7 Law of Attraction Techniques to Manifest What You Want

7 Powerful Law of Attraction Techniques to Manifest Anything You Want

Law of Attraction Techniques

Do you find it hard to manifest your goals? Are you getting lost in your manifestation path?

If so, don’t worry, you are not alone. 

Even after reading up a lot about the Law of Attraction, you may miss the mark and find yourself unable to master the techniques of manifestation

The Law of Attraction and manifestation may appear quite simple at a glance but are so deep and profound that it is not easy to comprehend fully in the first attempt. Or in the second or even the third.

Just because they are tricky doesn’t mean manifestation is beyond you or you should abandon it. With the right approach and ample doses of patience and perseverance, you can manage to get it under your belt in no time.

Once you get the hang of it, you can manifest what you want without any extra effort. It would become second nature to you. 

To achieve this level of competence with manifestation, you need to understand its techniques inside out. 

This article breaks it down for you as explained by Master Sri Akarshana.

7 manifestation methods to attract what you want

1. Channel your creative energies

The biggest source of your manifestation power lies in the abdominal area. You need to understand this and learn how to utilize it to boost your manifestation.

This energy is stored in your energy sensor in the abdomen, between your sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra

In the Chinese system of medicine, this is referred to as “lower dantian”. A dantian is a storehouse of energy and there are three dantian within the body. The most important of the three is the lower dantian, as it nourishes the other two.

Most of your creative energy is stored in this area. It is here that your sexual organ is located that is responsible for the creation of a new life. 

The miraculous potential of the creative energy may be tapped and transmuted to other energy forms. 

For this, you need to activate the energy source using breathing exercises like Fire Breath or Flutter Breath. This will contract the energy center in the abdomen so that the energy is released and help it to move up. 

The next step is to draw the energy up to the third eye and use it to enhance your visualization experience.

2. Clear away old energies

It is natural to feel confused why this is crucial for successful manifestation. You may understand the concept using a metaphor.

Consider a cup being filled with water. It can hold only what its maximum capacity allows. If you want to pour more water into it, you may have to remove some. An unfilled cup is an invitation to fill it up.

It works the same way with energy. Energy moves only where there is space available for it to occupy. 

If you do not get rid of the old and outdated energy filling up your space like the limiting beliefs, the new energy will be left with no space. Even your attachments to old things can hamper energy movement.

It is important to clear away the old to allow newer ones to enter your life.

3. Scripting 

The power of the written word cannot be emphasized enough. Many famous and accomplished people around the world have underlined the benefits of this seemingly simple technique.

When you write things down, it has a bigger impact on your mind. You can feel it on a deeper level as it triggers your emotions, thereby raising your vibrational frequency.

You need to pay attention to a few points while scripting. Clarity of thought is very important. Scripting with an unclear mind can lead to manifesting wrong things or with parts of it going awry.

Another point to note when scripting is to include emotions. Answers to the question “why” can trigger emotions. Why do you want to manifest that goal?

Emotions are in fact energy in motion and they can stimulate the vibrations. This can ultimately help you manifest fast.

4. Visualization

The most powerful of all LOA techniques, visualization can have an enhanced effect if done in a particular way. 

The no-no of visualization is to experience it as an onlooker or spectator. When you see the future from afar without getting involved in the scene, you are not getting the real benefit of the process.

You need to place yourself right in the middle of the action. Dive right into the scene and interact with the people in it, actively participate in what is going on.

While at it, activate all your senses. The more you trigger your emotions, the higher the vibrational frequency you can achieve. 

And you need to learn to play the scene as if it is happening now and not in the future. Maintaining the present tense is crucial. Because you manifest what you are or have and not what you want.

5. Quantum jumping

Quantum jumping is based on the theory of parallel universes in which we exist simultaneously. Being multidimensional, we live in the past, present, and the future at the same time. Time is not linear. We are a collective of all these dimensions – a single entity.

It is a highly advanced technique for visualization that allows you to visualize meeting your alternate versions in alternate universes. You can use the experience to alter your reality.

This means you can do quantum jumping to go to the past and tweak certain events and bring them to the present. It is also possible to quantum jump into the future and experience it in the present. When you come back to the present, you would notice that things are different.

As a matter of fact, there are so many flaws in our existence. In your daily life, you may have experienced such instances of anomalies. Even when you are so sure about something, you find it changed or different and you have no explanation for it.

You may be doing quantum jumping without realizing it. When you are doing it consciously with a definite purpose, you can use the exercise to alter your reality.

6. Becoming the vibration

Manifestation is all about matching your vibrational frequency with that of the object of your desire. Remember that you attract what you are and not what you want. 

If you want to manifest love, you should feel love now. If you want to manifest money, you should experience wealth now. You should feel that you are rich and act like one.

When you are living in a place of lack, you continue to attract the same problems and it will continue in a vicious cycle.

You need to learn to embrace your desires and become them. You should align your actions, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and vibrations with your desire. 

To attract abundance, you should learn to treat yourself like royalty – as special.

7. Sow and reap

You get what you want by giving it. If you want love, give love. If you want abundance, spend money. Remember the adage? You reap what you sow.

The reasoning for this is simple. Clearly, you want something because you are lacking it. When you are experiencing the lack of something, you are sending out negative vibrations of scarcity and deficiency. 

Your vibrations hold the key to what you manifest. When you send out negative vibrations, you are not going to attract good things into your life. 

If you wait for the money to materialize before spending it, you would be waiting forever. If you wait for the other person to love you before you reciprocate, your wait may go to waste. 

You may feel that if you give before you receive you may be wasting it away. Instead of thinking it from that angle, try another one. When you are giving something, the response from the Universe would be different. 

Learn to trust the Universe, have faith, and flow with it.

Concluding thoughts

Manifestation using the Law of Attraction is gaining popularity in recent times. Even though it is a simple and straightforward concept with clear-cut steps and methods, it is easy to feel confused about some of the manifestation methods and techniques, especially for beginners. 

Learning how to manifest the right way can not only help to attract what you want, but it can also come useful for future manifestation attempts by building trust in the process. 

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