10 Best Crystals for Self-Confidence

10 Best Crystals for Self-Confidence

10 Best Crystals for Self-Confidence

Whether you believe in the spiritual significance of crystals or go by the scientific explanation, it doesn’t really matter much. As long as you believe wholeheartedly in the value and benefits of crystals, they will work their wonders for you.

The world of crystals is vast, offering you crystals of every hue, pattern, texture, and other characteristics. Crystals are also classified based on the benefits offered. Such as, getting rid of negativity, enhancing positivity, elevating your mood, bringing you peace of mind, or raising your confidence level.

This article deals exclusively with healing crystals for self-confidence. In this highly competitive world, confidence is the key to success. Even as you work on your self-confidence by following the right practices and techniques like affirmations, crystals can contribute to this effort in a meaningful manner. 

Here’s a list of 10 of the best and most powerful crystals for boosting confidence levels.

Powerful crystals for confidence


1. Amazonite

This beautiful gemstone is found in nature in blue-green variations. As it resembles the sky, also referred to as heaven, this stone is considered a beacon of faith and hope. Amazonite, the stone of hope, is well-known for its stabilizing properties. It can bring balance and peace to your chaotic life, filled with fluctuating emotions, unstable thoughts, and spiritual poverty. 

Besides its calming appearance, amazonite also exudes positive energy, helping you recover your balance and regain your self-assurance.


2. Carnelian

This brownish-red gemstone has earned a name as a talisman. Since ancient times, people have recognized the spiritual qualities of this crystal. It is also used as a symbol of courage and bravery. Wearing this crystal is believed to help raise confidence levels and boost eloquence for public speakers by helping them overcome their fear and self-consciousness.

Carnelian is associated with the heart, sacral, and root chakras. This makes this gemstone the perfect match for boosting self-confidence. Carnelian works by bringing back the balance in these chakras. It makes you feel grounded and fills you up with self-love. 


3. Citrine

This transparent yellow-brown gemstone is a sight to behold and fills you up with warmth and happiness. Citrine is primarily associated with joy and positivity and is an excellent choice to wear as jewelry. As your focus shifts away from people and situations that make you feel sad and lonely, you will feel more confident and positive. 

Citrine is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is directly linked to your confidence. This crystal helps in unblocking the obstructions to energy movement within the chakra. As the movement of energy is restored, all things positive will come automatically towards you, including confidence.


4. Garnet

When you are lacking in confidence and you are not sure about what is causing it, wearing garnet as a jewel can help you overcome your inhibitions. Self-doubt can overshadow all your positive traits and prevent you from moving forward and finding success. It is the most prominent and toxic attribute among those who tend to sabotage their chances and even their own lives.

Garnet can dispel your inclination to doubt yourself. The powerful energy exuding from garnet will help in raising your positivity and eliminate self-doubt from your mindset. With the doubt gone, your confidence will get a chance to shine through. You will be ready to embrace the opportunities coming your way and step outside your comfort zone without a second thought.

Red jasper

5. Red jasper

This reddish-brown stone is associated with the root chakra and can work wonders for your confidence level. Red jasper has proven abilities to awaken the hidden inner strength, wisdom, and confidence. It helps in developing a powerful and positive mindset that can come to your aid when faced with challenges.

In ancient times, red jasper used to be popular among shamanic practitioners. They usually wore this crystal as jewelry, mostly as necklaces. They believed that this crystal will help them stay grounded and provide them with willpower and guidance.

Rose quartz

6. Rose quartz

This is a crystal for promoting self-love. Though this stone isn’t directly linked to self-confidence, it always helps when you begin to accept and embrace yourself without reservations. That can give you a big boost of confidence. When you aren’t able to love yourself, the first thing that takes a hit is your confidence. 

Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra. It helps in facilitating the movement of energy within the heart chakra and heals old wounds. By alleviating negative energies from the heart chakra, it restores its balance. Ultimately, this helps in raising the confidence level.


7. Ruby

This fiery red stone may be more expensive than most other gemstones, but its restorative properties are unmatched. Just like its appearance, ruby helps you feel bold and beautiful and fills your heart with passion. If you are lacking in self-esteem and the zest for life, or you feel insipid and devoid of energy, ruby is the stone for you.

Ruby, again, is linked to the heart chakra. Though not directly associated with confidence, ruby works on your passion and motivation to help you succeed. With success, confidence naturally follows. 


8. Sunstone

Available in a range of bright yellow, orange, and red hues, this crystal resembles the glowing sun. Just as the sun is the life-giving force in our solar system, this crystal offers warmth, happiness, inner strength, and clarity of emotion. Sunstone is the perfect choice for those struggling with setting and enforcing personal boundaries. It also helps those lacking in self-assurance.

Sunstone is a confidence booster, working assiduously on all fronts in strengthening your self-belief and willpower. The powerful energy it exudes will provide you with enough positivity to overcome shyness, self-doubt, and lack of confidence.


9. Sodalite

This beautiful stone in blue-white patterns is as pleasing to look at as it is helpful with its healing properties. It supplies you with the energy to boost your intuitive abilities, helping you make the right choices and decisions. This helps overcome challenges and find success in everything you attempt. Sodalite has indirect confidence-boosting properties.

Sodalite works well to regain emotional stability and improve your natural instincts. It is also believed that this crystal has healing properties. Even as it heals your physical illnesses, you will sleep better and your outlook is bound to improve. If you are stressed out, sodalite can bring you much relief.

Tiger’s eye

10. Tiger’s eye

Named aptly for its appearance, this golden-colored stone will captivate you with its beauty. This crystal is associated with the crown chakra and is believed to have very good restorative properties. Besides working on improving the energy level within the chakra, this gemstone also plays a role in enhancing focus and mental clarity.

Tiger’s eye crystal is the perfect choice for those plagued by fear of failure and self-doubt. It helps you stay grounded and eliminates negativity with ease. By removing negative self-criticism, unfounded fears, and damaging doubts, this crystal helps in enhancing your confidence level.

Bottom line

While some crystals are best worn as jewelry, others can be carried around in your wallet or purse. When you are home, you can keep the crystal on your bedside stand, so that it will work its magic when you are sleeping. Crystals can also be made into showpieces or curios and kept around the home to derive benefits from them.

Now with the meditation gaining popularity, healing crystals find a place there as well. When you are meditating, you can keep it near you, hold it in your hand, or even sit on it to get the benefits. Washing your face or drinking water infused with crystal is also considered beneficial.

When using crystal therapy to boost your confidence, you can also include aromatherapy with essential oils to derive more benefits.

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