7 Hidden Signs She Secretly Likes You

7 Hidden Signs She Secretly Likes You

7 Hidden Signs She Secretly Likes You

So, you met this girl and feel in your heart of hearts that she is the One.

You want to take this relationship forward but are not so sure whether she feels the same way about you. Girls can be mysterious when it comes to matters of the heart. 

Is she thinking of you just as a friend? Is she aware of your feelings for her? Is she even seeing you? Is she really into you?

Your mind would be reeling with questions for which you have no clue where to look for answers. You are feeling stressed. You fear that you might do or say something wrong without knowing what is in her mind.

Don’t worry. Decoding a girl’s actions and words is not rocket science though it may seem so to you now. Once you have the secret key to her mind, you can take a sneak peek and reassure yourself. 

Read on to learn about the signs she is secretly attracted to you. Use these clear signs to confirm that she likes you but is hiding it. Then, go ahead and ask her out with confidence.

7 signs she is secretly attracted to you

You must be wondering why she would want to secretly love you. A girl may have valid reasons for doing it. So, don’t bother about that at all. 

Like all girls, she must also have dreams and expectations about her life partner. When they meet the person of their dreams, they can’t help falling in love with them. But there may be other compulsions forcing them to keep their love hidden.

When a girl is in love, there is only so much she can hide. She may think that she is doing a good job of it but if you care to look for it, you can always spot telltale signs of her love for you. 

Each girl is different and so the way they express themselves also may be different. But when a girl is in love and hiding it, there are many common and clear signs that you can look for.

Without further ado, here are the body language signs she secretly wants you.

1. She makes eye contact.

This is something we rarely notice when interacting with people. When a person feels a genuine bond with someone, they always make eye contact when communicating. This is one of the basics of communication in relationships.

If you find her looking you in the eye when talking to you, that indicates that she is into you. She is finding you interesting and would like to know you better. The fact that she is making eye contact while speaking to you also means she is giving you undivided attention. That is again a positive sign. 

2. She introduces you to her family.

This is a profound move from her side. Typically, people don’t even discuss who they are dating with their parents, let alone bring them over. If your girl is keen on introducing you to her immediate family, especially her parents, it is one of the clear signs that she is serious about you.

With this step, she may be looking for approval from her parents as well as to see how you get along with her family. She wants her parents to see the kind of person she has chosen to be her life partner. She also wants you to get an inkling of how her life is. She is definitely considering a future together.

3. She is always asking you questions.

She wants to know you better and she thinks being forthright is the best way. She wants to know about your past, present, and future. She wants to know about your passions, beliefs, and goals. The more she knows about you, the more she wants to know. Because she likes what she is hearing.

This is a simple psychological urge that girls find hard to keep in check. When they are curious about something, they dig deeper and deeper until they find what they are looking for and are satisfied with what they find. She is definitely curious about you and so far likes what she has learned about you.

4. She confides in you.

Another girlish trait that is hard to miss. She likes you and trusts you implicitly. She feels that there should not be any secrets in a healthy relationship. She is making sure that you know everything about her, even her innermost secrets. 

And she expects the same from you as well. She hopes that you will follow her lead and open up your heart to her. To her, this is a confirmation that you love her. So, by opening up to you, she is also looking for validation of your interest in her.

5. She stands by you.

You have her support, no matter what. You may have made a mess of things or failed miserably. But she will be by your side consoling you and telling you that one failure doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. You will have more chances to make it right. All you need to do is stay focused and work harder. 

With her kind and caring words, she takes the sting out of your failure. She boosts your morale and keeps you on track to fight back with more energy and strength. You will find your confidence hitting the roof after her pep talk. Do you want any more proof that she loves you?

6. She loves to spend time with you.

She makes all kinds of excuses to be near you. You are the only one her eyes search for in a crowd and yours is the only voice she can hear. For her, the rest of the world fades away when she is with you. When you are not with her, all she does is daydream about your time together.

She may think that she is keeping her love for you a secret from you as well as the world. But anyone with their eyes in the right place would be able to see what is happening with her. She is crestfallen when it is time to part and always makes plans for the next meeting in advance. 

 7. She calls/texts you without any reason.

Or she has a made-up reason. You have to give her credit for coming up with so many excuses to call or text you multiple times a day. You might also “run” into her during your daily schedule, though there is no sensible explanation as to how she came to be there.

She definitely doesn’t want you to think that she is stalking you or following you around. That is the reason why she makes up excuses. But after a certain point, her explanations won’t hold water. You can easily see through her reasoning. 

Bottom line

Some believe that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This means it is hard for men to understand women as they are so secretive and mysterious. There is some truth in the fact that men and women think in diverse ways. All that men need to do to understand women is see the world through the eyes of a woman. It’s as simple as that.

Women tend to think more with their hearts while men tend to rely more on their brains and logic. Learn the art of thinking like a woman and you will find that women are no longer mysteries. You can read them like an open book. 

The body language signs listed above will help you get an insight into the workings of a woman’s mind. It will help you figure out whether she is secretly in love with you.

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