How Does Manifestation Work? - The Law of Attraction

How Does Manifestation Work?

How Does Manifestation Work?

Are you familiar with the Laws of Attraction and manifesting your desires using them? The Law is a philosophy that helps us to attract what we want by intensely focusing on it. And, this process of making our dreams come true is known as manifestation.

The basic principles of manifesting with the Law of Attraction are simple and easy to understand. The tricky part about the process is that the seemingly effortless steps are hard to practice and sustain. Don’t worry, there is no need to despair.

Have you tried your hand at manifestation before? Often beginners find it difficult to understand the nuances of the process; they have a hard time figuring out what is important and when to let go. More importantly, you need to make the process part of your routine. It should come as second nature to you. 

If you couldn’t get it right in the first few attempts, maybe you did not understand the process well. Read on to learn what is manifesting and how the process works.

Manifestation explained

The dictionary gives the meaning of “manifestation” as the act or process of making something evident. In the context of the Law of Attraction, manifestation means making something real using the mental faculties. In other words, it is the process of making dreams a reality by focusing your attention on them.

The law of attraction tells us that our thoughts and feelings would eventually become real, irrespective of whether they are positive or negative. By influencing our emotions, we can make all our wishes come true. By training our minds to focus on what we want, it is possible to make our wishes come true. This is the essence of manifestation.

How to manifest what you want?

Maintaining our focus on our goal is not an easy task, even if you wish for it with all your heart. The more you try to control your mental focus, the more it strays. This is the tricky part of the process.

The Law offers a range of tools and techniques to help in gaining control over the mind. Some of the most effective of them are visualization, affirmation, meditation, and gratitude. 

Besides focusing on what you want, you need to eliminate any form of negativity associated with the goal you are pursuing. Such as limiting beliefs and toxic people. Their presence can block out all the good work you are doing. Again, the Law shows us the way to free our minds of these damaging mentalities.

Though the mind is the key factor in manifestation, it is not possible to manifest your goal with thoughts alone. Corroborative action is vital to make them a reality.

5 steps to manifest anything

Following the steps of manifestation may seem too easy in theory but in practice, they are anything but. For most people, the mind is like a runaway horse; not bound and out of control. The simple task of focusing on the goal may seem too daunting in the beginning. 

The following steps are devised to help beginners find their way to the goal without distractions and losing their way in the manifestation journey.

Step 1: Decide what you want

At any given time, you may have numerous wishes filling your mind. Though it is possible to manifest multiple wishes at a time, this is not recommended for beginners. It is ideal to choose one goal and stick to it. Once it is realized, you can take up another one.

Choosing one desire from the long list is no simple task. You may make a list of them and rearrange them in the order of priority. Again, picking the top one may not be ideal. 

When you are starting, it is recommended to start small. This means you should select an achievable goal. Success is vital to gain belief in the process and belief is key to success in manifestation.

Asking yourself some questions can help in weeding out frivolous or fleeting wishes. 

  • Do I really want this?
  • Is it beneficial to me?
  • Does it feel right?
  • Does it contribute to the greater good? 

Once the selection process is complete, it is time to add more details to it. 

Step 2: Get rid of limiting beliefs and naysayers

Limiting beliefs are preconceived notions that prevent you from manifesting your goal. For example, you may wish for a large sum of money. However, if you think that you are not entitled to have it, your manifestation is bound to fail.

Naysayers are negative people who constantly hold you back with their spiteful words, malicious actions, and negative thoughts. 

Belief in the process and your ability to succeed is vital for manifestation. Patience is another crucial ingredient you might need in large doses. Just because your goal is not materializing within a day or a week doesn’t mean it will never.

Step 3: Visualize, affirm, and focus on the goal

Now is the time to make use of the tools of manifestation. Visualization is the most powerful of them all. It involves forming mental imagery of your life after manifestation. How it transformed your life, how you feel, and what are your thoughts.

Having a fertile mind for imagination helps. A point to remember is to think of it in the present tense. This may require some mental adjustment. Making the process more vivid and detailed can amplify its benefits.

Affirmations are positive statements to improve one’s belief and confidence in self. Repeating carefully chosen affirmations can work wonders in boosting morale, thereby raising the chance of success.

By utilizing these tools, the idea is to maintain a positive mentality and focus on the goal.

Step 4: Take supportive action

Just wishful thinking cannot make your dreams come true. You need to work towards making them a reality. Action is a vital part of the manifestation process.

For example, when your wish is to get a specific job, applying for the job and going through the hiring process are logical steps to be followed. 

Step 5: Acknowledge and appreciate

Often forgotten in the excitement of success, this last step is as important as any other. Though it may not affect the outcome of the particular manifestation, it is vital for future successes.

This step involves recognizing the fact that you received what you wished for. And, expressing your gratitude for the same. The feeling of gratitude for your blessings can take you considerable distances along your manifestation path in the future. 

Closing thoughts

After finishing the steps of manifestation, you would be feeling eager and excited to receive what you wished for. The manifestation may happen immediately or it may take some time. In case it is getting delayed for reasons unknown, you need to maintain a positive attitude. 

At this stage, it is easy to be derailed by doubts and distrust. You need to stay cautious and not allow negative thoughts to spoil the show. Just remember that you might be on the verge of manifesting your desire and all you need to do is stay positive.

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