60 Writing Prompts for Couples [Bonus Free PDF]

60 Writing Prompts for Couples

60 writing prompts for couples

Have you heard about the couple’s journal? 

Have you been writing one? Maybe you are getting stuck about what to write.

Or maybe you are contemplating starting one and would like to know what should go into it.

You have come to the right place.

In this article, you will find tips, suggestions, and relationship prompts to write a couple’s journal with ease.

Why write a couple’s journal?

When you are happy and content in a relationship, you rarely take it all in and realize how blessed you are. You are on cloud nine and drifting through the time together. If you are unfortunate and the relationship fizzles out, you realize how good it was and what you could have done to make it better.

The couple’s journal is an attempt to bring the couple together and strengthen the relationship. It is a simple way to improve communication in a relationship. It is a joint activity to share their feelings for each other, their experiences together, and capture the story of the relationship.

Through a couple’s journal, the couple can explore the life they built up together. This is highly recommended by marriage counselors to avoid the relationship from running into rough patches and if it does, work through it.

How to write a couple’s journal?

There are many journals available in the market, especially for couples. If you don’t want to walk that narrow path and would like to have more freedom to express yourself with journal entries, any plain journal will serve the purpose. Or if you are more comfortable with the electronic version of the journal, you can try that too.

Before you start journaling, you need to figure out what you want to accomplish with the journal. Is it going to be a record of events happening to you as a couple? Or do you want to note down the feelings, thoughts, and emotions you experience in the time together? Or a combination of everything?

The journal is kind of a conversation you are having with your partner. It is up to you to decide what you want to discuss.

Tips and suggestions to maintain a couple’s journal

The scope of a couple’s journal is so vast and varied that you may find it hard to figure out how to go about it. You may not be able to figure it all out in the beginning. Trust your instinct and start journaling. As you progress, you will find your own way and settle down into what is comfortable for both of you.

You may find these suggestions helpful.

  • Write to each other. Instead of writing in the typical “dear diary” style, you can address each other. By using different colored pens, you can make it easier to figure out who said what.
  • Make it a daily ritual. This journal will help in sharing daily events that you otherwise would have missed. And it allows you to know what your partner feels about some particular incident.
  • Use the journal to compliment each other. You may forget to do this in the rush of everyday life.
  • Get answers to your questions. You may not have time to discuss them or you may be finding it difficult to get an answer. Use journaling to get this vital task done.
  • Create your wish list.
  • Share your desires, goals, and inspirations. 
  • Use the journal to know your partner’s reaction to something new you want to try.
  • Use the “Mad Libs” format to find out more about your partner.
  • Give each other a sneak-peek into the past. 

Download your FREE writing prompts for couples worksheet.

Relationship writing prompts for couples

When you are writing about a common event like the first date or the first kiss, each one of you can give your version of the event. At times, reading your partner’s perspective can be a revelation. Love journal prompts can guide your thoughts in the right direction.

  1. How did you meet your partner?
  2. What attracted you to your partner?
  3. What made you realize this is more than a casual relationship?
  4. How did you recognize that your partner is equally interested in you? 
  5. What did you feel on your first date?
  6. What lead to your first kiss?
  7. How did you end up having sex together for the first time?
  8. What was your first fight about?
  9. How did you feel when you revealed your love for your partner for the first time?
  10. How did you plan/feel about your proposal?
  11. What do you remember about your engagement?
  12. What are your recollections of your wedding?
  13. What are your honeymoon memories?
  14. What are your memories of setting up a home together?
  15. What are your recollections of anniversaries?
  16. What did you feel when you first came to know about your first pregnancy?
  17. What are your memories of the birth of your first child?
  18. How did you share the chores and workload in the early days?
  19. What are your recollections of past vacations? 
  20. How simple life was in those early days together?
  21. What have you learned about your partner in the past year?
  22. What have you learned about yourself in the past year?
  23. What do you appreciate in your partner?
  24. What is it that you don’t want to talk about?
  25. How do you feel about something your partner refuses to talk about?
  26. What have you sacrificed for the relationship?
  27. How do you feel about giving them up for the sake of the relationship?
  28. What compromises have you made for being together?
  29. How much do you trust your partner?
  30. How does your partner like to show affection?
  31. What are the most annoying habits of your partner?
  32. What is the most endearing attribute of your partner?
  33. How comfortable are you with the power-sharing arrangement in the relationship?
  34. Describe your partner.
  35. Describe your feelings for your partner.
  36. What do you think that your partner thinks about you?
  37. Do you expect this to be your last relationship?
  38. How do you feel about sharing your personal space with your partner?
  39. Are you comfortable sharing your personal articles with your partner?
  40. Do you consider yourself an extrovert or an introvert?
  41. How do you feel about cooking for your partner?
  42. What is your partner’s favorite dish?
  43. How do you feel about taking care of your partner when they are sick?
  44. Do you think relationships are for life?
  45. How do you feel about your partner borrowing your clothes?
  46. What do you think about sharing your earnings?
  47. How would you react if your partner turns vegan overnight?
  48. Do you think a woman’s primary role is that of a caregiver?
  49. What would you feel about taking up your partner’s duties in emergencies?
  50. How do you feel about consulting your partner about money matters?
  51. What do you know about your partner’s preferences?
  52. Tea or coffee? How does your partner prefer to take it?
  53. Do you know whether your partner likes pets?
  54. Do you know what your partner’s favorite music/book/movie is?
  55. What would you like to do when it is raining?
  56. What was the topic of your last phone call?
  57. What was the last lie you told your partner?
  58. When was the last time you slept alone?
  59. When was your last dinner outing together?
  60. What would you like to say as the last words to your partner?

Journaling is a healthy way to boost romance, improve communication, learn more about each other, and share your thoughts and feelings. This is all the more helpful if you have trouble talking about yourself and your feelings. 

Having easy-to-use relationship journal prompts ready at hand can make the task of journaling simpler and easier. With access to these relationship journal ideas, you don’t need to waste your time thinking about what to write each day.

So, what are you waiting for? 

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