14 Best Jobs for Highly Sensitive Person

14 Best Jobs for Highly Sensitive Person

14 best jobs for highly sensitive person

If you are a highly sensitive person (HSP), that too an introvert one at that, every day spent at the workplace can be a harrowing experience, if the job is not right for you.

A rude or overly aggressive boss, unhelpful or indifferent coworkers, crowded and noisy work atmosphere, or dealing with the grievances of highly demanding customers – all these can be overwhelming and emotionally draining for a person of sensitive nature.

When you dread going to work every day and are far from happy at the workplace, getting paid well is not good enough compensation for the mental pain you endure. No doubt, you need a job. The way out of this situation is to choose the right career and job that will fit in with your personality.

Being sensitive and introverted can be daunting to deal with. Instead of putting yourself in places and situations unsuited to your personality types, you should look for a career choice in which your traits will be appreciated and can be put to better use.

This article explores the choices in HSP careers and jobs for highly sensitive people. You will find here more about the character of highly sensitive people and how you can turn it around to your advantage with the right career and job.

Benefits and flaws of being a highly sensitive person

Before going ahead and listing the highly sensitive person jobs and careers, it is important to understand the advantages and hardships that a person of a sensitive nature faces at the workplace.

Highly sensitive people are:

  • Adversely affected by loud sounds, bright lights, and crowded places 
  • Highly intuitive and emotionally vulnerable
  • Independent and prefer to work without much supervision
  • Easily upset by adverse situations and news
  • More aware of the moods and tempers of people around them
  • Extra sensitive to touch and violation of their personal spaces
  • Often stressing and pondering over what may happen in the future
  • Happy when left alone

As we all know, regular jobs are stressful even for a normal person. A highly sensitive person may find it difficult to handle the stressors and pressures of a regular workplace. This doesn’t mean they are not suitable to work or they won’t be able to find the right job.

Contrary to that, there are some kinds of jobs that suit an HSP better than others as they are more caring, focussed, creative, independent, and intuitive. Let’s see the careers and jobs that celebrate their unique abilities and character traits.

What does a highly sensitive person want in a job?

Their overwhelming sense of empathy gives them a strong desire to help others. However, when choosing careers or jobs for sensitive people, this aspect has to be taken together with their dislike for the overly stimulative or provocative environment. They typically are at their best in a calm, quiet, and peaceful atmosphere.

A highly sensitive person feels jostled and harassed when there is a rushed deadline, required to multi-task or coordinate with others. They tend to work better when they are on their own and given free rein to complete the work at their pace. 

HSPs tend to be high on creative talents and are very good at finding solutions to difficult situations. They excel in coming up with new ideas, expressing their creative thoughts, and developing them for the benefit of others. Their ability to understand others makes them excellent caregivers and problem solvers as long as the duties of the job do not impede their working.

Working long hours, taking quick decisions, and handling high-pressure situations are not their forte. They tend to flounder and fail in jobs that entail these situations even if they are otherwise perfect fits for them.

For a highly sensitive person, careers are not just a means to earn a livelihood or make some extra cash. A job is much more than that for them; it should add value to their lives. A career in creative fields like art, music, dance, and writing or in fields that make use of their keen observation skills and intuitive abilities like psychology, veterinary science, and graphic designing or a job suited for an empath like nursing, teaching, counseling, and as a masseur would be more fulfilling.

At the same time, it would be better to avoid high-pressure, fast-paced, and people-centric jobs like sales and customer service. 

Sensitive people tend to be good at jobs that entail a calm environment and don’t require too much interaction with people. Again, not all highly sensitive persons are alike. Choosing a career or a job that fits their profile and plays to their strengths can give them job satisfaction and help them perform well at it. 

When talking about careers, highly sensitive people may want to take periodical breaks. This means traditional jobs are challenging for HSPs. 

Best jobs for highly sensitive person

Highly sensitive persons can be introverts or extroverts. Many of the people-centric jobs listed here are exclusively for those with extroverted personalities. Before ruling out choices, it is recommended to check for suitability based on personal character traits and preferences.

1. Doctor

A highly satisfying profession for the person with the right talent set and personality. Being a doctor will allow you to help others feel better. 

2. Nurse

This is a perfect fit for a highly sensitive extrovert personality. Your empathy and ability to connect with people will find the right outlet in this job.

3. Therapist/Counselor/Life Coach

Your ability to listen and understand others’ problems, support them in their struggles, come up with the right solutions, and help them overcome their issues and disabilities can be highly rewarding.

4. Writer/Editor 

If you have the creative talent to tell captivating stories, this is the right career choice for you. Whether you want to bring alive stories about magical lands or ones that touch the heart, writing is a good choice if you have a way with words.

5. Artist/Musician

A perfect career for creative people with the right talents. It can be gratifying to create something out of nothing, just using your imagination.

6. Teacher/Librarian

Working with young minds and getting a chance to mold them can be immensely heartening for the right person. Introducing the younger generation to the vast world of books is an excellent job for a sensitive person.

7. Professor/Researcher

You can use the vast knowledge you gained over years at the university and put it to good use as an academic or a researcher. This will also allow you to continue working in the familiar environments of the university.

8. Scientist 

Inventing and discovering path-breaking technologies to improve the lives of fellow human beings can be highly satisfying. You can help reveal the mysteries of the Universe by coming up with theories and proving them.

9. Architect

An artist of a different kind, as an architect you have the opportunity to bring to life those ideas hidden in the depths of people’s minds. This creative job can satisfy the artist in you.

10. Photographer

Another profession that makes use of your artistic abilities, being a photographer helps you capture the most important moments in the lives of people. Flexibility in working hours and the ability to choose whom you want to work with are the advantages of this job.

11. Chef

This profession allows you to bring your creative talents to the table. You get to make the special occasions of others more special and memorable with your signature dishes. Again, the chance to be your own master is a perk of this job.

12. Graphic Designer

If you are looking to tap your creative skills in the designing field, this is the best career choice for you. Whether creating designs the old-fashioned way by hand or using sophisticated software, your talent, eye for detail, and ability to understand requirements are of prime importance.

13. Interior designer

Converting the space within the four walls into a dream home for clients can be highly rewarding. Besides your creative talents, it is important to possess the ability to understand what people want.

14. Landscaper

If you love the outdoors and enjoy working on the grounds among plants, trees, and other land features, this is the perfect job for you. You will have the opportunity to transform a landscape into a visually-appealing spectacle.

Bottom line

Do you feel anxiety and stress every morning going to work, similar to what a child feels on the first day back at school? Do you consider your job as an unavoidable annoyance and as a means to earn a livelihood?

If yes, you need to rethink your career and current job. Choose a job that fits well with your personality and see the difference. You would be surprised that jobs can also be enjoyable and satisfying. 

Sensitive empowerment is another avenue for you to explore to deal with the unique problems you are facing. Experts in this field can guide you to a perfect career.

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