40 Height Increase Affirmations: Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction: Height Increase Affirmations That Work

Height Increase Affirmations

You may have heard how the law of attraction can help you get what you want through manifestation techniques. 

This must have got you thinking, “Manifesting love or money may be possible as some sort of luck is involved. But how is it possible to manifest height with affirmations? It is all about genes.”

You are not to be blamed for thinking these thoughts. To a large extent, the height of a person is determined by genetic factors. However, within the genetic constraints, you can still work on it and try to make the best of it. 

If you are feeling bad about your height or lack of it, this is good news. You must have tried many things to make it happen. Most of them were complete disappointments. 

As you know, with the law of attraction, you can set any goals and make them come true. Truly, there are no limitations or conditions involved in this. You may set goals as long as your mind can imagine them and believe in them.

Before you proceed any further, you need to realize that manifestation using the law of attraction is neither magic nor miracle. It involves hard work, dedication, patience, and perseverance.

How to increase your height with the law of attraction?

The basic principle of the law of attraction is “like attracts like”. This means with a positive mindset and positive thinking, you can lure good things into your life. This is essentially what manifestation is all about.

You may set what you wish for as the goal for manifestation. Here, in this context, the goal is to increase your height. With this, you begin your manifestation journey.

The law of attraction provides a wide range of tools and techniques to help you raise your energy vibrations. When it is at the same level as your goal, manifestation happens. 

This may sound too simple but to manifest your desires, you need to follow more rules and guidelines. You may find them easy to understand and follow but difficult to sustain. Your ability to see through your manifestation attempt to a successful completion depends mostly on your motivation and willpower. 

Now, let’s go through the manifestation steps to make you taller.

6 steps to a taller you

Ask, Believe, Receive.

This describes the steps of manifestation in its simplest form. You decide what you want after thorough introspection. Ask the Universe to make it happen. You also need to work towards making your dream come true. This involves taking supportive action. 

One of the vital components of manifestation is belief – belief in yourself, the Universe, and the success of your manifestation attempt. You also need to believe that the Universe is always working for you and has the power to grant your wishes. 

Trust is something easy to read about but hard to maintain, especially for a longer duration. When your goal is taking longer than expected or when you face setbacks in your manifestation journey, you may have your moments of doubt and your belief may slip a bit. You need to figure out how to maintain your trust, not wavering even for an instant.

Now, it is time to get ready to receive your wish. You have to let the Universe know through gestures that you are all set to accept what you wished for. When your goal finally manifests, don’t forget to feel grateful for the blessing.

These are the basic steps of manifestation. Besides these, you also need to pay attention to specific guidelines and suggestions to increase your height. Most of these help you think positively and avoid negative thoughts.

1. Accept your present height without reservations

Indeed, you are not happy with your current height. The comments and snide remarks by others make you feel inferior. But use these as motivations to work towards increasing your height. Don’t allow negativity to creep into your mind. Because this can topple your attempt in no time. To avoid this, all you need to do is to accept yourself as you are without prejudice.

2. Avoid assigning importance to height

Only when you consider your height as important, will it matter to you. If you leave it alone, you won’t have negative emotions about the lack of height.

3. Ignore what others think or say

This is easier said than done. To make this happen, you may have to shift your mindset. The best tool for this is affirmations. Repeat affirmations about who you want to become and how you want to behave.

4. Visualize that you have grown taller

This is one of the most powerful techniques that the law of attraction offers. Using your skills of imagination, you visualize your future after you have manifested your goal. This can raise your positive energy sky high in an instant.

5. Repeat affirmations

Affirmations are simple positive statements designed to boost your confidence and self-worth. Choose the right affirmations and repeat them as many times as possible to get the best out of them.

6. Don’t rush to check on the outcome

You are indeed anxious to find out. But this can only end up promoting negative energy for you. Remember that manifestation is not an overnight process. You need to be patient to enjoy life’s rewards. After all, it is said that good things come to those who wait.

Powerful affirmations to manifest height increase

  1. I am tall.
  2. I accept my body as it is.
  3. I am grateful that my height is increasing.
  4. I am letting go of any negative thoughts about lack of height.
  5. I deserve to be taller and look good.
  6. I am ready for the increase in height.
  7. I am now taller and feel confident.
  8. I am standing taller because of the correct posture.
  9. Each body part is growing longer so that I am taller.
  10. Everyone is commenting on my growing stature and this is making me happy.
  11. Now that I am growing taller, my body has perfect proportions.
  12. I notice that my height is increasing.
  13. I am doing everything to increase my height.
  14. I maintain good posture to make me look taller.
  15. My back is erect, shoulders back, stomach in, and neck straight.
  16. I am always careful about maintaining good posture.
  17. I feel taller when I stretch more.
  18. Every cell in my body is growing to help me stand tall.
  19. I thank my healthy lifestyle for helping me grow taller.
  20. I can sense my height increasing day by day.
  21. My height is increasing rapidly now.
  22. Every time I measure my height, I can see improvements.
  23. I am manifesting my perfect height.
  24. I am standing straight and erect.
  25. I am releasing all tension from my body so that I can stand tall.
  26. I am walking tall with confidence.
  27. I am relaxed and I feel taller.
  28. I have perfect posture.
  29. When I sit, my posture is good.
  30. I always hold my head high and I feel taller.
  31. My height is increasing rapidly.
  32. I find standing straight easier and healthier.
  33. I am growing taller naturally.
  34. My height is increasing every day.
  35. My height increased from my correct posture.
  36. I am happy and grateful for my height increase.
  37. I am naturally tall.
  38. My body and mind are working together to increase my height.
  39. My natural posture is to stand tall.
  40. I stand tall and proud.

You may also want to take a look at our guide on how to write an affirmation for yourself.

Concluding thoughts

Height increase affirmations can help you realize your desire faster and with ease. Remember to have faith in the Universe. Taking frequent measurements is a sign of mistrust. And, supplement your efforts with exercises and the right kind of nutrition with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Increasing height with the law of attraction may seem impossible at the onset. This is natural for someone not familiar with manifestation. But don’t write it off as mumbo-jumbo. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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