10 Clear Signs of Female Attraction

10 Clear Signs of Female Attraction

10 Clear Signs of Female Attraction

It is a commonly known fact that women are better at reading body language than men. They are more perceptive, keener observers, and better at reading between the lines. The reason for this may be the way the rest of the world treats them.

She can pick up subtle mood swings and hidden hints without a word being said. If you, as a man, can train yourself along these lines to think like a woman, women are no longer intriguing or mysterious creatures to you. 

Anyway, it is time men change this perspective about women as it is so sexist!

So, you met this woman and felt attracted to her. You have no clue whether she has the same feelings for you. Nor do you have any clue how to proceed without making a mess of it. The simple solution is to think like a woman. That is to look at the situation from a woman’s perspective.

Interested? Intrigued? You must be asking yourself how to think like a woman. Read on to learn ways to improve your talent at reading body language and the art of listening. These alone can help you notice and decipher physical signs of attraction from a woman. You will also find here a list of 10 clear and unique physical signs a woman is interested in you.

How to think like a woman?

While men mostly use their minds to express themselves, women tend to rely more on their hearts and emotions. The same words can be interpreted in different ways when different emotions are added to them. So, understanding them also means the ability to detect emotions and moods. 

The one and the only way to improve your skill at reading emotions and moods is by pausing what you are doing and paying full attention. The same applies to improving your listening skills as well. 

Men tend to divide their attention among various tasks they are doing. Instead, stop your activities and turn your attention to what is being said and what is happening. And see the difference. 

If you are still not getting it right and would like to know what you should look for, here is a list of things you can do and notice.

  1. Face the person and study the face.
  2. Look at the facial expressions.
  3. Check out what the eyes are saying/doing.
  4. Is she maintaining eye contact?
  5. Is she mirroring you?
  6. Notice the personal distance maintained.
  7. Try to understand the significance behind head movements.
  8. Where are the hands and what is she doing with them?
  9. Notice the position of arms and hand signals.
  10. What is the positioning of the feet?

Even when you are talking to her, learn to observe her reactions. Is she leaning towards you? Is she looking at you? Is she crossing her arms or legs? Are her eyes crinkling up when she is smiling? Is she raising her eyebrows at your suggestions? Are her jaws clenched up? Are her nodes too exaggerated? 

Each one of the above visible and invisible body gestures carries so much information about what is going on in a woman’s mind. Observing them and learning to interpret them correctly can take you a long way with women and find success in relationships.

10 clear signs of female attraction

Reading body language comes naturally to women, while men have to teach and train themselves to do this. Noticing body gestures is the first step, the second being its correct interpretation. 

Here are a few common female body language signs of attraction.

1. She smiles at you as you approach her.

This is a tricky one. It can mean polar opposites and has to be taken together with other body language signs like eyes twinkling or crinkling or its absence. If you can sense her face lighting upon seeing you in conjunction with other genuine happy signals, it means she digs you. If it is just a smile on her lips without any accompanying physical signs, she is merely putting up an act so as not to offend you.

2. She makes eye contact.

Another tricky one. As this one is commonly considered good behavior, most people have learned to fake it to impress the other person. So much so that it has become second nature to them. Unless eye contact is well-supported by other positive body language signs, it may not mean anything at all.

3. She toys with her hair.

Curl, twirl, brush it aside, or pull it back. When a woman is playing with her hair, it is a gesture she uses to draw attention to her hair itself or her face or neck. This is an unconscious move to look alluring to the other person and to channel their focus to one of her most attractive features. 

4. She leans forward.

This is a clear sign of paying more attention to what you are saying. And she doesn’t mind closing down the personal distance between the two of you. This can only mean one thing – she is attracted to you.

5. She blushes when you compliment her.

Or pay attention to her or even talk to her. Blushing is considered an involuntary reaction to a variety of triggers like embarrassment, nervousness, and stress. If she is not used to others paying her attention or if she is too overwhelmed by your attention, it may cause her to blush. Whichever way, blushing is always a positive sign that she is finding you attractive.

6. She laughs at your lame jokes.

Your presence makes her so happy and relaxed that she is ready to laugh at anything, even lame jokes. If there is company and no one is laughing, she finds it hard to stop laughing. This is an indication that she is attracted to you.

7. She tries her best to sit next to you.

Irrespective of the company you are in, you always find her next to you. What more sign do you want to prove that she likes you and wants to know more about you. 

8. She turns up at her best when you are around.

You can understand a lot about women by paying attention to how they dress and how they conduct themselves. If you find her dressed impeccably or flirtatiously, most probably, she is trying to impress you. She tries to sit with her best profile turned towards you. She may even try to catch your attention with figure-hugging and revealing dresses.

9. Her breathing becomes faster as you approach her.

When you come close to her, you could sense her breathing becoming faster, deeper, and louder. The reason may be anxiety, nervousness, or even embarrassment. She may not be used to much attention or she is stressed out about how you will perceive her. This is what the singer meant when she sang “you take my breath away”.

10. She uses every opportunity she gets to casually touch you.

Her hands grazing your arms or shoulder, her palm resting on your hand, shoulder, or lap, a lingering hug – these are all physical signs of her attraction towards you. When a woman is interested in you, she tries her best to reduce the personal space and get closer.

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Bottom line

Noticing these hidden signs and interpreting them is a good start for sure. Before you jump to conclusions, do make sure that you are the one these are aimed at. If she is doing such gestures in a room full of people, you may not be the intended beneficiary. 

Now that you are aware of some of the most common body language signs that women use to display their attraction to men, you just need to pay attention to them, interpret them correctly, and make the right moves. A point to remember here is not to wait till eternity to get going and take action.

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