How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman

How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman

How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman
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    Men envy him and want to emulate him. Women are vying for his attention and want him in their lives. An alpha man captivates everyone around him with his charismatic personality.

    An alpha man seems to have a way with women. Women seem to go crazy about him and pursue him without any effort on his part. He seems to know exactly what to say and do with them. Women fall for alpha males like a ton of bricks even when they are not actively chasing them.

    What is his secret? How do alpha males get the woman he wants every time without fail?

    The answer may come as a surprise to you. Alpha males don’t have magical powers or hidden secrets to make women fall for them. He just sticks to being himself and this is something each one of us can do.

    He keeps his emotions in check and lets his personality shine through with confidence. His inherent alpha male characteristics of chivalry, strength of character, and protective behavior naturally draw in potential partners. Then, all he needs to do is take his pick.

    If you want to know more about how an alpha male pursues a woman, read on. Here you will find 10 fail-safe strategies alpha males use while pursuing a woman.

    10 tips when an alpha male pursues a woman

    Alpha males are the most attractive people in any group. Men and women are both drawn to them. They don’t have to do anything special to be this way – they just need to be themselves. But when an alpha male is interested in a woman, how does he show it?

    1. His first move is always his

    An alpha male will pursue a woman with confidence. An alpha male has the magnetic personality to draw in everyone. But there will be only one woman lucky enough to catch his attention. When he likes someone, he doesn’t hesitate. He reveals this interest in no uncertain terms.

    Being an alpha male, he is sure about what he wants and his expectations from his partner. When he finds someone suitable, he neither waits nor stalls for time. He comes to the point straight away. 

    He feels secure and confident to take a direct approach. He doesn’t fear rejection. Nor does he think it beneath his dignity to make the first move.

    2. He makes her feel comfortable and safe

    He may be the alpha male who is used to attention and adulation. He understands that dating him is not easy for her. He brings out his kindness and empathy to make her feel at home with him. He knows the importance of putting her at ease and feeling respected.

    An alpha man doesn’t need to play games or make her feel jittery to draw her closer to him. He is comfortable in his own skin. Instead of projecting his likes on her, he wants her also to feel happy and secure.

    While pursuing the woman he wants, an alpha man is the true gentleman that he is.

    3. He is the ultimate seducer when he chooses to

    In normal circumstances, an alpha man doesn’t need to bring out his seductive charm as people are already attracted to him. But when he is interested in a particular woman and wants to win her over, he brings out his A game.

    An alpha male doesn’t need to try hard with others but can be incredibly seductive and flirty when they choose. Even their natural behavior is charming enough to attract people. However, they recognize the need for raising the level of charm and attention to make the woman he likes to feel special. In the process, he may turn the spotlight on his machismo and vigor without being aggressive.

    4. He is at his chivalrous best

    One of the hallmarks of an alpha male is his graciousness, gallantry, and generosity. In short, he is a complete gentleman. There is a misconception that in this modern day and age, women don’t value chivalry. Just from the success of alpha men, we can see that this is wrong.

    Being gentlemanly or chivalrous means treating others with respect and consideration. This is something that can give happiness and satisfaction to the giver as well as the recipient. In fact, our world needs more of this behavior now than ever before. 

    5. He is never callous or insensitive

    Things may not always pan out the way you want but that is not an excuse for you to treat your partner in a heartless or cruel way. Being aloof or silent treatment can cause irreparable damage to a relationship. An alpha male accepts his partner the way she is. He also doesn’t try to hide the fact that he likes her and needs her.

    Often the strength and confidence of an alpha male are mistaken as arrogance. However, he does enjoy support and appreciation, especially from the woman he is in love with. 

    6. He reveals his vulnerability

    The most noticeable features of an alpha male are his strength of character and confidence. He commands respect and exudes power in any gathering. However, there are times when he exposes his vulnerable side. After all, he is a human and not a superhuman like he is made out to be.

    In his superhuman avatar, you feel as if he can achieve or get anything or anyone he wants. He looks as if he can deal with any situation without breaking a sweat. But that is not the complete picture. He too has human frailties. He has his own set of weaknesses. He has fears and insecurities like all of us. Most people don’t see this side of him, but he reveals this to the person he loves.

    7. He can be possessive and jealous

    Though he gives superman vibes to everyone, there is a distinctly human side to him that he reveals only to the person he loves and cares about. Probably, it is his love that brings out this aspect of alpha male characteristics to the forefront. One such trait is jealousy.

    When an alpha male falls in love, the feelings of jealousy are awakened when he senses any threat to his position in the relationship. Of course, he tries his best to keep these feelings under wraps, but there are times when others get to see a glimpse of it. But he is too much of a gentleman to allow these negative feelings to take control of his behavior.

    8. He doesn’t run away on hearing “commitment”

    This is a word most men fear. They are happy to be in a relationship until the question of commitment pops up. Commitment phobia is a serious issue, and women dread to bring it up for fear of jeopardizing the relationship. However, with an alpha man, this is a non-issue. He is ready for a commitment from the word go. 

    When an alpha male likes a woman and starts pursuing her, it is because he thinks she is the ideal partner material for him. He is keen on building a future together with her. She is the woman he has been searching for all his life. So, when she brings up the topic of commitment, he is ready for it.

    9. He expects “give and take”

    Be it love, respect, support, appreciation, or admiration, he gives lavishly to the women he loves. An alpha male is generous with affection and care. At the same time, he expects the same from her as well. He wants an equal partner who will stand by his side.

    An alpha male likes a woman who knows her mind and is clear about her goals. He would also like to discuss the topic and be aware of her ambitions and pursuits. Once he knows what she wants in life, she can expect his complete support and cooperation.

    10. He likes to be in charge

    An alpha male is a born leader. He is not used to following others. He always shows initiative and takes the lead in every situation. In the relationship also, he follows the same rule. Unless she is open about her wants and desires, she may feel overwhelmed or trampled upon in the relationship, though he has no intention to curtail her freedom.

    He will try to know her mind by drawing her into a discussion. If she is reluctant to open up to him for whatever reason, he is not someone who will wait forever. He will take charge and steer the relationship in a direction he considers the best for both. 

    Bottom line

    Alpha male in a relationship is a great catch. He is a perfect partner for someone who wants an equal and supportive relationship. 

    Alpha men are a mix of old-world charm and modern thinking. He is kind, considerate, and chivalrous. But he also exudes the positive traits of a superman. He is protective, responsible, and gives until it hurts.

    Alpha males are the best example of how a human should be. Each one of his gestures declares loud and clear that he cares about you. And, that’s your cue.

    Did you find this post helpful? How does an alpha male pursue a woman according to you? Do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.


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