25 Powerful Gratitude Prayer to The Universe

25 Gratitude Prayer to the Universe

Gratitude Prayer to the Universe

The Universe always has your back – looking out for your interest, fulfilling your desires, and trying to keep you happy and in a content state of mind. 

Mind blowing and at times unbelievable, this is the truth, whether you want to believe it or not. Or aware of it or not. 

So, how does the Universe know what we want? How do we convey our desires to the Higher Power? 

The Universe or the Higher Power is omnipresent and all-knowing. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions reach the Creator without fail. However, if you want to communicate with the Higher Power, the ideal medium would be through prayers to the Universe.

Prayer is not just a method to convey your desires. With your prayers to the Universe, you are surrendering yourself to the Higher Power by reposing your complete faith in the Supreme Being and placing your trust in it in the hope that you will be led on the right path, your heart filled with positivity, and your dreams materialized.

Your prayers to the Universe become more effective when you do it often, preferably every day and not only when you want something from the Creator. Your relationship with the benevolent Creator works similarly to the one with the people around you. When you ask for help, those who respond to your request are the ones you regularly keep in touch with.

Consider your relationship with the Higher Power as a two-way communication channel. To get help and support from the Higher Power in your time of need, you need to keep the communication line open with prayers to the Universe. 

Here are some powerful prayers to the Universe you may use to convey your thoughts and desires to the Higher Power.

Prayer to the Universe

Prayers to the Universe for help

  1. “Universe, I have put in my best effort and studied hard for the coming exam. Please help me to remember everything that I have learned”. 
  2. “It has been my dream to scale new heights in my career. Universe, I am praying to help me to stay focused and work even harder so that I can make my dreams come true”.
  3. “It has been my life’s mission to help those in need. Universe, give me strength to continue my good work and help me help others and help in making the world a better place”.
  4. “My family is going through some tough times. Universe, help me maintain my equanimity and positive outlook to overcome this situation”.
  5. “I am having some trouble at work. Universe, help me figure it out and allow everything to go back to normal”.

Prayers to the Universe for money

  1. “I desperately need this job as my savings are all gone. Universe, please work your magic and let me succeed in this interview”.
  2. “Universe, I am praying to you to bestow abundance in my life. I feel I deserve it”. 
  3. “I have worked hard all my life sincerely and with dedication but I am always struggling to pay my rent and settle my debts. Universe, show me a way to earn enough money to live my life peacefully without worrying about the next paycheck”.
  4. “Universe, give me lots of money to fund my philanthropic work”. 
  5. “I have always wanted to be a billionaire or at least a millionaire. Universe, show me how to get rich quick”.

Prayers to the Universe for guidance

  1. “Universe, give me a clear signal of which choice to make”.
  2. “Universe, I am praying to you to help me find a better way to deal with this situation”.
  3. “I am in love with this girl I met the other day. At times I feel as if she is not the right one for me. Universe, guide me to make the right decision”.
  4. “I am at the crossroads in my life now. I find pros and cons in both choices. I am unable to decide and I am losing sleep over this. Universe, help me see them in the right light and guide me to pick the right one”.
  5. “I am unsure of the intentions of this new friend of mine. I am undecided whether to continue the friendship or not. Universe, show me the right way”.

Prayers to the Universe for healing

  1. “I have been stressed out of late because of troubles at the office. Universe, tell me how to resolve the issue and help me feel happy and at peace once again”.
  2. “I find myself feeling angry and irritated all the time. Universe, heal my mind and allow me to feel happy again”.
  3. “Universe, please give me strength to overcome this illness so that I can take good care of myself and my family”.
  4. “Nowadays at home, we are always fighting. There is so much anger and shouting. I know we still love each other. Universe, find a way to heal the wound and help us get back to our old lives”.
  5. “The other day I was stressed because of work and shouted at my son for no reason. This has caused a rift between us. Universe, heal our minds and bring back love in our lives”.

Prayers to the Universe for manifestation

  1. “Universe, I can see many hurdles in my path ahead. Kindly help me look at them as opportunities and guide me to reach my goal”.
  2. “I have always wished for abundance in my life. Universe, help in making my dream come true”.
  3. “I never knew the meaning of true friendship all my life as I was always afraid to allow others to get close to me and know me intimately. Universe, help me overcome this inhibition and find a friend”.
  4. “Recently I have been feeling depressed a lot. Universe, fill me up with positivity and help me get over the negative thoughts that have been troubling me”.
  5. “It has been my dream to own a Lamborghini all my life. Universe, show me a way to own my dream car”.

Final thoughts

There are no hard and fast rules for prayers to the Universe, though morning prayer to the Universe is found to be more effective. The Universe may be referred to as the Higher Power, God, Supreme Being, Divine Power, or the Creator. Anything that conforms to your belief is the right choice as this would make you feel comfortable enough to establish an intimate relationship with the Supreme Being.

Again, the prayers listed here are just for guidance. You may frame your own prayers to the Universe if you find them more reassuring. How you say your prayers to the Universe or how often is also your choice. The ultimate aim is to help you feel good. Remember to say the gratitude prayer to the Universe when your wishes come true.

As long as you are enjoying the experience and feel happy and relaxed, you are on the right path and doing it right. Soak in the euphoria and trust the Creator to listen to your prayers and make your dreams a reality.

The Universe wants nothing but good things in your life, and it has a plan of abundance just waiting for you. It’s time to start thanking the Universe now so that it can bring even more prosperity into your life! So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started right away!

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