Heyoka Empath - 12 Signs To Tell If You're An Empath

Heyoka Empath – 12 Signs To Tell If You’re An Empath

Heyoka Empath

Ever heard about an empath or met one? 

These are highly sensitive people with psychic abilities to sense and feel the emotions of others. If you are an empath, you would actually feel the pain and happiness of people you come across. 

When you feel the emotions of others besides your own, it can turn into an overwhelming experience for you. At times you may even want to run away from people so as not to feel their agony and suffering. 

Not all empaths are the same. While some are most inclined to feel the emotional state of others, others are overly sensitive to smell, sounds, and visual aspects. There are still others who can feel both the physical and emotional conditions of another person. 

The life of an empath is not easy most of the time. You may feel happy about having the ability to help others, but at the same time, this skill will add to your own problems. Stress and anxiety are too common in empaths and they also face the risk of burnout if they employ their skills too often.

An empath needs to take good care of their mental health to help them function well as an empath as well as an individual. You need to realize that you need to be in an excellent mental state to help others. 

One of the deepest and most powerful empaths is a heyoka empath. This article attempts to gather more information on heyoka empaths, especially how to identify if you are one. Here you will find listed 12 unmistakable heyoka empath symbols.

Are you a heyoka empath?

In the Sioux culture, the heyoka is a sacred figure with clown-like characteristics. These nomadic native Americans from the Great Plains of North America (Dakota and Lakota) consider heyoka as an outlier whose behavior doesn’t conform with others. 

Heyokas are portrayed as jesters and satirists who move, speak, and react in a way contrary to the rest of society. The role of these sacred clowns in society is to make people look at people and situations in an unconventional way. It is their responsibility to challenge the societal rules and bring about the change that is vital for society to progress.

Heyoka empaths behave in a similar fashion to Sioux heyokas. These are considered the most intense among empaths for their depth of emotions and wisdom. They see the world in a different color tone and help others see this as well. They consider it their duty to challenge every convention in society and initiate the change if necessary. 

With their behavior and actions, heyoka empaths bring about a shift in the perceptions of people and alter the vibrational energy of people and situations.

One of the primary functions of a heyoka empath is to act as a mirror for others. By projecting the behavior and emotions of others in themselves, they help others see the reality and help them change. 

For all their wisdom and the gravity of the responsibility entrusted to them, heyoka empaths have child-like innocence. This can come in handy for them to diffuse tense situations but people tend to get confused about whether to take them seriously or not.

12 signs of a heyoka empath

When you read about the description of heyoka empath traits, did it strike a chord with you? Do you think you have the characteristics of a heyoka empath? 

Do you like swimming against the tide and going against the conventions of society? Are you a nonconformist and a free spirit? Someone that society calls a maverick or a radical? And, most of all, do you feel the pain and suffering of others and want to help them?

If your answer to one or more questions above is an emphatic “yes”, read on. You may be able to identify heyoka empath traits in yourself from these signs.

1. You are sensitive and compassionate.

You understand the emotions others are feeling and the ups and downs they are going through. To be a heyoka empath, you first need to be an empath.

You may not have realized this part of your character yet. All you need to do is sit back, relax and do some introspection. Meditation always helps to dig up what is deep in your mind. Just watch your actions and reactions to people around you closely for some time. You will know for sure if you are an empath.

2. You always see the funny side of things.

Maybe you thought everyone was like this and never gave it a second thought. Look around you and see how serious others are. If you are jovial by nature and always seem to look at the humorous aspect in anything, you satisfy the joker or clown part of a heyoka empath. 

When you are in a group and if things get too hot to handle, do you find yourself jumping right in the middle of it and diffusing the situation with your lame jokes and funny takes? Others expect you to provide humor in any setting. You seem to have the license to poke fun at anyone and anything. 

In between all this, you may end up ruffling some feathers and offending some people. But this doesn’t deter you from finding humor in every situation. You consider satire your weapon of choice. You wield it like Thor wielding his hammer!

You use your humor to disarm and disrupt the thinking process among people. Instead of telling others that they are wrong and they ought to do something else, you use your humor sense to get the same results.

You may have heard others say that you are an acquired taste and your humor can be too much to digest at first.

3. You evoke emotional responses from others.

One of the primary characteristics of a heyoka empath is that they act as emotional mirrors for others. In other words, others can see their own emotions in you. This includes both good and bad traits. Just by looking at you and watching you, others get to understand their own pluses and minuses.

Again, when you mirror others’ behavior, you add your sense of humor to it. Often this helps them recognize their strengths and weaknesses. But some may find your imitation too offensive or hard to handle, though you do it in a subtle manner. So, subtly that even you are not aware of what you are doing!

As mirroring others is an integral part of your character, you may often find others get too emotional with you. Again, this can be both positive and negative. Some may express their love and gratitude while you may make enemies of others. 

Coming face to face with themselves is something many people find hard to handle. Though you cannot help your behavior either.

4. You feel forever young.

Maybe it is the ability to see the humor in everything or enjoy the license to do or say anything. Heyoka empaths have a childish streak in them all through their lives. This is something they enjoy so much though some others may look down upon it, saying they never seem to grow up.

Heyoka empaths always manage to have a refreshing view of the world and the people in it. When you come across something new, you evoke a response of awe and wonderment in you unlike people your age. Irrespective of your stage in life, you always feel younger than what your age denotes.

If you are a heyoka empath, you may have a strong creative streak in you. You are probably good at all things artistic and nimble with your hands. The sky’s the limit for your imaginative mind. New ideas, outlandish stories, or daydreaming – you are good at them all.

5. You are a non-conformist.

You are a free spirit and an unconventional person. You don’t think twice to throw the societal norms to the wind and do what you think is right. You are least bothered by what is expected of you and what others think about you.

You are always the one to bring up topics that others feel uncomfortable discussing. You are not bound by limits and taboos. You are proud to speak your mind and be honest about your feelings.

What you are doing is similar to giving the snow globe a good shake. Your role is to shake things up. You challenge the status quo and turn things upside down, hoping that when things settle down, they will do so in the right way and the world will be a better place. 

6. You are unpredictable.

In a way, this is to be expected. As you are mirroring the actions of others and highly reactive to the emotions of others, your actions will be mostly dependent on how others are behaving. Moreover, you are in the habit of swimming against the tide and throwing caution to the winds. You are least bothered about how society will perceive you.

You rarely try to put up a front for the benefit of others. Hiding your emotions has never been your forte. Even as some find your honesty and candor refreshing, some will feel intimidated or overwhelmed by you as well. For instance, in situations where most people feel sad and cry, you will find humor and laugh.

People who don’t understand you will find you unpredictable. But those who know you intimately will find a method in your madness. 

7. You enjoy your me-time.

Though you are a people person and love the company of others, you don’t feel lost when you are left alone. In fact, you enjoy your own company as much. 

The life of an empath is not easy. Managing one’s emotions is hard enough for most people. You are feeling the emotions of others as well. It can get overwhelming at times. 

You are not just an empath but a heyoka empath. That is even harder. The intensity of the emotions can tire you out at times and you may feel like getting away from it all. You cannot be faulted for thinking like this. So, every moment away from people and their emotions is something to be cherished and welcomed.

When you are alone, you finally get to do what you want to do without distractions. This is the only time you can find to sit back and relax.

You might find yourselves retreating into your world and desist from interacting with others for days together. You use this time to relax and recharge your batteries. 

Only you will understand the meaning of empath fatigue. In the course of your life as an empath, you must have devolved your own strategy on how to deal with it. After all, it is about finding a balance between your needs and mental health and that of others. 

8. You are honest and straightforward.

Honesty is your signature and your hallmark – one of the most pronounced among your behavioral traits. Being honest is what makes you a heyoka empath. You cannot lie, fake, or cheat and still be a heyoka empath. It’s as simple as that.

You are a heyoka empath to help others with their emotions and progress in life. You show them their true nature to help them overcome their limitations and improve themselves. The whole point of your being a heyoka empath is to help others heal. Helping others is an integral part of your life’s goal. 

And, to make this happen, you need to be honest. You cannot lie to others and expect them to overcome their challenges. 

On the other hand, it is normal human behavior to hide and sugarcoat undesirable things and even resort to lies to keep up the semblance of “all is well”. It is up to you to tear down this wall of lies and show them their real self.

As an empath, you would be aware of what others need to know, even though they may want to ignore it. When you reveal undesirable things to people, they may feel irritated and upset at your honesty. Some may realize what you have done for them at a later date, but some may never accept this. That is part of the deal of having heyoka traits.

9. You care about the well-being of others.

As humans, most of us care about others. But the way you care for others is different. As you can feel exactly the same emotions that they are going through, you form a strong bond with them. 

Being a heyoka empath, it is your innate desire to help every single person you come across. This is more so when you meet an unhappy or insecure person. Even if your interaction with them is limited, you will still try your best to improve their situation.

Your methods may be unconventional or even rough and harsh at times. But you do everything with good intentions and because you really care.

10. You are highly sensitive to energy vibrations.

Be it the energy of a person, place, or situation, you can sense it a mile away. It is not just emotions that you can feel.

As a heyoka empath, you are highly sensitive to toxic energy. The story doesn’t end there. You don’t just feel the negativity and feel bad about it. You use your disruptive way of functioning to transform this negative energy into a positive one. 

However, experiencing toxicity can take its toll on your mental health. You may not like to be in a particular place or setting and may want to run away from it all. You won’t because you just can’t do that. You may put up with your discomfort to make it easier for others.

When you walk into a room or building, you may feel a negative vibe. You have a heightened level of awareness and perception that sometimes it can overwhelm you and you have a hard time dealing with it.

Try to remind yourself that being a heyoka empath is a blessing and a gift that is bestowed on few people. When you are suffering the consequences, you may have a hard time accepting this fact.

11. You are creative.

Being a heyoka empath, you are blessed with innate creative talents. You use this in your role as an empath by driving people to evolve and create prospects for adventure, romance, and excitement.

Heyokas are blessed with unparalleled levels of imagination, boundless mental strength, and unlimited bravery. Just the fact that they are so different from the rest allows them to experience life in a unique way. 

For every time they uncover negative and toxic traits in others, they are also good at revealing joyous, caring, and exhilarating emotions in a manner alien to regular folks. Since they are neither keen on company nor overly dependent on others, they enjoy the freedom to explore things in an unconventional manner.

For a person well-aligned with a heyoka empath, life can be a real adventure.

12. You accept things as they are.

You are well aware that life is a blend of good and bad and it is replete with ups and downs. Being a heyoka empath, you take life as it comes and you never shy away from the turbulent part of it. With time, you learn how to make lemonade when life gives you lemons. 

A heyoka empath is well aware that where there is goodness, there will be evil as well. These are two sides of the same coin and one cannot exist without the other. Life is made exciting by the presence of both. This is the heyoka empath wisdom.

As a heyoka empath, you dive right into every situation without checking whether it is right/wrong or good/bad. You embrace every emotion and feeling with equal gusto, being fully aware that this is what makes life exciting and beautiful.

Bottom line

You must now understand the meaning of a Heyoka Empath Awakening and recognize the characteristics of those who experience it. Have any of the mentioned signs caught your attention? Do you believe you possess the abilities associated with a Heyoka Empath Awakening?

If you are indeed experiencing a Heyoka Empath Awakening, it’s essential to embrace this unique spiritual gift and take pride in it. Your presence may be overwhelming for some, while others might feel annoyed or angered by your actions. Generally, people find it challenging to interact with you.

Having a Heyoka Empath Awakening is not a choice; you are born with these abilities, and they remain with you throughout your life. You utilize this extraordinary power to help others, even if they don’t acknowledge your efforts or express gratitude.

Living as a Heyoka Empath can often be a thankless journey.

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