Can Soulmates Feel Each Other When Apart?

Can Soulmates Feel Each Other When Apart?

Can Soulmates Feel Each Other When Apart

We all miss our partners when we’re apart. We deal with these separation pangs the best way we can.

When you are with your partner, time seems to fly. But when you’re apart, time crawls. You so much want to be together that your mind will start playing tricks on you. You feel the presence of your partner near you.

You can feel their touch and even smell them. Are you cracking up? 

Your mind would be buzzing with questions. Why do you feel this way? How can soulmates feel each other when apart? Is it your intense desire to be together or just a figment of your imagination?

This article tries to unravel the mystery of what happens when soulmates are separated. Here you will find the explanation for the feeling you experience and the signs of this deep connection.

Is this soulmate connection real or imagined?

Soulmates, as the name denotes, are linked closely through their souls. The soul connection of a soulmate relationship is one of the mysteries of the Universe that we haven’t been able to explain satisfactorily. After each rebirth, they tend to gravitate toward each other. When they ultimately find each other, they make each other feel whole.

Soulmates can communicate with each other without a word being said aloud. They are capable of grasping the thoughts, emotions, and even physical pain through the silent communication between their souls. The way your soulmate can understand you, no one else can.

Now, the question is can soulmates feel each other when apart? 

It’s one thing to sense the needs and pain of your soulmate when you’re nearby. But when you’re far apart and there is a considerable distance separating you from your soulmate, can you still feel each other?

The simple answer is yes. Soulmates feel each other when apart; even when they are at a substantial distance from each other. They can feel each other’s pain. You can feel your soulmate crying even from miles away. 

The explanation for this lies in the soulmate energy vibrations. When you think or feel something, you send these out as soulmate energy vibrations to your soulmate. Wherever they are, your soulmate will receive these soulmate energy vibrations and will immediately become aware of what is going through their soulmate’s mind.

However, to send and receive these soulmate energy vibrations toward each other, you need to be on the same vibrational frequency. And, you need to be good at recognizing soulmate energy.

Signs soulmates feel each other when apart

1. Your dreams are centered around your soulmate

Often the messages from your soulmate reach your consciousness through your dreams. If you have dreams, with your soulmate featuring in them prominently, it is an indication of your strong soul connection. When you wake up from sleep, you will remember the dream minutely. You may even have to pinch yourself to make sure that you were dreaming and not experiencing it in reality.

You may have dreams about your soulmate when they are far apart because your subconscious mind is receiving soulmate energy vibrations from your soulmate and relaying it to your conscious mind. When you wake up from the dream, the memory of the dream will remain in your consciousness. This is a simple communication channel between soulmates.

2. You can feel the presence of your soulmate

Again, this is made possible by the transfer of soulmate energy between soulmates. Every thought you have about your soulmate, you send to them as soulmate energy vibrations. When these vibrations reach them, they become aware that you are thinking about them. 

When you long for your soulmate intensely when you’re apart, this thought will reach your soulmate and they send back their powerful soulmate energy vibrations to you. As a result, you can actually feel their physical presence near you. 

Typically, this happens when you are alone and thinking about your soulmate. You fervently wish for their proximity and the Universe will make it possible through soulmate energy transference.

3. You can sense when they’re in danger

Out of the blue, you may feel something amiss as if something bad is about to happen. This is a common occurrence among soulmates as their soul connection is stronger than in normal people.

You can sense this feeling when you are nearby or far apart from your soulmate. It doesn’t matter where you are and how much distance is separating you. The messages are conveyed to you through soulmate energy vibrations and you become aware of the bad turn of events about to befall your soulmate.

This may not be an everyday occurrence even for soulmates. But this is a clear indication of the invisible communication channel that exists between soulmates.

4. You may have strange and weird things in common

Such as unusual leisure activities and pursuits. In the entire world, you may have a hard time finding someone with the same interests and hobbies as you. But for some strange reason, your soulmate also is interested in the same unusual pursuits. 

This is too spooky and hard to explain. You may ask whether it is this common point that brought you together. Such as playing the same sports or having a passion for painting or singing. No matter how hard you think about it, you are sure that you were not aware of this when you met up for the first time. This was discovered later on.

At times, this can be a case of your likes and dislikes rubbing off on your soulmate and vice versa. You may pick up similar habits and mannerisms from your soulmate and make them yours. And, all the commonalities will make your soulmate relationship stronger. 

The stranger part about this is that you have never experienced a similar development with anyone else.

5. Your communication with your soulmate is different

As your deep connection goes way beyond the physical realm, this is understandable. Most of your communication happens in the spiritual realm at the soul level. You feel as if you are conversing in some strange language you don’t seem to recognize, but you can understand each other perfectly.

Your communication with each other may be unrelated to what you are experiencing at present or unrelated to what is happening around you. Instead of staying in the present, both of you may be transported back into the past and relive the great moments you shared. Or, you may be making incredible plans for the future.

Final thoughts on soulmates feel each other when apart

How does it feel to be separated from your soulmate? Can soulmates feel each other when apart?

With your soulmate, you can sense their soulmate energy vibrations, even when they are not around. You are surprised that you have become more sensitive to your environment and its changes. You have similar viewpoints and oftentimes feel as if you are seeing the world through their eyes. Though you met your soulmate recently, you feel like knowing them for ages. You can sense shared feelings and memories from days gone by.

You may feel that you have an excellent connection with your soulmate. But the truth is there is always scope for improvement. Moreover, to retain the same level of soulmate connection, you need to put in constant effort. Spending more time with each other and engaging in activities like meditation and yoga together will help in improving this soulmate relationship. 

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