20 Best Spiritual Books for Beginners

20 Best Spiritual Books for Beginners

Spiritual Books for Beginners

Do you find yourself drawn to spirituality and related topics of late?

That is a welcome step towards living a beautiful life filled with love, kindness, and empathy for fellow beings. 

You may have already discovered to your dismay that this is a subject that is so deep and vast that it is hard to grasp it all by yourself. The path to spiritual awakening needs proper guidance. 

You should learn to take the baby steps of spirituality under the watchful eyes of a teacher/guru – someone who has already reached spiritual enlightenment and is qualified to show others the way. 

If you are reluctant to go as far as to seek out a guru, you can start your spiritual journey by reading and understanding more about it. 

Spirituality has so many facets that every book you read will reveal more truths and keep adding more and more knowledge about the topic. That is why it is important not to stop with one book and read as many as you can.

This article presents a list of the best selection of books on spirituality for beginners. These spiritual awakening books can kickstart your spiritual journey from the word go.

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    What exactly is spirituality?

    The dictionary defines spirituality as “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things”. This doesn’t tell us much.

    Those who are well-versed in the subject of spirituality give a clearer picture. They define spirituality as that aspect of human nature that prompts an individual to seek, grasp, and express the meaning and purpose of life. 

    It is the spirituality that helps an individual to experience their connection to self, others, the environment, the universe, to the higher power, and most important of all to the present moment.

    Gaining awareness about spirituality also entails shedding most of the negative traits. Such as negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, and freedom from judgment. Spirituality can help you understand the world around you better, besides attaining in-depth knowledge about yourself, gaining better control of your senses and behavior, and developing compassion for co-inhabitants of the world you live in.

    Spirituality is a concept developed by humans to unravel the mysteries of the world and life. As such each culture, region, and country in the world has come up with a different strategy to achieve this. 

    For you to gain a better understanding of the topic, you must begin your spiritual journey with a variety of books from across the world and cultures. 

    The more books you read on spirituality, the closer you get to spiritual awakening.

    What is meant by spiritual awakening?

    This is a term bandied about often in certain circles. Is it the same as spiritual knowledge?

    Not exactly but somewhat related to it as well. 

    As you gain more spiritual knowledge and proceed along the spiritual path, you will reach a stage when you shed all aspects of negativity in your mindset and behavior and you find yourself filled only with pure love and compassion for fellow beings. At this point, you are said to have reached a spiritual awakening.

    In other words, you can attain spiritual enlightenment with heightened spirituality. Your awareness of yourself, others, the world, and everything in it become absolute. Or you become one with the world you live in.

    For this to happen, you have to stop living in the past or the future. Every moment of your conscious life, you need to live in the present moment. Or you achieve mindfulness.

    How do you choose books on spirituality?

    As mentioned earlier, spirituality has a different meaning in diverse cultures around the world. Each one of them adds a facet to spirituality and hence is worth understanding. So when you search for spiritual books to read, you may come across ones dealing with diverse aspects of it, with most of them delving deep into a specific area.

    Some of the best spiritual books for beginners deal with the religious aspects, while others focus on meditation or mindfulness. Some of them would be too advanced to be of help to a beginner.

    When you are trying to identify the first book on spirituality, you may ask yourself what you want from it rather than looking at the choices available and understanding what they offer.

    Are you trying to:

    • Find the meaning of life?
    • Achieve absolute happiness?
    • Attain peace of mind?
    • Be more mindful?
    • Discover more fulfillment in life?
    • Gain the ability to meditate?
    • Develop your spiritual side?
    • Understand more about other religions?

    First, gain more understanding about what you expect from the book and look through the list to find the right one. You can read the write-up accompanying the book or reviews or blurb to know what exactly to expect from it. Equipped with this information, you cannot go wrong with your choice.

    Let’s get started on the spiritual journey.

    20 Best Books on Spiritual Enlightenment

    the secret

    1. The Secret

    by Rhonda Byrne

    Have you heard about the law of attraction and want to know more about it? Your search ends right here. This is the book that catapulted the age-old philosophy to the center stage at the turn of the century.

    The principles and practices of the law of attraction had remained scattered and obscure before this book. The author brought together fragments of wisdom from oral and written forms in cultures, religions, and philosophies across the world. 

    This book teaches us how to imbibe the tenets and techniques of the law of attraction in everyday life. In the most practical way, the book guides us to use the Secret to enrich every aspect of our lives – from love and relationships and how to interact with the world to become happy, healthy, wealthy, and abundant. 

    Together with first-hand accounts of those who have been following it as a way of life and benefited from it, this book is a must-have if you want to try it.

    the seven spiritual laws of asuccess

    2. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams

    by Deepak Chopra

    The author is a spiritual guru and has numerous bestsellers to his credit. If you are searching for guidance to fulfill your goals and achieve success, this is the right choice.

    In this book, the author explains in simple language his seven laws of success. Based on the natural laws of the universe, the author has taken the pains to convert them into practical terms. 

    You will find in this book deep insight and infinite wisdom, together with practical steps to experience fulfillment, happiness, and success. This can be your go-to book to help you navigate the twists and turns of life.

    the book of awakening

    3. The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have

    by Mark Nepo

    The author jolts us out of our monotonous life to offer a life of freedom and joy in this book. In it, he details the steps we can take to liberate ourselves and reclaim our freedom and aliveness by taking one day at a time and savoring the beauty of every moment life has to offer.

    Being a philosopher-poet, the author’s poetic-style writing is enjoyable to read and easy to grasp. In the book, the author reveals the diverse facets of life without being judgmental. The book is a culmination of the author’s own spiritual journey that he hopes will inspire others.

    In the book, the author tells us that life will come with ups and downs but we need to learn to love it despite them. The authors offer us insights on topics like love and pain. The exercises provided in the book are designed to awaken the minds.

    the power of now

    4. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

    by Eckhart Tolle

    One of the most profound spiritual awakening books from the famous bestselling author, the Power of Now offers us a simple message – live in the moment to enjoy the most fulfilling life. 

    You may be aware that mindfulness is an integral part of the religious teachings of Buddha. However, it is not easy to understand the true meaning of the word and know how to imbibe it in your life in the practical sense. The author with his clear writing style and simple language help you grasp the concept easily.

    The book is packed with information on related topics, however, the author takes utmost care in giving it to the reader in small doses so as not to burden the mind. Now and then, through markers, he prompts the reader to take breaks and contemplate on the learnings. 

    This book can transform your life completely with its simple message.

    a new earth

    5. A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

    by Eckhart Tolle

    The author rose to fame with his bestseller on spirituality, The Power of Now. With this book, he inspired millions to experience the freedom of living “in the now” and live a life filled with joy.

    The author takes the powerful idea further and tells us that the shortest route to happiness is by transcending our egotistic state of consciousness. He is confident that by adopting this, we can find an end to the suffering and conflicts happening around the world.

    According to the author, when we get attached to our ego, it leads to dysfunction and thereby unhappiness, anger, and jealousy. In the book, the author details how we can shed this mindset and embrace a new state of consciousness to a more fulfilling life.

    A New Earth is a compilation of philosophies and anecdotes written in a language understandable to all. It is a personal guide to a better life as well as a spiritual manifesto to build a better world.

    the four agreement

    6. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

    by Miguel Ruiz

    If you are looking for ways to break free from the shackles of negative thinking and limiting beliefs, look no further. This book offers you the perfect solution to your dilemma.

    The author delves deep into the reason why we suffer from mental blocks, thus robbing ourselves of happiness and peace of mind. As a result, we suffer needlessly. 

    Drawing inspiration from ancient Toltec wisdom, the book offers a way out of this mess we find ourselves in. Adopting these simple yet effective rules, we get to lift ourselves out from the pool of negativity in which we find ourselves drowning to experience a new life replete with true happiness, love, and freedom.

    The Four Agreements that the author tells us are – Be Impeccable With Your Word, Don’t Take Anything Personally, Don’t Make Assumptions, Always Do Your Best.

    waking up

    7. Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion

    by Sam Harris

    If you are one among the millions of people who want to experience spirituality without the entanglement of religion, this book is a good read.

    The author, a neuroscientist, describes meditation as a spiritual practice that is free from religious connotations and rational in its approach. He uses psychology and neuroscience to back up his argument.

    Though the author doesn’t subscribe to religion or its practices, he also believes that religions and religious leaders cannot be ruled out as frauds or irrelevant. He believes that religious teachings can unravel important truths that science, secular thoughts, or atheist beliefs would care to admit. 

    If you are intrigued by the combination of modern science and contemplative wisdom, no author is better qualified to write about it than Sam Harris.

    living buddha

    8. Living Buddha, Living Christ

    by Thich Nhat Hanh

    The author is a Vietnamese monk and Buddhist teacher. In this book, he explores the similarities between the teachings of Buddha and Christ.

    If you are considering this book, it is vital to remember that this book doesn’t compare the two religions nor can it be classified as a religious book. Though Hanh is a follower of the Buddhist religion, he doesn’t touch upon the religious practices, methodology, rituals, or dogmas. Nor does the book rely on religious texts to compare the teachings of these two greats.

    The author offers comparisons without mentioning the superiority of one over the other. Written in a sensitive and factual style, this book doesn’t endeavor to convert at all. Listing the common teachings like compassion and righteousness, the book is a great way to understand both religions.

    buddha's brain. The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

    9. Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

    by Rick Hanson

    Another great book on spirituality from a neuroscientist. The author explains in the book that all great teachers were born with brains similar to ours but they used their minds to transform their brains, thus ultimately changing history.

    The author argues in the book that by combining the new neuroscientific breakthroughs and wisdom accumulated from contemplative practice, anyone can transform their brains. This can lead to more love, happiness, and wisdom.

    Marrying modern science with the wisdom of ancient teachings, the author strives to demonstrate how to develop emotional balance in troubled times as well as ways to build healthy relationships. The author goes on to tell us that we can practice effective actions and more profound spiritual approaches.

    The scientific approach of the book makes it more convincing to the readers. It offers practical tools to develop skills to live a fulfilling life.

    breathing under water

    10. Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps

    by Richard Rohr

    The author transforms the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to offer a spiritual journey into Christianity. According to the author, each one of us is suffering from some addiction. Just as AA helps alcoholics get over their addiction with its twelve steps, we too can embrace our frailties and brokenness to surrender to God. This can help in healing ourselves and the world.

    The twelve steps of AA are to get over the more visible addiction to alcohol. The same principles can be used by any of us to get rid of our less visible addictions like the urge to sin or obsession with judging others or fixation on beliefs and convictions.

    Using the same twelve steps, we too can free ourselves from these vices and live a life filled with love and compassion.

    real happiness

    11. Real Happiness: A 28-Day Program to Realize the Power of Meditation

    by Sharon Salzberg 

    The author, a well-known proponent of the benefits of meditation, uses her down-to-earth writing style to help beginners start and maintain a meditation practice. Focusing on three basic skills of concentration, mindfulness, and kindness, the author set the ball rolling with simple exercises like deep breathing and sitting postures.

    Her compelling narrative style inspires the readers to continue with their meditation despite the difficulties they are facing. Even if your meditation practice gets derailed, the author comes to your rescue with useful suggestions.

    The FAQ section is so comprehensive that you will find answers to your every question here. A must-have book for those considering meditation.

    Tao Te Ching, a New English Version, Lao Tzu

    12. Tao Te Ching, a New English Version, Lao Tzu

    By Stephan Mitchel

    Written more than two thousand years ago by Lao Tzu, the philosopher and founder of Taoism, this book contains its core teachings. 

    The original is a poem in old Chinese and its translation doesn’t make an easy read. However, the content of the book is so meaningful and relevant today that your efforts will be amply rewarded. 

    In the book, the author tells us that we can achieve a lot by following humility, spontaneity, and generosity. Lao Tzu’s teachings are useful today to live a life of balance and harmony. They are also helpful to develop leadership skills, be it in politics or business. 

    conversations with god

    14. Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book 1

    by Neale Donald Walsch

    When you think of spirituality, so many questions will pop up in your mind. What if you can ask God these questions and clear your doubts. The author had such a profound experience, so too can you.

    You can believe in any God you want to or not believe in any specific one. As long as you believe in the existence of a higher power, irrespective of the name you want to assign it, this book will make sense to you. It will help you find answers to the questions you have been searching for directly or indirectly.

    The conversations with God tend to flow boundlessly through numerous topics under the sun – your desires, values, happiness, pains, heartbreaks, health, wealth, love, relationships, and any more of your mundane problems you can think of. Your own problems are not the only focus in these conversations.

    The tone of the conversation is casual, friendly, funny, and above all clear and concise. You feel as if you could have figured out these answers by yourself. The “God” encourages you to disregard extraneous things and not to waste your energy on grumbling and overthinking.

    Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose

    15. Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose

    by Gabrielle Bernstein

    This bestselling author is touted as the new-age guru by the New York Times. She has come up with simple yet effective short techniques to get rid of stress and anxiety and embrace happiness and peace in this troubled world.

    The author feels that lack of time should not be a constraint in living a fulfilling life. On the contrary, time constraints should be all the more reason why we should learn how to relax and destress. 

    It is a fact that most of us find it hard to set aside enough time for meditation or yoga, fully aware that it can help us live a better life. In our mad rush to manage our numerous responsibilities, we often forget our own well-being. No wonder we end up in a mess, suffering from anxiety and resentment to burnout and addiction.

    Even as she describes each one of the 108 techniques in detail, she has also made it into a concise 140-character format, the Miracle Message, for the ease of sharing. 

    Soul Searcher's Handbook

    16. The Soul Searcher’s Handbook: A Modern Girl’s Guide to the New Age World

    by Emma Mildon

    A perfect introduction to spirituality for the modern generation, this book covers everything from meditation and mindfulness to numerology, aromatherapy, and crystal healing. 

    In this book, the author has answers to any doubts or queries that you may come up with in your spiritual journey. As the title aptly puts it, this is indeed a comprehensive handbook for the new-age soul searcher. 

    As a beginner in spirituality and its practices, it is natural that you feel confused by the multitude of routes and processes, tools and techniques, and methods and procedures available to reach the same destination. 

    With a clear-headed approach, the author makes sense of the madness. She lists all the choices available to you and explains each one of them in an easy-to-understand style. You will find here all the popular spiritual practices together with the less known ones like astrology, mysticism, and dreamology. 

    In addition to introductions to various spiritual practices, this book also offers simple steps to incorporate them into your life. The tips and tricks given are quite handy in real-life scenarios.

    Light Is the New Black

    17. Light is the New Black: A Guide to Answering Your Soul’s Callings and Working Your Light

    by Rebecca Campbell

    At the Vancouver Peace Summit 2009, Dalai Lama famously said, “the world will be saved by the western woman”. It was a clarion call to all the women to buck up, find their inner energy, and light up the world around them in their own unique way.

    Often women’s potential remains untapped not because of lack of opportunities but they themselves don’t seem to realize their own capabilities and hence are reluctant to explore new frontiers and challenge themselves.

    The author has written this as a guide to the new-age women who are ready to take on the challenge headlong and shine bright to light up the entire world. In this book, the author extorts women to be bold and adventurous to walk down paths less traveled. The only way to succeed in these times is to be authentic and true to oneself.

    This simple, easy-to-read book takes the reader along to explore the world through the eyes of a girl. Together with practical tools, messages from the universe, and metaphysical marketing, this book will help you reconnect with your own core self and use the resultant energy to transform the world.

    Stop missing the point

    18. Stop missing the point

    by Peta Kelly

    Can you enjoy life and still care about others? Often we tend to think that these two aspects of life don’t mix. 

    Just because you are rich and living a life of luxury need not mean you are barred from good work or lead a life dedicated to the welfare of others. On the other hand, living a life of purpose and living consciously need not translate to miserable existence or be used as an excuse to feel superior or judge others. 

    Caring for others doesn’t need to make you more serious or take away enjoyment in life altogether. 

    This book carries a message to the young generation who want to do good in this world. It tells them to go right ahead and be world changers and not to worry about how it will affect their perspective, behavior, and life in general. You will still get to enjoy it to the maximum and live life to the fullest.

    The Celestine Prophecy

    19. The Celestine Prophecy

    by James Redfield

    The author brings in this book his vast knowledge and experience in ecology, modern physics, psychology, and mysticism and out comes the new spiritual concept of “common sense”. 

    The question that begs for an answer is “Are we living in this “common sense” spirituality?” Or is it something we are not ready for yet and will get there in the future?

    When the book was first published, it took readers by surprise and it gained itself an ardent following. People were taken aback by the content of the book; the predictions made sense to many and they could relate to it with what is already happening in their own lives.

    The spiritual awakening book has the ingredients of an adventure mystery – the disappearance of an ancient Peruvian manuscript and a government trying to suppress it. This manuscript holds the nine insights mankind is expected to imbibe as we move towards spiritual awareness.

    In the search for the manuscript, you accompany the protagonist to the ancient ruins in the dense forest in the Andes. Here, you will find the first of the nine insights – coincidences or synchronicities when interpreted correctly will lead you to your true destiny. 

    When all 9 insights are revealed, you will look at the world from a new perspective. 

    20. Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (And World Peace)

    by Chade-Meng Tan

    The author is one of Google’s earliest engineers as well as a pioneer in the field of personal development. In this book, he presents proven techniques to enhance mindfulness and emotional intelligence in life and work.

    The author’s responsibilities at Google involve teaching some of the brightest minds how to be mindful at work as well as in life. With this book, the reader too gets access to one of the most sought-after courses. This course is meant to raise your level of happiness, creativity, and health, thereby enhancing your productivity to be more successful in this competitive world.

    Author of another bestseller Coming To Our Senses, Meng offers valuable guidance to the readers to reach their potential.

    Bottom line

    These spiritual journey books can get you started on your path to spiritual awakening. On the way, you will discover many more books like these or even better ones. The more you read on spirituality, the wider your outlook will become and the more kind, compassionate, and empathetic you can become. 

    Spirituality is not just about your connection to God or the higher power. That is merely a starting point to gain more understanding about the universe and everything in it. It will help you achieve happiness and peace, find relief from pain and suffering, and most important of all, live in the present moment. 

    Spirituality, in the real sense, means having better relationships with those around you. 

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