How Do You Spiritually Attract Money? Millionaire Miracle

How Do You Spiritually Attract Money?

How Do You Attract Money

Have you ever wondered why some people keep on amassing wealth, while the rest of us look on enviously? It is as if they are privy to the secret formula for wealth creation. What if the secret is revealed to you? What if you are told that you too can attract money by following these simple steps. Incredible? Unbelievable? Read on to find how to attract money spiritually. All that you need to have is an open mind.

Understanding wealth and money

When growing up, you have been told that the path leading to money is through education and hard work. However, experience has taught you that this is not enough; there are spiritual factors at play that are not known to you. The principles of the law of attraction help you understand the concept of money and ways to attract wealth and abundance into your life. The law offers you more valuable and useable insights into wealth and wealth creation than all the academic degrees and expert advice put together.

According to the law, everything in this Universe, including living and non-living things are energy, vibrating at different frequencies. When thec of two things match, they get attracted to each other. It is as simple as that!

This means money is also energy. And, so you can match its vibrational frequency to attract it towards you. Now we come to the question of how to raise your frequency to attract wealth and money. The answer to this is also provided by the law of attraction.

Before you explore that, you need to get a better understanding of the basic rules of the law. Without getting these basics right, trying to match frequencies alone will not make your dreams a reality.

The fundamental rules for manifestation

The process of attracting money spiritually using the law starts with you setting your intention. You need to pay attention to a couple of points at this step. It is important to specify the exact amount of money you want to attract and when you want it. It would help if you can add more details to your goal.

While setting your goal, do not entertain any doubt regarding how the Universe is planning to make your wish come true. You just need to trust the Universe implicitly and fulfill your part of the bargain. Leave the rest to the Universe.

When you are asking the Universe what you want, do remember to frame the wish positively. Such as ‘I want $10,000 by month-end”. But not ‘I don’t want to be penny-pinching anymore’ or ‘ I don’t want to live a hand-to-mouth existence’. When your focus is on negative thoughts, you would be manifesting negativity instead of positive goals.

When you are setting a huge goal, do remember that it is going to take time to manifest. For example, you want to manifest USD 1 million when you are jobless. It is still achievable if you are willing to pursue the goal patiently without losing hope until it is materialized. However, you need to understand that it is not going to happen overnight. With each passing day, you would be getting closer to the goal.

The manifestation techniques to attract wealth

The first step in attracting wealth the spiritual way is to decide what you want with as many details about it as you can dig up. Once the goal is set, you need to work on raising your frequency to that of the goal. The law offers powerful tools to help your frequency reach higher levels. Some of these are explained here in detail.


The feeling of thankfulness can work wonders for you when attracting money spiritually. This is an emotion that gets the attention of the Universe without fail. When you express gratitude for things and events that the Universe bestowed on you, you are stating without ambiguity what makes you happy and content. As the Universe is always trying to grant your wishes and make you feel gratified, it will definitely help your case if you let the Universe know what makes you happy. The Universe would only be too ready to grant your wishes.

Feeling grateful need not be restricted to big blessings in life alone. Every day so many good events happen in your life for which you are thankful but forget easily. To help you remember them, you can maintain a gratitude journal in which you can write them down. When you are going through a bad phase in life and feel the entire world is out to get you, read the entries in the journal to remind yourself how blessed you are. It is an instant pick-me-up for the troubled soul.

Daily affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself to help you maintain an optimistic outlook and stay focussed when you are pursuing the goal. These simple phrases convey powerful messages of happiness, success, and gratitude. The more you repeat these affirmations, the better the outcome.

The ideal timings for affirmations are in the morning immediately after you wake up and at night just before you fall asleep. Morning affirmations help in improving the mindset for the day ahead, while the night-time affirmations continue to work on your subconscious mind after you fall asleep so that when you wake up, you will be feeling positive and joyous.

You may choose to affirm your goals in whichever way you feel comfortable. You may say it aloud or whisper or in your mind. You may also choose to write it down in a paper or a journal. Alternatively, you can listen to them or watch a video. You may combine the powerful effect of affirmations with an equally impactful technique of visualization to create vision boards or post-it notes and place them at locations at home or office that you frequent. You can opt for the more modern electronic version of the vision board on your phone, computer, or laptop.


This is a powerful tool to attract more money into your life spiritually. You imagine how your future life is going to be after succeeding in manifesting your goal. This exercise is sure to put you in a happy and positive space, which in turn sends the right signals to the Universe. It helps in keeping you excited and motivated in the pursuit of the goal. At the same, visualization can bring a calming effect and do away with stress and doubts.

Most people desire for more money when they are struggling to meet their needs with their present income. Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and doubts are just some of the common negative emotions experienced. Lack of trust, confidence, self-belief, and hope will only end up making things worse. Visualization is found to be immensely helpful in eliminating the negative emotions and keeping the spirits high.

Vision Board, a physical visualization tool, is a collage of images related to your goal. Creative visualization is a mental exercise in which you imagine your life after your dreams come true.


When you are experiencing a slew of negative emotions due to lack of finances, meditation is found to be highly effective in keeping you calm and stable. Even during the manifestation process, when you are experiencing an undue delay in the realization of your goal, it is natural to feel discouraged and lose focus or even abandon the goal. This is all the truer when you are trying to attract money. Regular meditation is of great help in maintaining your trust in the process and keeping you positive and motivated.

Powerful steps to attract wealth the spiritual way

The law of attraction offers a disciplined step-by-step approach for spiritually manifesting money. Follow these powerful steps to a life of abundance.

Ask, Believe, Receive

These form the fundamentals of the manifestation. You begin by deciding what you want and then convey your desire to the Universe with clarity and specifics. At this point, it is natural for you to doubt the process and ask questions like “How is my dream going to come true? It is too preposterous!”. You need to stay calm and trust the Universe completely for your manifestation to succeed.

The last and final step is to get ready to receive the goal. In this step, you improve your vibrational frequency to match that of your goal. You can make use of the techniques mentioned above to help you with these steps.

Turn the spotlight on abundance

All through the manifestation journey, your focus needs to be on abundance and not on the lack of money. You need to maintain this focus even if financial stress is what prompted you to set this goal in the first place. There is a real reason for this. The Universe doesn’t distinguish between positive and negative goals, it just grants your wishes. When you are focusing on the lack of money, the ‘lack’ is getting the emphasis and this is the message that the Universe is receiving from you. This means your real goal is not going to materialize.

Focusing on abundance even when you are financially stressed is no easy task. Affirmations, visualization, and meditation can help you in this regard.

Turn the tables on negativity

As you move ahead with your manifestation process, you are bound to encounter negativity at various stages. Don’t allow negative emotions to derail you and keep you away from your dream life. The trick is to anticipate these harmful thoughts and feelings and nip them in the bud. Use affirmations and visualization to turn the tables on these damaging emotions and get yourself to stay on track with optimistic sentiments.

Ensure your goal conforms with your moral value

On numerous occasions during the manifestation process, you will find negative thoughts like doubt rearing its monstrous head. You will be confronting questions from yourself such as “Do I deserve to have so much money?” or “Why am I wishing money to spend on a luxury car when so many people are starving in this world?”. To avoid getting derailed by such moral challenges, you need to set a goal that aligns with your moral value. When you want the money to be spent on matters that you consider important and necessary and not something frivolous, it helps in getting rid of the detrimental thoughts.

Wake up to the reality

If you are dreaming about wealth and abundance in the hope of finding that elusive happiness and peace of mind, it is time for you to face facts. Money doesn’t ensure either. In case you are struggling to pay your loan or bills, it would be a better idea to seek help from family and friends. Another solution is to get professional help to resolve your financial situation. Without untangling your financial mess, there is no point in wishing for abundance. Even if your desire materializes, you will again find yourself in the same mess.

Do away with your limiting beliefs

When you are wishing for money, but at the same time believe that you are not worthy to have it, you are contradicting yourself. This means you are sending confusing signals to the Universe. If you want to succeed in manifesting money, you need to be clear about what you want and not entertain any conflicting thoughts.

Many people find it difficult to manifest money because of their preconceived ideas about wealth and abundance. They think they are being greedy when wishing for large sums of money. The universe doesn’t impose any limitations on how much you can wish for and how much is ‘enough’ for you. These limitations are your creations. You need to get rid of them before you start the manifestation process. If the money you are wishing for conforms with your values or what you consider as right and is intended for a ‘good cause’, you may find it easier to accept your desire as legitimate and deserving.

Uproot your fear of success

When you start, you feel enthusiastic and positive about manifesting money. However, as you move along the path, you begin to have doubts and fears. This is natural. Abundance and wealth are things that you are not used to. You will be entering unknown territory when your desire comes true. And, this makes you feel worried and jittery.

To overcome this hurdle, you need to list out your fears and face them head-on. Find answers to the situations that are worrying you. If you leave these unresolved, most probably, you will abandon your manifestation attempt midway.

Let it circulate

Money is not meant to be hoarded. It is intended for circulation. Money should flow in and at the same time flow out to complete the process of circulation. This means even as you wish for more money, you should not grudge in spending it. This is the law of money, both in the spiritual and economic sense. When you manage to manifest money, use it to pay for whatever it was intended for.

Pay your loans and bills willingly and happily without feeling resentment. Do remember that these are for the services you already received or about to receive. It would be great if you can set aside a part of your income for the charity. The circular nature of money ensures that you will get it back multiplied.

On the other hand, when you start hoarding money, you are cutting off the flow of money. This will lead to stagnation and congestion and will result in no benefit to anyone including yourself.

Seek help from the Universe

When you are struggling to stay afloat and don’t know how to manage or whom to turn to, ask the Universe for guidance. There is no need to despair. Help is right there. You just need to ask for it.

Stay connected to the Universe through positive thoughts, gratitude, and performing good deeds. Surrender your whole being and seek divine help in tiding through the crisis. Believe that you will be watched over and taken care of without fail. Look out for signs from the Universe such as synchronicities, dreams, intuition, and recurring experiences.

In the spiritual world, money is pure energy and is guided by the laws of the Universe. To make money and attract abundance into your life, all you need to do is understand these laws and align your thoughts, feelings, and action in accordance with them. Only some people are aware of this and make use of it to attract wealth. And these are the people envied by the rest for amassing wealth effortlessly.

Now that you too are aware of the secret formula of the rich for money manifestation and amassing wealth. Go ahead and summon abundance at will. Do remember to stay grateful, generous, and grounded. The more you give, the more you receive.

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