your goal and manifest it.

    Soul searching and spirituality

    44. Aligning yourself with the Universe

    The blessings of the Universe will reach you only when your energy is aligned with that of the Universe. When you are out of sync with the Universe, you will experience all sorts of unfortunate events. This is one of the best spirituality goals you can manifest.

    45. Trusting the Universe

    At the risk of being repetitive, the blessings become a reality when you learn to trust the Universe without even an iota of doubt. Trust doesn’t come easy. If you have a logical mind, your mind may be asking for proof. The proof or evidence can be in the form of manifesting a goal. 

    46. Raising your vibrational energy

    Having higher energy vibrations is essential to achieve anything good and worthwhile. To manifest your goal, you need to boost your vibrational frequency. It is also vital for your happiness, wellbeing, and a positive outlook. Why not make it a goal by itself and manifest it?

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    47. Inculcating more spirituality in life

    Activating your spiritual side can help you calm down and lead a happy, content, and peaceful life. You will start feeling comfortable in your own skin and be able to accept others for who they are. Spirituality promotes healing, makes you stress-free, and helps you feel better. Set it as a manifestation goal and see how it transforms your life.

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    48. Practicing more kindness and compassion

    Showing kindness and compassion to others can benefit not just the recipient of your gesture. The best part is, it benefits you as well. All the more reason why you should embrace and adopt them. Change in mindset is not always easy to achieve. You can make it easier by setting this as a goal for manifestation.

    49. Feeling more grateful

    Gratitude, again, benefits the contributor and the recipient. When you receive a favor from someone or even the Universe and do not acknowledge it and let it slide, you are losing an opportunity to create an atmosphere of goodwill and raise your positive vibrations. Set yourself the goal to feel gratitude for even the smallest of blessings you receive. And watch how life changes for the better.

    50. Improving your manifestation skills

    Last but not least is developing your ability to manifest your desires. There is no need to emphasize how important this skill is. As you hone your manifestation skills, you can make all your dreams come true. Why not make this a goal and work towards improving your chances of success at manifestation?


    Are you looking for ways to manifest your desires? 

    If so, consider using herbs to help you achieve your goals.

    There are many different herbs that can be used for manifestation. For example, rosemary is often associated with abundance and prosperity. Basil is another option that can help you attract what you desire.

    When using herbs for manifestation, it is important to create a powerful intention. Be clear about what you want to achieve, and then let the herb help you bring your intention to life.

    Bottom line

    Manifesting your desires is neither magic nor miracle; it is something within your power to make happen. However, it is not always as easy as it sounds. 

    Though there are clear-cut steps to succeed in manifestation with a list of do’s and don’ts, it is not easy to make your dreams come true just by following the given algorithms. 

    Deciding on things to manifest is the first step in the process. This is hard, no doubt. But what comes later is deceivingly harder. Such as maintaining absolute trust and belief in the process. You should be able to believe with all your heart that the Universe will always have your back and is always working hard to make you happy. And that the Universe can make your dreams come true.

    This is where small intentions come in handy. These are wishes that you can easily achieve on your own but rarely follow up with intentional action. When your small intentions are realized, it helps in building your trust in the Universe. And this will prepare you for manifesting major goals.

    This is simple and logical if you think like this. Approach the manifestation method step-by-step and make the best of the opportunities available.

    To learn more, see a guide to manifestation for beginners or learn to write a manifestation list for your own.

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