How does the Twin Flame Runner Feel During Separation?

How does the Twin Flame Runner Feel During Separation?

How does the Twin Flame Runner Feel During Separation?

We often talk about the twin flame separation stage and twin flame runners and chasers. Have you ever wondered what emotions a twin flame runner experiences during separation?

As the name denotes, they are running away from the relationship and their twin flame. What makes them take this drastic step? Why are they jeopardizing their relationship by taking this extreme step? Do they achieve their aim after separating from their twin flame?

Some consider the runner the villain of the twin flame separation drama because they instigated the whole episode. When we judge a runner like this, we are not taking into account the reason why they ran. They were in pain and this is the reason for their running away. 

Even during the twin flame separation stage, they are still in a lot of pain. Often runners suffer from more pain than chasers, who get all-out sympathy as they are the ones left behind in the relationship. 

This article is an attempt at understanding the emotions a twin flame runner feels during separation. 

What does a twin flame runner feel during separation?

A twin flame runner is already in intense pain when they decide to run. They are hurt, upset, and vulnerable. Being separated from their twin flame and the regret of running away make it worse for the runner. Twin flame runner regret is not easy to bear or manage.

The twin flame runner regret is felt because of the pain they are inflicting on their twin flames as well as themselves and the limitations they experience while on the run.

The twin flame runner started running to escape and hide from undesirable things and situations. However, after running for a while, they realize that it is not helping them at all. They find it hard to figure out what is happening and how to solve their problems. 

A twin flame runner is hurt, disoriented, confused, anxious, lonely, and overwhelmed. Let’s understand these emotions in detail.

1. They feel hurt.

We associate the feeling of hurt with the chaser rather than the runner. But we must remember that pain and hurt prompt the runner to run in the first place. 

Of the two, the chaser is more mature and more spiritually awakened than the runner. The runner hasn’t yet caught up with the chaser in this regard and this may result in despair and pain for them. The runner will find themselves in low or negative energy situations that compound the problem for them. 

The runner is clueless about how to stay away or get out of such situations and heal their wounds. The only way out, as a runner can see, is to run away from everything, including their twin flame relationship. 

2. They feel disoriented.

The twin flames who end up as the chasers are the more spiritually awakened of the two. They understand the soul connection they share with their twin flames. However, the eventual runner may not be aware of this bond. They may treat this relationship as an ordinary relationship. But the dynamics of this relationship will make them feel disoriented. 

Most often, running is not a choice for the runner. Even if they have the luxury of choice, they would still feel disoriented. On one hand, they feel the pull of the soul connection toward the chaser. But their hurt feelings and disoriented mind make them want to escape from it all. 

Even when they are running away from the chaser, they feel the pull to be together. This makes them feel unstable and disoriented.

3. They are confused.

This is just an extension of their disoriented state of mind. They experience conflicting feelings for extended periods and are unsure what to do. Their instinct tells them to run away from everything to get far away from all that is troubling them. But they find it confusing to experience the strange pull they feel toward the runner. This can make anyone go crazy and that is exactly what happens with a twin flame runner.

The only way out for them is to work on their spiritual consciousness. The more awakened they are, the better equipped they will be to handle the situation.

4. They are anxious.

The Universe meant for the twin flames to unite and stay together. The universal forces will always try to maintain this relationship. However, when one twin flame finds the relationship too intense and runs away, they are bound to feel anxious. Even when they are running away, they feel drawn to their twin. This conflict of feelings results in anxiety.

If the twin flame runner is aware of the soul connection with their twin, it will make things easier for them. The spiritual bond they share will serve as comfort and anchor for them, offering them peace of mind. However, if this is not the case, being pulled in different directions can trigger anxiety in them.

5. They feel lonely.

The soul connection shared by twin flames is unique, strong, and unbreakable. But when one of them turns a runner, they are trying to put this relationship on hold. In effect, they end up rejecting the connection with their twin flames. 

A twin flame runner has been in this intense relationship for a while now. They may have their own reasons for running away from the relationship. But at the same time, they feel the pull to stay in the relationship. They really feel the absence of their twin flames in their life after separating from them. This phase makes them feel friendless and lonely. 

6. They feel overwhelmed.

One of the twin flames in the relationship felt too painful and suffocating to stay in it. After much thought, they decide to run away. All the cajoling and pleading of the chaser aren’t enough to convince them to come back. 

However, once they manage to wriggle out of the reach of their twin flames, they begin to feel a sort of emptiness and loneliness. They don’t feel the protective environment of love and care that they have been used to all this while. They start feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of managing their lives on their own.

What is twin flame runner regret?

The array of emotions a twin flame runner feels during the twin flame separation phase makes them regret their decision to run away. But twin flame runner regret takes various forms based on the kind of regret they are experiencing.

Here are some of the common forms of regrets felt by twin flames during the twin flame separation stage.

  • Regret the pain that forced them to run away
  • Regret the pain they are inflicting on their twin flames
  • Regret their own limitations and lack of spiritual awareness to deal with the situation
  • Regret that they are running

Bottom line

Some twin flames go through their relationships without being aware of them being twin flames. If this is the case, they have no clue why they are feeling what they are feeling and why they are doing things that they feel compelled to do. They haven’t yet reached the stage of spiritual awakening required to understand the concept of twin flames or become aware of what is happening in their own life.

More often than not, running away is not a choice for a twin flame. They feel compelled to take this action and they haven’t the emotional or spiritual depth to resist this compulsion. As a chaser, all you can do is offer them unconditional love and support. Let them know that your door will always remain open for them. 


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