111 Daily Affirmations for Health and Healing

Daily Affirmations for Health and Healing

Daily Affirmations for Health and Healing

How often have we dismissed our thoughts and feelings as inconsequential? We manage to convince ourselves that they do not matter if we do not act upon them. After all, these ideas just remain in our minds. Then, why would they leave any mark?

Is that really so? Have you ever considered the health implications of your anger and depression? And, when you feel happy or elated or excited for whatever reasons, have you noticed how rarely you fall sick? Or even if you do, you recover faster?

What we believe in and the thoughts and feelings that we experience have far more implications than we can imagine. 

The good news is you can use the same process to reverse the trend. By shifting your mindset to a positive phase, you can derive rich dividends in all spheres of life, including health.

Now, we come to the million-dollar-question. How to shift the mindset from negative to positive?

The simple answer is affirmations. 

This article explores ways to tap the power of affirmations for better health and faster healing.

How can affirmations help?

Words said with absolute belief and conviction have the power to achieve anything in this world. Affirmations are positive statements designed to reprogram the subconscious mind and give it a positive outlook.

Repeating affirmations like “I am healthy and fit” or “My body is capable of self-healing” may sound too simple to have any impact on your mind, let alone physical health. However, when said with faith and confidence can make a world of difference. 

Positive affirmations have proved their worth time and again in helping us stay healthy and fit, maintain a salubrious lifestyle, and promoting self-healing. Even when facing diseases of varying magnitude, whether contributed by our lifestyle or otherwise, positive affirmations can do wonders when made part of the healing protocol.

Isn’t healthy eating and regular exercise good enough?

It is natural for you to question the need for affirmations for health and healing. As long as you are eating healthy and exercising regularly, what is the need for them?

The real question here is why you are eating healthy and exercising regularly? Is it out of choice or because you feel compelled to do so for fear of bad health, falling sick, resultant pain and suffering, or looking out of shape? Does it really matter why?

Yes, it does matter why you are taking good care of your health. When we make healthy choices out of fear, their aftereffects are markedly different from the ones that come from a place of happiness and love.

Let us understand this through examples. What are your motivations for working out? Hatred for your present looks or reaching your fitness goal or attaining a dream figure? Studies have proved that aiming to get stronger, healthier and fitter is better than striving for a perfect body.

Are you eating healthier choices because of fear of falling sick and the associated discomforts? Think about how different it would be if you actually love eating healthy foods. The difference between the two scenarios is the motivation behind the actions.

Motivation for our choices plays a huge role in the consequence of our actions. All the more reason why we need to do the right things for the right reasons with the right mindset.

111 daily affirmation for good health and fast healing

  1. I radiate positive energy and good health.
  2. I am active and full of energy.
  3. I appreciate my body with all its strengths and flaws.
  4. I deserve good health and a fit body.
  5. I bless my body every day.
  6. I love being healthy and energetic.
  7. Every cell of my body is filled with positivity, happiness, and love.
  8. I am energetic, happy, and wonderful.
  9. My physical and mental health is in an excellent state.
  10. I have good health and a fit body now.
  11. I love my body with all its imperfections.
  12. I feel invigorated and renewed.
  13. It is easy to take care of my body.
  14. I manifest excellent health and a perfect body.
  15. I heed and accept my body’s message to me.
  16. I love providing nourishment to my body.
  17. I feel healthier and fitter every day.
  18. I feel at peace.
  19. My soul is stimulated and revitalized.
  20. I feel strong and healthy.
  21. I am the creator of my own health.
  22. I am caring and attentive to my body.
  23. I am at ideal body weight.
  24. My body is healthy and strong.
  25. I make healthy and wholesome choices.
  26. I choose foods that are most beneficial for my wellness and health.
  27. My body appreciates how I care for it.
  28. I am feeling happier and healthier.
  29. I am vibrant and alive.
  30. I am thankful for my healthy and fit body.
  31. I am feeling great, robust, and lively.
  32. I am brimming with joy and pride.
  33. I have a healthy and energetic mind and body.
  34. My body is positive, energetic, and excited.
  35. My life is evolving beautifully.
  36. I am worthy of a healthy body and a happy mind.
  37. I fully accept my position in life and am alert to any opportunity to flourish.
  38. My focus is on progressing in the right direction.
  39. I am receiving ample love and support during this process.
  40. I create good health by exploring opportunities and discussing my wellness.
  41. I bestow utmost love to those parts of me that require my love and attention the most.
  42. Even though I am not feeling the best right now, I love and approve of myself.
  43. I am in total control of my mental faculties and the environment I create. 
  44. I am at liberty to transform into a new self at this moment.
  45. I free myself of all negativity as it doesn’t belong to me nor define who I am. 
  46. I embrace love and happiness because that’s who I really am.
  47. I am friends with my body. 
  48. I treat my body with the same kindness and love that I would like to receive.
  49. No matter what happened in the past or future, my morality or motivation can’t be extinguished.
  50. I attend to my pain and discomfort with kindness and patience. 
  51. I take care of my body with unconditional care and unlimited compassion.
  52. I am trying my best to help my body get better and healthier as quickly as possible.
  53. I am careful about the thoughts that occupy my mind.
  54. My emotions are carefully regulated to create a healthy atmosphere inside and near me.
  55. I am a voluntary member of my wellness plan.
  56. I am willing to try new ways of improving my health and well-being.
  57. My life choices come from a place of abundant love and ample mindfulness. 
  58. My actions and words are expressions of self-love.
  59. I am a survivor.
  60. My body has the power and ability to heal itself. 
  61. I am so grateful to be alive and well. 
  62. I listen to all my thoughts and feelings without judging them. I understand and learn from them.
  63. My body takes its own time to heal. I am patient and kind to myself every day.
  64. I allow my body to heal internal and external wounds.
  65. I manifest perfect health and ideal body by discarding unwanted baggage.
  66. I am thankful for the healing process happening in my body.
  67. I am healthy and strong in my body, mind, and soul.
  68. I forgive myself and all those people who have caused pain and suffering to me in the past.
  69. I choose to heal the wounds of my body, mind, and soul daily.
  70. My body is healthy; my mind is bright; my soul is serene.
  71. I am happy, healthy, and radiant.
  72. I love and appreciate my body.
  73. I love the feeling of strength and vitality in my body. 
  74. It is an easy task for me to eat healthily and exercise regularly.
  75. The older I get the healthier and stronger I am.
  76. My sleep is comfortable and refreshing.
  77. I have all the energy needed to accomplish my goals.
  78. My body is revitalized, cured, and loaded with energy.
  79. My body maintains ideal weight and good health.
  80. My body has ample energy to carry out all daily activities in my life.
  81. I am happy and at peace.
  82. I am getting better and better every day, in every way.
  83. I am happy and healthy.
  84. I love and care for my body and it loves me back and cares for me.
  85. I am ready to enjoy perfect health.
  86. I deserve to have a healthy body and a happy mind. 
  87. I take utmost care of my body with dedication, respect, and love.
  88. I choose to be healthy and happy.
  89. I celebrate my healthy lifestyle and peace of mind every day.
  90. I attract perfect health with smart choices.
  91. Healthy choices come naturally to me.
  92. I feel blessed to have a healthy body and a happy mind.
  93. I feel full of energy throughout the day.
  94. I feel energized by every single breath I take.
  95. I maintain my body at optimum health.
  96. I take good care of my body with nourishing foods and strengthening exercises.
  97. Health is the key to a good life; it affects everything, everything affects it.
  98. My body is constantly working towards good health.
  99. I am open to receive healing energies from the Universe.
  100. I release all obstacles to perfect healing.
  101. I am sending love to each organ in my body.
  102. I am charting my own path, living life at my own pace.
  103. I reiterate my commitment to a healthier life.
  104. The more positive I feel, the healthier I am.
  105. I am overflowing with energy.
  106. I am eating healthy.
  107. I make healthy food choices.
  108. I am a magnet for perfect health.
  109. I am grateful for my perfect health.
  110. I commit to working on myself daily.
  111. I invest in my health because I am worth it.

Tips to get the best out of daily affirmations

  • Use the present tense. Believe that it has already happened.
  • Use positive statements. Instead of saying what you don’t want, frame affirmations in a positive way. 
  • Keep it concise, clear, and specific. Clarity is the key to successful affirmation. Keeping affirmations to the point helps in maintaining focus on the goal. Short affirmations are easier to remember and take less time to repeat.
  • Use words representing emotions and moods. And those that display your free will. Such as, “I enjoy” and “I choose”. Words of emotions like love, happiness, and radiate can enhance the effect of affirmations.
  • Try to frame “I am” affirmations. When written in this way, these affirmations form a better connection with you, increasing the chances of success.
  • Maintain a positive attitude. When on a manifestation journey, you should set aside your doubts and distrust and embrace a positive outlook. 
  • Repeat them as often as possible. Besides saying them aloud or in your mind, you may write them, listen to them, or watch videos of affirmations. One of the easiest ways to keep the affirmations at the top of your mind is to include them in a Vision Board and display them where they will catch your eye often.

Final thoughts

Have you ever considered how connected our thoughts and feelings are to our physical health? Our actions need to come from a positive mindset to make the best impact. Every single thought that flashes through our minds, even if it doesn’t linger long, is going to make a dent in our health.

There are many reasons for falling sick and healing slowly. While a negative attitude can contribute to misery, a positive outlook offers you the best defense against poor health. 

Practicing daily affirmations can help in developing a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. You can take advantage of the intrinsic relation between mindset and health and use positive affirmations to help you maintain a healthy body and recover faster in case of ill health.

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