5 Sign of a Heyoka Empath Twin Flame

5 Sign of a Heyoka Empath Twin Flame

Heyoka Empath Twin Flame

A twin flame relationship is unique in many ways. On top of that, if you or your twin flame is a heyoka empath, it can get even more special and interesting.

If you are familiar with twin flames, you may know that they are known as mirror souls. Like two peas in a pod. Twin flames are formed when a soul splits into two and inhabits two individuals. After a lifetime ends and another begins, they come back together for a twin flame journey. 

Even in a lifetime, twin flames may separate multiple times to reunite later. The soul connection between twin flame partners remains strong and unbroken even during the separation stage.

When a twin flame has a relationship with a heyoka empath, things may get deeper and more intense. The chance for a twin flame to be a heyoka empath is high as twin flames are sensitive individuals well-tuned into the energies and emotions of their twin flame partner.

This article explores the signs and experiences of a heyoka empath twin flame. Here, you will find undeniable signs of a heyoka empath twin flame. Before we talk about the signs, let’s understand more about heyoka empath traits.

Who is a heyoka empath?

Heyoka is a term derived from the Lakota Sioux tribe. It is used to describe a person who is a “fool”, “idiot”, or more correctly the “sacred clown”. Heyokas can consider things and situations from a perspective different from everyone else and have the capacity to turn things on their head. They are capable of challenging the status quo. 

Because of their personality and behavior, heyokas are never seen as part of the regular crowd. They stand apart with their unique approach to life.

Empaths are people who can sense and experience the emotions of people around them. Their extremely sensitive nature helps them detect both positive and negative energy and emotions of others. They understand others without the need for words and this makes them highly intuitive.

A heyoka empath is an empath with the traits of a heyoka. They often sense and experience the emotions of others backward, as in the case of a mirror reflection. While an empath senses your emotions as such and helps you come to terms with them, a heyoka empath will detect them differently. 

For instance, if you’re sad or happy, a heyoka empath would absorb the positive or negative energy and mirror the same to you so that you get to see your behavior with your own eyes. If there is something inappropriate about your behavior, this will prompt you to change. Moreover, the touch of satire and humor seen in a heyoka empath’s behavior also helps in tackling taboo topics and difficult conversations.

What happens when your twin flame partner is a heyoka empath?

As twin flames are already sensitive individuals completely attuned to their twin flame partners, it is a realistic possibility of a twin flame being a heyoka empath. The presence of heyoka empath traits makes this twin flame journey a strong soul connection.

Twin flames are meant to support and help each other grow as individuals and reach their potential and realize their life goals. With a heyoka empath twin flame, this is achieved by disrupting the current setup and breaking free from the traditional ways. This is not done to harm their twin flame partners but to help them see and realize their mistakes and change for the better. 

When your twin flame partner is a heyoka empath, you can expect your life to be unusual and unconventional.

How to know if your partner is a heyoka empath twin flame?

As mentioned earlier, a heyoka empath is a kind of empath who processes and expresses emotions in an unconventional way to bring about the change essential for a successful life. This heyoka empath awakening can be identified through specific signs.

Before you use these signs to identify whether your twin flame is a heyoka empath, a word of caution. These signs are guidelines and not rules set in stone. Just remember that none of these terminologies is recognized in psychology.

1. They have natural leadership qualities

Heyoka empaths are natural leaders but usually, they take on the role reluctantly. Like in everything else they do, heyoka empaths do not follow the norm. They are the rebels who think and act differently from others.

Sometimes they wake up to the immense power they wield over others without realizing how they came about it. They are like magnets and draw others towards them. They don’t need to say or do anything to make others fall in line with them.

2. They will not accept “no” for an answer

Being a twin flame, a heyoka, and an empath, they are completely in sync with the Universal energy. They are well aware of what is expected of them in this world. Their role is to create disruption in the existing system and bring about transformation. When they are confronted with resistance, they persist and persevere until they see success.

However, this can be frustrating for a heyoka empath as well as their twin flame partner. The partner may feel worried about the constant confrontational atmosphere in the relationship with a heyoka empath. But as things start falling into place and working in their favor, they will learn to trust their heyoka empath twin flame partner.

3. They push you to greater heights

A heyoka empath twin flame combines all the qualities of a heyoka, an empath, and a twin flame. One common trait of all these individuals is to help you heal your emotional wounds, dispel your negative energy, and move ahead in life. Being a heyoka, their method of functioning is bound to be unorthodox but the goal remains the same. 

Often we feel stuck in a place because of a lack of motivation or when we experience a setback. We need someone to push us out of the rut we find ourselves in. Though we can do it ourselves, we rarely find the energy to give ourselves the required push. However, a heyoka empath never shies away from confrontation and isn’t discouraged by your resistance to help.

4. They show you a mirror

This is one of the basic traits of a heyoka and a twin flame. In a typical twin flame journey, twin flames replicate each other’s behavior as mirror souls. However, with a heyoka, this is different. They also absorb the emotions of others and reflect them back. But the intention is to help them realize their mistakes and change their behavior. 

In a twin flame relationship, mirroring each other plays a huge role in keeping the partners together as well as forcing them to part ways. Though initially, this can be amusing for twin flames, as time goes by, it will get harder to put up with their own flaws and weaknesses. When living with their twin flame, there is no escape from reality.

When a twin flame has a relationship with a heyoka empath, mirroring can be harder to tolerate as it will be mixed with satire and sarcasm. However, their persistence will force you to see reason and in the end, you will end up thanking them for it.

5. They stand up for those who can’t

Whether it is for you, as their twin flame partner, or someone else, a heyoka empath never hesitates to take up the cudgels for those who are not in a position to fight their fights. But, to make it clear, heyokas are not looking for fights. The fact is they cannot tolerate injustice and wrongs. Whenever they spot something wrong, their inner antenna is activated and then, they cannot stop themselves anymore.

While an empath may do this in a simple and straightforward manner, a heyoka is bound to take the unconventional route in this as well. Depending on the situation and the people involved, they will come up with a plan to make the perpetrator realize their mistake and change for the better.

Final thoughts on heyoka empath twin flame

Heyoka empaths are honest, emotional, creative, and exciting all at the same time. They are curious and highly unpredictable as well. This strange mixture of traits and compulsions doesn’t sit easily on their shoulders. Every single day is a struggle for a heyoka empath twin flame, even when they make the lives of others easier and better.

A twin flame journey is already a unique and arduous path to travel. On top of that, if one is a heyoka empath, it can add a severe strain on the relationship. However, a twin flame journey is designed to endure these ups and downs. 

Things may get too turbulent in the early days, but ultimately they will learn how to balance between helping others and focusing on themselves.

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