The Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation

Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation

Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation

Have you ever heard about the full moon ritual for manifestation? The Full Moon can be a powerful time for manifestation. It is no secret that the moon affects our emotions and energy, but it also impacts how we manifest in the world.

In this vast Universe, we humans are not alone. Besides our tiny earth, there are many more celestial bodies moving in their own paths. 

And, our closest neighbor in space is the moon. Unlike others, the moon is easily visible to us from the earth. Probably that is why our ancestors had been relying on the moon magic for many things.

Because of the movements of the earth and moon around the sun, we get to see the full moon only once every 28 days. This makes a lunar month. 

After the full moon, the visible portion of the moon gets lesser and lesser until it is fully invisible on the new moon in 14 days. Then, the size of the moon will increase for the next 14 days to become the full moon once again.

The waning and waxing of the moon from one full moon to another are called the phases of the moon. This change is believed to have a tremendous influence on our lives. Moon rituals are aimed at understanding this influence and using it to our advantage. You can learn more about it from a moon phase calendar. 

This article tries to unravel the mysteries behind moon ceremony or rituals and bring you the best among them to help you manifest your desires and make your life better.

How can the moon help you in manifestation?

You can manifest anything you want in your life using the principles and techniques of the law of attraction. This means by deliberately focusing on your desire, together with positive thinking and supportive action, you can attract it into your life. Or in simpler terms, manifestation is the process of creating your reality with your mind.

There is conclusive evidence to suggest that the moon phases can influence your mood, energy, relationships, and fortunes. As the moon goes through waning and waxing, our attitude, good fortune, and good luck also rise and ebb. 

For example, a full moon is associated with new beginnings. The positive influence of the moon is at its best when the moon is shining full and bright in the night sky. This means this is the ideal time to start something fresh. 

The full moon is also the beginning of a new cycle. This also makes it the best time to do some clearing and cleaning. 

Beliefs play an important role in manifestation. We keep accumulating beliefs without checking or reviewing them. Some of them may appeal to us then but may harm us in real life. Having conflicting beliefs can stall our manifestation attempt. Periodical cleaning of the belief system is vital for manifestation. 

Full moon rituals can help you achieve this and more to help you succeed in your manifestation. Knowing the effect of the moon cycle allows you to take advantage of it in the best possible way.

11 full moon rituals for manifesting

The new moon and the waxing phase of the moon are considered perfect periods for manifestation. On the other hand, the full moon and the waning phase of the moon are for cleansing and letting go of the desire.

When the moon is waxing, the energy it emits goes up steadily and peaks on the full moon. So, if you want to manifest with the moon, begin your manifestation journey in this half of the lunar month.

However, the period right after the full moon is an excellent time for self-care rituals and raising the energy vibration, and cleansing your mind and body. And, the full moon is the perfect day to begin these rituals. Some of them need to be done only on the full moon, while you can continue others daily until the new moon.

Here are 11 full moon rituals to help you prepare for your manifestation journey.

1. Connect with nature

Spending more time in the company of nature has a strange way of calming you. Your negative emotions like anxiety, stress, and depression will just dissipate and your mind will be filled with hope and positive thoughts. Take a walk in the woods or sit in the tranquil atmosphere. It has the power to heal your body, mind, and soul.

2. Feel grounded

During the waxing phase of the moon, you may experience mood swings and feel fatigued. This trend will change after the full moon. Then it is time to help you get your balance and energy back to normal. You can do the physical grounding by walking barefoot and keeping body contact with the ground. Mental grounding involves introspection, getting rid of unwanted thoughts, and recalibrating your mind.

3. Practice breathwork

Deep breathing can help you get rid of physical and mental negativity. There is no better time to begin this activity than on a full moon. Breathwork done on a full moon is believed to be more powerful and effective. Pay attention to the rise and fall of your chest and abdomen as you breathe in and out. In case it is not synchronized, place your hand on your abdomen and focus on your breathing.

4. Set aside time for meditation

Whether you are choosing regular meditation, mindful meditation, guided meditation, or any other form of meditation, all of them can help you regain focus and realign your mental faculties. On the full moon, your emotions are believed to be the most active. This makes it the perfect time for introspection, removing unwanted ones, and keeping them in check.

5. Start journaling

Writing a journal is an activity to bring out your emotions in the open and examine them. With your emotions already running riot on the full moon, this is easier to achieve. Pour your heart out into your journal. This activity can help you eliminate negative thoughts.

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6. Unclutter your living space

Just like to mind, your physical space also tends to accumulate unwanted things. Unfortunately, many of these possess negative energy that can have an adverse influence on you and your manifestation attempt. Use this opportunity to clear them out. Spring cleaning can be done every month as well. 

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7. Give gratitude

Thankfulness is an emotion you can practice year-round. However, if you want to raise the bar of your gratuitous attitude, there is no better time for this than the full moon. With your mental faculties already shaken up, the acts of gratitude are believed to have an extra effect on the full moon.

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8. Pay attention to what you are eating

The food we consume affects both our body and mind. This makes it an important aspect of our health and wellbeing. Choose unprocessed foods and locally grown produce.

9. Finish what you started

The full moon is the beginning of a new cycle and if you have any pending work from the previous phase, make an effort to bring them to a conclusion. Your mind will rest easier if no swords are hanging over it.

10. Soak in the moonlight

Take a walk under the moonlit sky or sit on the lawn bathing in its soft glow. This is a simple method to absorb the positive energy from the moon. 

11. Set intentions

As the full moon is the perfect time for new beginnings, you can start planning your manifestation by setting intentions. This is a time-consuming process that needs focus and introspection. Take your time to figure out your next goal for manifestation. Keep the remaining intentions for future use.

Some examples of full moon intentions are:

  • I am releasing harmful habits.
  • I am letting go of my fear and self-doubt.
  • I release the attachment to my desire.
  • I let go of my limiting beliefs.
  • I am surrendering what is not mine.

How do you prepare for a full moon ritual?

The full moon and the waning moon phase is a highly intense and emotional period. Instead of suppressing and trying to gain an upper hand, this is the time to introspect and clean out your mind space. 

All these full moon rituals are aimed at preparing you for the manifestation process in the waxing phase of the moon.

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