6 Clear Signs He Wants to Marry You [Psychology-Based]

6 Clear Signs He Wants to Marry You (Psychology-Based)

Clear Signs He Wants to Marry You Psychology

So, you have been seeing this guy for some time now. You are ready to get serious. But is he?

If he isn’t making the right moves, this is a question that is sure to haunt you day in and day out. Where is this relationship headed? This will keep you awake at night.

Men may look simple and easy to understand but when it comes to serious matters, it is hard to guess what they are thinking. They don’t reveal much in their conversations. This may be intentional or otherwise. 

What if there are clear signs that reveal his intentions even if he is saying or doing nothing? Isn’t that good news?

Read on to learn about the 6 major signs he will marry you someday based on psychology. Now, if you spot these clear signs, you can rest easy that he will pop the question soon. Or you can make the first move, knowing that you aren’t embarrassing yourself.

6 obvious signs he wants to marry you

1. He includes you in his future plans.

The future can be next week, month, year, or the distant future. But if you find yourself in his plans, it is a clear sign that he is serious about this relationship.

Maybe you haven’t thought about what the future holds for the two of you. You may be taken aback when he discusses these plans with you casually. This may even scare you. But the writing on the wall is clear enough. He wants you in his life. 

He may not have made the right moves or talked to you about marriage. But he is clearly not scared of discussing the future with you. From the way he talks, it is evident to you that he knows what he is talking about.

Unless your partner isn’t ready for this significant step, he won’t waste his time or yours with this discussion. Maybe he is trying to figure out your response before he pops the question. Maybe he is scared of rejection.

Even if he is not talking about the wedding or kids, the fact that you are an integral part of his future plans is one of the strong signs you can expect in this situation.

2. He remembers little details about you.

Men are well-known for ignoring minor details unless they stare them in the face. If he is making an exception in your case, rest assured, he is into you and wants to commit.

These things may be major or minor. In fact, the more trivial the topic is, the clearer the sign.

You mentioned casually a week back that you are expecting a hectic schedule at work this week. At the beginning of the week when he asks you whether you will be working late, it means he remembers what you told him earlier. 

If he remembers your favorites or details about your family or work, it is an obvious sign that he doesn’t treat your relationship casually. He may be forgetful about everyday things, but he never forgets your birthday.

Your partner may not be ready to propose marriage, but sure is laying the right foundation for a life together with you.

3. He behaves as if you’re a couple.

Nothing has been said about getting married but his behavior indicates that there is no doubt in his mind about your future together. You two get along so well as if you’re already married.

In situations like this, the man may not think it necessary to discuss marriage anymore. In his mind, it is already confirmed. A sure thing or something concrete. Maybe that is why he has never brought up the topic in the conversations.

When the comfort level is high in a relationship, maybe he takes your consent for granted and has already made up his mind about you. You know everything about each other – your strengths and vulnerabilities. He may not need any more convincing that you are the right one for him.

If the behavior of your partner indicates a married-couple mindset, that is one of the clear signs he wants to marry you.

4. He lends you his unconditional support.

Whenever you find yourself in trouble, whether at work or home, he always comes to your rescue. It’s so comforting to have him by your side, giving your strength and moral support.

One of the best aspects of getting married is the assurance of support from your partner. When you know that your partner has your back, life becomes easier and more enjoyable. Even difficult times become more bearable and surmountable. 

If your partner is already giving this kind of support, most probably, in his mind, there is no question mark about getting married. It’s a given as far as he is concerned. 

If he was not serious about your relationship, you will find him vanishing into thin air at the first sign of trouble. He will run away when you want him the most. If he is not doing that, it is an obvious sign of his commitment to your relationship.

5. He doesn’t hide anything from you.

His life is an open book for you to read as much as you want and any time you want. He cannot give you a clearer sign than this. 

Men are usually reticent about expressing themselves openly and freely. If he has already opened up to you, there is no more reason for you to worry. If he hasn’t yet asked you to marry him, it’s definitely not because he isn’t interested.

If you look around, you will understand that he doesn’t behave the same way with others or give them such free access to himself. He is serious about you and clearly wants to take your relationship to the next level. 

6. He displays hero instinct.

This is one of the most obvious signs that he is serious about you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you. If you aren’t aware of hero instinct, it is time you learn more about it. Because you can use it to your advantage in a relationship.

Hero instinct is the natural instinct in men to protect and provide for their loved ones, especially the woman he loves. Does he come to your rescue every time you find yourselves in trouble? Does he offer to do the hard work around the house even if you don’t ask?

These are all clear signs of an active hero instinct in a man. If he is displaying protective behavior towards you, there is no need for you to worry anymore. He has already made up his mind about you and the relationship.

Bottom line

You may want to get married but are you sure about this? Before he gathers the courage to ask you to marry, you should make up your mind whether to say “yes”.

There is also a chance that you may not come across any of the psychology-based signs listed above. That doesn’t mean marriage is not on the cards. He may need more time to make up his mind as he considers marriage a serious commitment. You can help speed this up by triggering his hero instinct.

If you want to know more about hero instinct and how to trigger it in your man, you may check this article: His Secret Obsession Review.

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