10 Heart Chakra Opening Symptoms

10 Heart Chakra Opening Symptoms

10 Heart Chakra Opening Symptoms

Heart chakra opening symptoms can be uncomfortable and confusing.

If you are looking for a complete makeover and start life afresh, the heart chakra is the right place to start. It is the heart chakra at the center of transformation and forms a vital link for us.

You may have heard about chakras and how they control your health and well-being. 

This article tells you how the heart chakra works and its prominent position in the chakra energy system. You will find here the benefits of keeping the heart chakra open, how to achieve this, and the opening symptoms. 

What is the heart chakra responsible for?

The heart chakra is known as Anahata chakra in Sanskrit. It is the fourth and central in the seven-chakra system of energy governing your body. 

It acts as a link between the upper spiritual chakras (crown chakra, third eye chakra, and throat chakra) and the lower physical chakras (solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, and root chakra). 

This makes the heart chakra the bridge connecting our body and soul. It is the meeting point of our physical and spiritual selves.

As the name indicates, the heart chakra lies close to the heart. Anahata means “unhurt”. 

The heart chakra is associated with unconditional love, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. It is the heart chakra that controls your sense of trust, faith, courage, peace, unselfishness, altruism, gratitude, and the ability to connect with others.

It governs your capacity to change, set healthy boundaries, enjoy intense relationships, control your emotions, and practice self-love.

What does it mean to open your heart chakra?

In the course of daily life, you may come in close contact with undesirable elements and negative energy. This can adversely affect your chakras in general and the heart chakra in particular. It may get blocked or its performance may come down or go up. Both underactive and overactive heart chakra can lead to an imbalanced heart chakra.

When your heart chakra is out of alignment, it will throw your life out of gear. It will manifest as physical and emotional symptoms.

You will find it difficult to give and accept love. Inability to love yourself, selfishness, jealousy, hatred, and depression are some of the common symptoms of blocked heart chakra. 

Seemingly unrelated things in your life start to go wrong and you will be left wondering why this is happening. 

Being in the center of the chakra energy system, blockage in the heart chakra is bound to affect the energy flow in other chakras as well. You can retrieve the health of the heart chakra by taking steps to open it up and regain its balance.

Some of the commonly used methods for heart chakra healing are heart chakra meditation, yoga, breathwork, and repeating heart affirmations.

Aromatherapy with Anahata incense and essential oils is highly recommended. Using healing crystals, repeating mantras, and a chakra-appropriate diet can help you in unblocking the heart chakra.

Heart chakra opening benefits

When the heart chakra gets blocked, the negative energy doesn’t find a release and accumulates in your heart. Anger, grief, grievances, grudges, and hatred from the past refuse to leave you and exercise their control over your emotions. 

As you work on opening the heart chakra, all these pent-up negative energies will find a release. And once you are free of the negativity, the positive emotions will fill up your heart once again. Grief, sadness, and depression will be replaced by joy, happiness, and peace of mind. Anger, hatred, and grudges will give way to love and affection.

You will be able to forgive those who have wronged you in the past. Kindness, compassion, and empathy will make a comeback in your heart. 

10 heart chakra opening symptoms

Opening the chakra doesn’t happen in one go. It happens slowly in layers. So, don’t expect to experience the symptoms intensely all at once. As you put in more and more effort into unblocking the heart chakra and regaining its balance, you will find these symptoms rise in intensity.

The symptoms are felt in all the realms of our existence – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The easiest to discern are the physical symptoms – heart palpitations, heaviness of heart, and hot flashes.

If done correctly and completely, heart chakra opening can lead to spiritual awakening. That is a shift in mindset and transformation into a new personality.

Here are some of the less visible symptoms of heart chakra opening.

1. Intense emotions

As there was negative energy trapped in your heart earlier, it did not allow positive emotions to come in. With the reopening and consequent release of harmful emotions, you will sense intense and deep positive emotions. As your heart chakra opens more and more, you will experience a gradual rise in love and passion.

2. Interconnectivity

You were cut off from the outside world and even from yourself. You were earlier unable to love others or accept it. As the blockage of the heart chakra eases up, you will find yourself making meaningful connections with the people around you. And, you would be happy to notice that you could spend time alone and be at peace with yourself.

3. Easy manifestations

When chakras are open and in balance, you will have an easy time realizing your dreams. Whatever you do seems to work in your favor. You feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all the blessings the Universe is showering on you.

4. Selflessness and generosity

This is understandable though overwhelming to experience. An open heart is always equated to benevolence and altruism. You regain the ability to feel the joy of giving.

5. Forgiveness and empathy

In the place of dark thoughts and emotions plaguing your mind, you will find the ability to pardon, tolerate, and go easy on others. You find it easier to let bygones be bygones. Hatred and revenge vanish into thin air and are replaced by kindness, compassion, and empathy for fellow human beings.

6. Stable relationships

As positive emotions fill up your heart and your interconnectivity improves, the natural outcome is better relationships. You learn to give more without expecting anything in return. However, if you were in a toxic relationship, it may fall on the wayside and fade away. Don’t worry, a better one will replace it within a short span.

7. Realize your higher self

This means the best version of yourself. As you let go of negativity and usher in positive thoughts and emotions, it won’t be long before you can reach this stage. With your chakras in the best of health, you will be a magnet for positive energy from the Universe.

8. Well-connected to the Universe

This is the ideal scenario for any human being and you will ultimately reach this stage. As your connectivity with the Universe improves, you will begin to notice signs from the Universe or synchronicities. These are personal messages from the Universe to help you live the best life possible.

9. Ability to accept and remain unbiased

As your positive energy goes up, your heart will open up to accept people, things, and events as they are without judging them. Trust and love will flood your heart to make this possible.

10. Peace of mind

This is something that you have always wanted – the ability to experience unadulterated happiness and peace of mind. Finally, it is yours to enjoy.

Final Thought about Heart Chakra Opening Symptoms

When you throw your heart wide open, you get to experience the kind of emotions and thoughts few can imagine possible. The heart chakra awakening is one of the beautiful feelings you can hope to experience in your lifetime. 

And, it all starts with an open heart chakra.

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