The Secret Behind Connecting Spiritually With Someone

The Secret Behind Connecting Spiritually With Someone

Connecting Spiritually with Someone

Eternal love, perfect partner, soulmate, ideal relationship – are we chasing a mirage all our lives?

We begin our search for the “right one” in all earnest and the lucky few ends up finding an ideal life partner who has all the qualities they have in their minds. Life together begins in a “they lived happily ever after” setting. 

That is not the end of the story. In fact, it is just the beginning.

The “perfect” life starts to fall apart a couple of years down the line. Though you live together and share a family, a home, friends, and many more things, your minds are poles apart. 

Where did things go wrong? What could you have done differently to maintain the same level of intimacy? Now, what can you do to set things right?

These questions will be plaguing your mind day in and day out.

The simple answer to this situation is developing a spiritual connection with your partner. Connecting spiritually with someone will bond you forever. It doesn’t fall apart like a physical relationship.

So naturally, you would want to know more about spiritual connections and how to establish a spiritual connection with someone. This article provides you insights into this relevant topic and offers you suggestions.

What is a spiritual connection?

When searching for a partner, we look for commonalities in personality traits, interests, likes and dislikes, and even physical attributes. There is nothing wrong with this. A cleanliness freak may not be able to adjust to a sloppy person. A party person and home bird are not exactly the perfect match. 

These are the superficial aspects of a relationship. Having common ground on these may help you connect initially. However, for a long-lasting relationship, these are not enough. And that is the reason for the distance felt in a relationship after a few years. 

When the initial euphoria wears out and life settles down into a routine, you will discover that these commonalities do not matter anymore. You start sensing a lack of something in the relationship but find it hard to pin it down. 

This hard-to-define connection you are trying to understand is the spiritual connection. It may be defined as the bonding of the souls or the deep attachment felt by you and your partner. It is something much more intense and deeper than the surface-level connection described above. 

Spiritual connection with someone involves sharing the same goals, dreams, values, beliefs, and such. This translates to sharing the same level of energy vibrations. As people having like energies are drawn to each other, this bond has a better chance of lasting longer. 

All you need to do is maintain your respective energy levels, which is not hard to achieve when things are going great in the relationship. This automatically forms a virtuous cycle. 

How to connect with your partner spiritually?

Connecting spiritually with your partner is not about sharing the same interests or liking the same things. It is also not about forcing your partner to “think” and “believe” like yourself or forcing them to be more “spiritual”. By doing this, you are undermining the stability of your relationship.

Establishing a spiritual connection means being open, receptive, mindful, direct, and even letting your guard down. These are not easy or simple to practice in your life. You cannot force your partner to follow these. Instead, by incorporating them into your lives, you can inspire your partner to follow suit.

Here are some suggestions to create a spiritual connection with your partner.

1. Love yourself

The first step to loving another person is to learn to love yourself. This may sound ridiculous but true. Loving yourself means accepting you for who you are. 

This means embracing your flaws, weaknesses, and imperfections. You are redefining the meaning of love with this step. You will be able to do the same with your partner, instead of having unrealistic expectations and demands.

2. Have open conversations

Communication is the lifeline of any relationship. When you cannot open up to your partner and vice versa, the meaning of the relationship is totally lost. 

When something is troubling you, you should be able to talk about it without fearing consequences. When you have some good news, your partner should be the first one you feel eager to share it with. Or that is how you should feel. This is possible when your relationship is strong and healthy.

3. Connect with your eyes

This is often forgotten in a relationship. In the initial days, you cannot pry your eyes away from your partner. Even in a crowded room, all you can see is your partner. But as years pass by, you forget how making eye contact made you feel.

When you are talking to each other, maintain eye contact. By doing this, you are implying that you are interested in what they are saying and giving them your undivided attention. Eyes are considered the window to the soul. What simpler way to connect your souls than through eye contact?

4. Set aside time for your partner

You are indeed busy and so is your partner. But if you value your relationship and are interested in maintaining it well and improving it, you should be ready to invest some time in it. You cannot have it both ways.

If your schedules are too crowded to find free time for being together without pre-planning, so be it. Plan it ahead. A date night, a movie, or even a quiet evening at home is good enough. Plan something exclusively with your partner. And make sure that you keep your promise.

5. Improve physical intimacy

Think back to the early days of your relationship. You used to find excuses to touch each other as often as possible. Over the years, this intimacy got lost somewhere. Bring it back.

Physical touch is a vital aspect of the spiritual connection. Through touch, you develop a deep connection with your partner. When you forget its importance and let it slide, your relationship starts to collapse. Recreate the magic of the initial days and your relationship will regain its health and vitality.

6. Laugh together

Laughing is a great way to get rid of stress, anxiety, and a host of negative feelings. Laughing together with your partner can break down the invisible walls that sprung up in recent years. When you are in a lighter mood and feeling great, it is easier to connect with your partner.

Watch a funny movie or a comedy show or tell funny stories. Do anything that you both enjoy. 

Forget and forgive

Remember the saying – to err is human and to forgive divine. Show some divinity and be big-hearted and let bygones be bygones. There is no point clinging on to the past if it is hurting all around.

The act of forgiving and forgetting is not beneficial just for the receiver. It is good for you too. You will feel light-hearted and happy. Whereas, earlier, the thoughts were weighing you down and filling you up with negative energy. Learn to let go.

Some common signs of a spiritual connection

So, you have followed through with the above suggestions and want to know whether your spiritual connection with your partner has improved. Here are some deep soul connection signs.

  • You have regained mutual respect.
  • You feel comfortable in each other’s company.
  • You feel attracted to them once again.
  • You feel comfortable being yourself with them.
  • You find conversations easy and relaxed.
  • You support each other without reservations.
  • You share common beliefs and values.
  • Your dreams and goals are aligned.
  • You can sense when something is wrong.
  • You understand them inside out.
  • You trust them unconditionally.
  • You don’t need words to communicate.
  • You find yourself making progress in life.
  • You enjoy the freedom to have “me-time”.
  • You are happy and grateful to be together.

Bottom line

Relationships will remain healthy and strong as long as you are working on them. The moment you start being complacent and take it for granted, it is the beginning of the end. You cannot expect the relationship to run on its own without you contributing anything towards it.

Instead of looking for common ground in superficial aspects of the relationship, take the pains to go deeper and establish a spiritual connection with your partner. It is not as hard or complicated as it sounds. 

Take the extra effort and you won’t regret it.

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