11 Best Crystals for Scorpio

11 Best Crystals for Scorpio

Best Crystals for Scorpios

Scorpios are the go-getters and always like to live life on the edge. If your zodiac sign is Scorpio, chances are you’ve raised a few eyebrows and made people sit up and take notice. Your intensity, fearlessness, and psychic abilities can spook most people.

Scorpio, being a water sign, makes you highly emotional at the same time competitive. Mars and Pluto have an immense influence on this sign. Mars is the powerhouse of strength, ambition, courage, and fighting spirit. 

Scorpios are clear about their goals. Their trust and self-belief help them achieve their goals without much effort. Hurdles that may crop up along the path are scaled with the ease of a pro athlete. It is Pluto’s influence that gives them great power of intuition and a good grasp of the realities of life.

Scorpios are strong-willed and proud and won’t take injustice lying down. Any challenge, disapproval, rebuff, and betrayal are taken up earnestly and returned with the same intensity, the words “forgive” and “forget” don’t seem to find a place in their dictionary.

Crystals can help Scorpios deal with the turbulence in their everyday life. If worn as a jewel, carried with them, or placed near them, crystals can mellow down the intense fighting spirit in Scorpios. It can help them relax and not be in their action mode all the time. Often, this can overshadow their natural instincts. Crystals can bring it to the forefront.

This article details the best crystals for Scorpios. When chosen with care and used in the right way, these crystals can help Scorpios lead a more balanced life.

11 best crystals for Scorpios

Scorpios are passionate, stubborn, and won’t back away from fights. Your courage and loyalty are unparalleled. On the downside, you tend to be reticent, jealous, aggressive, and overly ambitious. You need to choose Scorpio crystals that will soften these traits in you and help you find balance.


1. Amethyst

Another beautiful stone with amazing benefits for a Scorpio. In ancient Greece, they used to make goblets with amethyst stone. It is believed that it can help you avoid going overboard. In fact, the word is derived from the Greek word “ametusthos” which means “not intoxicated”. 

Amethyst can come to your aid not just with your drinking habit. It is renowned for its ability to balance various traits in you and help you live a life in harmony. Amethyst can also help you tap into your latent spirituality and raise your awareness. If you are searching for a stone to ward off evil and block negative energy, look no further.

2. Aquamarine

It’s no wonder that this is assigned as your birthstone. A perfect Scorpio crystal to fix your flaws and boost your strengths. It is known as the stone of courage for nothing. It can reduce stress and calm you down and is an excellent stone for people with sensitive nature.

Aquamarine steps in with its soothing and healing properties, when things get too hot to handle. If you are facing instability in your relationship, this stone can bring peace and harmony. 

Black onyx

3. Black onyx

This is the healing stone associated with Pluto, one of the ruling planets of Scorpio. Besides its soothing properties, it is also known for aiding in manifestation. This stone can help with your focus and positive energy, setting you up for success with manifestation. 

Black onyx is also believed to be a stone for abundance and wealth. If you are trying to manifest money and prosperity, this is the right stone for you. You can either wear it or carry it in your wallet/purse.

4. Bloodstone

More known for its blood healing properties, this textured stone is best known for warding off negative energy and the evil eye. It is also helpful in eliminating negative thoughts and emotions in your own mind and filling it up with optimism and positive energy.

Scorpios are notorious for their evasiveness, reticence, and secretive traits. They have a hard time trusting another person. Placing bloodstones in your living area or wearing them can help with trust issues. 


5. Citrine

This bright-hued quartz is as visually elevating as it is beneficial for your mental health. It is a symbol of luck, hope, good cheer, and youth. Citrine helps in triggering your creative side and sets free your imagination. It is often used in crystal therapy to boost positivity and optimism.

Citrine is associated with favorable outcomes, especially when it concerns money and abundance. Due to this, citrine is favored by those trying to manifest their goals. It can strengthen your solar plexus chakra and raise your confidence and self-belief.

6. Malachite

A stone that looks as good on you as jewelry as its healing abilities, malachite is a good choice for Scorpios. It is typically used as a protection stone to ward off negativity and to absorb toxic energies in your vicinity to keep you safe. 

Malachite is an excellent crystal to have when your heart is broken and life feels hopeless. Not only does it calm you down and heals your wounds, but it will also help you to let go of the past traumas and find closure. Malachite can also help you get rid of your unhealthy habits and bad associations.

7. Obsidian

This is the most commonly used grounding stone to discard negative energy. It also helps with removing excess energy that is harming you. This stone emits calming energy to all in its vicinity. When you are in high-pressure situations, this is the ideal Scorpio stone to carry with you. It also prevents you from making impulsive decisions that may have far-reaching effects on your life.

As Scorpios are famous for their aggression and fiery nature, wearing obsidian crystals can be highly beneficial.

8. Rose Quartz

Another beautiful quartz with super powers. Rose quartz is known to help mend broken hearts and improve your relationships. It stands for love and peace. A good choice for those facing trouble in their romantic life. Its healing properties are unmatched.

Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra. Even as it helps you love others without inhibitions, it also enables you to accept the love coming your way. With this stone working its charm, you can love with abandon. You will sail through hurdles that may appear on your path.

9. Smoky quartz

This is the ideal choice for those who are trying to find a release for their emotions. All of us tend to suppress negative emotions like anxiety, anger, resentment, and fear. When they remain bottled up, they can cause some serious harm. When worn or kept near you, these crystals can help you express these harmful emotions in a healthy way.

Smoky quartz also is a known aid to boost your intuitive abilities. You need your psychic abilities to succeed in life as well as live in harmony with others. This stone can help in revealing your hidden talents and creative abilities. 

10. Sodalite

This stone has the amazing ability to transform your negative thoughts and emotions into rational and positive ones. As negative emotions can destroy your life if it is not kept under control. This Scorpio gemstone can help there without being too intrusive.

Sodalite comes with calming and relaxing properties. This is exactly what a Scorpio zodiac sign needs to live a life of happiness and fulfillment. Often their enthusiasm may get carried away and they find themselves in the middle of hellfire. Keeping a sodalite crystal with you can help you avoid all this unnecessary drama.

11. Yellow topaz

A gemstone fit for kings and queens, this golden-yellow crystal can help you harness your energies to your advantage. While it keeps negative energy at bay, it amplifies the effect of positive energy multifold. 

Yellow topaz compels you to focus on your health and well-being. It helps you streamline your energy and focus and become more disciplined than ever before. Being a Scorpio, you may go overboard with your enthusiasm and passion. Yellow topaz can curb this tendency in you and keep things within limits.

Bottom line

Using crystals for healing and well-being is an age-old practice. At the time of their natural formation, so much energy gets trapped inside these crystals. This energy is slowly released into the surroundings and by keeping them near you, you can benefit from it.

Scorpios are strong-willed individuals with a never-say-die attitude. Their outstanding abilities and skills help them sail through life. However, their stubbornness, anger, and secretive nature can create trouble for them. Having the right healing crystals can help them overcome these setbacks and amplify their positive traits.

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