Gut Feeling Someone is Attracted to You

Gut Feeling Someone is Attracted to You

Gut Feeling Someone is Attracted to You

When you are unsure about something and your logical mind doesn’t have an answer for you, you turn to your intuition or gut feeling for guidance. 

This is more than true in relationships. In the early stages, you rely more on your gut feeling to know whether your feelings are reciprocated and whether you have found the right one.

How can you rely on this unknown, unexplained, and unsubstantiated feeling in the gut? Where is it coming from and on what basis do we arrive at these conclusions?

How reliable is intuition in the context of relationships? Can you trust your gut feeling someone is attracted to you? 

This article attempts to find out the truth when you get a strong intuition about someone.

What is the origin of intuition?

Intuition or gut feeling is also known as insight, hunch, ESP, or sixth sense. It is that unexplainable thought or feeling that comes to us out of nowhere. Or so we think.

Scientists who studied this strange phenomenon in-depth have come up with some explanations. 

It is a communication from our subconscious mind. As you may know already, our mind has two parts – conscious and subconscious minds. While the conscious mind is the part we are fully aware of and use to store memories and logical reasoning, the subconscious is the other half that remains invisible and hidden.

The subconscious mind collects, sorts, and stores every bit of data that passes through our minds throughout our lifetime. We are neither aware of the information collected and stored nor how it is used.

When our logical mind is confused or worried about something, we will be looking for signs and clues to arrive at an answer. The visible clues are processed by the conscious mind. At times, the visible signs are either not there or insufficient to form an answer to the dilemma.

Our subconscious mind will be extracting the invisible or hidden clues from the same environment. These are then processed and communicated to us as a gut feeling.

Studies give us one more explanation for the origin of a gut feeling.

It is a prediction based on our experience. If we have experienced similar circumstances in the past, that data is used to predict the outcome in the current situation. Again, most of the recollections come from the subconscious.

Is it rational to trust your gut feeling?

As the gut feeling has its basis on our experiences, even if we are not aware of them, it would be unwise to ignore or distrust them. Again, it is not a good idea to trust them blindly either. 

This is not just for intuitions alone. Even logical suggestions from your conscious mind may also go wrong for various reasons. 

Neither trust them blindly nor reject them outright. Both deserve consideration. Think of them as two options you can choose from. Carry them forward with you as long as you can and see how they are panning out in the changing circumstances.

As time passes by, you will get a better idea of which option works better. Then you can discard the other and choose the one showing signs of success. It can be any one of the suggestions – intuition or logical reasoning. 

You need to go into this much trouble only if the suggestions from the two parts of the mind clash or contradict each other.

When the suggestions from the conscious and subconscious minds coincide, it is a no-brainer. Then it would be smooth sailing for you.

listen to your intuition

Basis of intuition in relationships

In relationships, especially in the early stages, when communication is not perfect and you are still unfamiliar with each other, you mostly depend on hidden and apparent signs to understand more about the other person and the relationship itself.

When someone is attracted to you, without saying so openly, they would be giving out many signs through gestures and words. While our conscious mind notices and absorbs only a part of them, our subconscious mind records them completely.

This data collected and stored is used by the subconscious mind to arrive at these conclusions. And this comes to us as a gut feeling.

Here are some signs that someone is attracted to you.

  • Blushing
  • Showing interest in anything you say
  • Leaning toward you
  • Touching you casually
  • Remembering small details about you
  • Giving you their full attention
  • Stealing glances at you
  • Laughing at your lame jokes
  • Meaningful gazes
  • Flirting behavior
  • Being very attentive

If you are not paying close attention or looking out for them, these signs are easy to miss for your conscious mind. However, your subconscious never misses anything happening in your presence. All these subtle and often hidden signs are processed by the subconscious to provide us with gut feelings.

Role of intuition in relationships

In a relationship, you need to go through different phases and stages to reach a point when you are sure that you are made for each other and should settle down with the person.

Throughout these ups and downs, your main guiding light would be your gut feeling. 

With or without asking, others may be giving you suggestions and opinions about what is best for you. Intuition is your own advice based on the suggestions given by your subconscious mind. 

Would you rather trust others than yourself? Who knows you and your experiences better than yourself?

The answer to these is obvious. Moreover, others may have vested interests that are coloring their views. On the other hand, your intuitions are clean and not corrupted if you can manage to keep feelings and other emotions away from them.

7 Signs of strong intuition about someone

When you get a gut feeling about relationship it is your choice to either listen to it or ignore it. If you are mindful and in touch with your thoughts and emotions, you would have a fair idea of whether you should trust your gut and go along with the suggestion.

Here are some common signs of strong intuition about someone.

  1. Out of the blue, you get an urge to talk to your partner about something that has been bothering you in the relationship. There is always a chance that this talk may not end well. But at least you need not live with the uncertainty.
  2. You sense an unexplainable fear about taking your relationship forward. Use that fear to sort things out in your relationship. Knowing the truth is better than a lack of clarity.
  3. Your instinct may be consistently telling you to take certain steps in your relationship. This is a sign that you should trust it and do not hesitate any longer.
  4. When your logical mind may come up with confusing or no answers, your intuitions always are clear and tell you exactly what you should do.
  5. You may get the feeling that something is just not right when you are in a relationship. Pay attention to it and dig deeper to find the reason for this feeling. The red flags are there for a reason.
  6. When you detect signs of intuition getting strong, it points to an emerging pattern in the relationship. It may be good or bad for your relationship. Either way, ignore it at your own peril.
  7. Whether your partner is planning to propose or is cheating on you, your intuition helps to bring it out in the open. When you get this gut feeling, it would be evident in your behavior and your partner would be able to sense it. This will ultimately bring out the truth.

Final thoughts

Though baffling and mysterious, intuitions are your guiding light and best friend. It warns you about the dangers ahead, reveals uncomfortable truths, and prepares you for what is coming. When you get a gut feeling you’re meant to be with someone, it is probably right.

Pay heed, trust it, have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner, and allow the truth to come out. You would be better off knowing the truth now than later on.

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