11 Divine Masculine Awakening Symptoms

11 Divine Masculine Awakening Symptoms

Divine Masculine Awakening Symptoms

The relatively peaceful and prosperous times we are living in have prompted us to turn more spiritual and go on quests in search of spiritual enlightenment. Moreover, the democratic rights and the freedom we enjoy to pursue whatever we want to also have helped.

And the major blessing of our times, the internet, too has played a huge role in helping these ideas and beliefs reach everyone. One of the biggest gainers in this connection is the New Age Movement.

The revival of the New Age Movement and its practices has led to the renewal of interest in the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. 

You may have heard about them and want to know more about them. Or why you need to awaken these divine energies. 

The New Age Movement emphasizes the importance of awakening divine energies in all of us. It is believed that this would make people better human beings and the world would be a better place as a consequence. 

Do you want to know more about divine masculine?  And how to awaken it and the signs associated with it? You have come to the right place.

This article will take you through the complex world of spirituality and explain the meaning of divine masculine to you in simple language. 

What is divine masculine? 

The concept of the divine masculine is derived from the masculine ideals of major religions and beliefs of the world – from Shiva in Hinduism and Zeus in Greek mythology to the description of God as “Father” in Christianity.

The qualities these religious figures embody are summarized as divine masculine. It has got nothing to do with the gender of a person.

In the New Age Movement, it is believed that every human being, irrespective of the gender they identify themselves with, has both divine energies present in them. While the divine masculine is based on society’s archetypal image of a male, the divine feminine revolves around the concept of female.

The divine masculine is all about action, taking charge, logic, and being focused on doing things. Confidence, assertiveness, strong-willed, dominance, and boldness are all traits of the divine masculine. 

Unapologetic, speaking up, and fighting for a good cause are all seen as typical signs of the divine masculine.

Not to be confused with the real gender of a person, these are qualities present in all of us, irrespective of the gender we identify ourselves with. These characteristics present in us are clubbed together as divine masculine.

What are the characteristics of the divine masculine?

Through the ages, religions, and faiths worldwide have defined the traits of masculinity through numerous religious figures. In most religions, God is described as the father figure. And this has played a big role in shaping the idea of masculinity in society.

The divine masculine is the sum total of all these images, ideas, and beliefs about masculinity.

Here are the common traits of the divine masculine.

  • Action-oriented
  • Assertive
  • Daring 
  • Confident
  • Courageous
  • Authoritative 
  • Disciplined
  • Defining boundaries
  • Fair and unbiased
  • Logical and analytical
  • Well-organized 
  • Aggressive 
  • Persistence and perseverance

How to awaken the divine masculine within you?

You can trigger your divine masculine component to come alive and take over your mindset. This process is known as awakening or enlightenment. 

When your divine masculine is awakened, it will dominate your perspective and decision-making skills. 

Here are some of the common methods used to awaken the divine masculine.

Affirmations: They are the perfect tools to transform your way of thinking and trigger a change in your mindset. Repeating affirmations on masculine traits listed above can be immensely helpful. Some examples are 

  • I am confident.
  • I know when to assert myself.
  • I am disciplined and organized.

Be confident: Asserting your authority, risk-taking, and being courageous are all considered masculine traits. Bring the focus on these qualities in your behavior.

Don’t hesitate to act: Even when you are not fully sure and ready. Inaction and hesitation are considered feminine traits. When unsure, take the best possible route.

Follow the teachings of masculine archetypes: In religious texts, mythology, and history, there are masculine idols you can take inspiration from.

Less reflection and more focus on action: Thinking too much and deliberation is associated with the divine feminine. Turn your attention to doing things.

Stick up for your beliefs and convictions: Stand by your words and actions and don’t back out to compromise. Not that you want to hurt someone’s feelings. But wavering is considered a sign of weakness.

11 symptoms of divine masculine awakening

At times, your divine masculine element is awakened naturally and spontaneously, while at other times, it needs to be patiently nourished and developed.

To know whether your divine masculine is awakened, you can look out for these signs.

1. You feel the urge to get active

Physical activity is linked to the divine masculine. When you feel the need for more physical activity, it is a sign that your masculine energy is growing.

2. You are more focused on goals

When your masculinity is building, you could sense a change in attitude in yourself. You will find yourself setting intentions and working hard to achieve them. The feeling of fulfillment gives you a high like never before.

3. You are more daring

Suddenly you find yourself willing to take chances like you never used to. You enjoy the thrill of uncertainty and danger, even when you know that you will win in the end. You are willing to look upon failures as learning experiences.

4. You take up extreme sports

You begin to enjoy the adventure and adrenaline rush associated with extreme sports. You start enjoying living life on the edge.

5. You are no longer interested in casual relationships

You are looking for a healthier, long-term relationship and lifetime commitment. You don’t consider women as trophies to be conquered.

6. You enjoy taking care of the needs of others

The typical masculine behavior is that of a provider. You don’t mind earning more, sharing it, and spending it on your loved ones. You happily take on the role of the protector in the family.

7. You find it easy to make decisions

With your enhanced levels of confidence, courage, and assertiveness, you find decision-making not a problem anymore. You find your newfound logical and analytical skills handy.

8. Your mind is free of doubts and uncertainties

Even you are astounded by your mental clarity. You find this helpful to achieve your ambitious goals.

9. You take responsibility for your actions and words

With newfound confidence and logical reasoning, you realize that you alone are responsible for your life. You cannot blame others when things go downhill. The victim mentality vanishes and you are ready to take charge of your life.

10. You are resolute and determined

Once you have made up your mind, you cannot be deterred from it. You stand by your decision and carry it through no matter what.

11. You want to grow spiritually

You realize how much you have gained from turning to your spiritual side. You want to know more about it and explore this further.

Divine masculine and twin flames

A twin flame relationship is the purest of all relationships and is more intense. Understanding divine masculine energy is vital to the success of the relationship.

The divine masculine twin flame need not always be biologically male. You may find the divine masculine in a female body as well. 

A male twin flame awakening is a less explored topic and this can be disadvantageous. As men are inherently suited to a life in the physical realm than on a spiritual plane, this may not come easy.

In most cases, the twin flame runner is the man. This is a direct consequence of them being spiritually unawakened and their lack of spiritual experience, knowledge, and intuition. Unless they are spiritually awakened and find their balance of divine masculine and feminine energies, the twin flame relationship will continue to be volatile and unstable.

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Final thoughts

There is lots of ambiguity and misconceptions about divine energies. To make the most of it, you need to know exactly what they mean, how to awaken them, and awakening symptoms.

The more symptoms you witness in yourself, the closer you are to enlightenment. With more and more people understanding the significance of divine energies and the importance of awakening them, the world will be a better place for all of us.

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