How to Ask the Universe for a Sign?

How to Ask the Universe for a Sign

How to Ask the Universe for a Sign

How often have you felt the need to ask the Universe for help? 

When you are confused and stuck and you don’t know which way to turn or whom to approach for help, your inner compass will automatically guide you towards the higher power. Do you say it aloud or is asking the question silently in your mind good enough? 

If you find yourself facing this dilemma often and would like an answer, read on. This article will explain the diverse modes you can adopt to ask a question to the Universe and ask for the answer through a sign. 

Conversing with the Universe

Are you in the habit of talking to the Universe? Or does this sound a bit strange or even crazy?

Even if you have a religious/spiritual upbringing, this may be an alien concept to most people. Do you say your prayers? If you do, you are in fact, talking to God or the higher power. If prayers are not your thing, you may find yourself at times talking aloud to an unknown entity, typically grumbling whenever things go wrong.

If you have never considered this consciously, it is time you do. When you are lost, feeling helpless, and looking for guidance, having an active conversation with the higher power can help you. It is entirely up to you how you carry on this conversation. 

You can do it silently in your head, or talk aloud. You can conduct the conversation through visualization or even write a letter to the Universe. The idea is to get your thoughts organized and learn to verbalize your feelings and thoughts. 

It is not just complaints and protests that you can bring up during this conversation. You can have a conversation with the Universe to clear your mind, let out some steam, or raise your concerns. 

This is also the best way to express your gratitude for all the blessings the Universe is showering on you. Conversations with the Universe are also the ideal platform where you can request guidance. 

If you have never tried this before, you must be wondering how this conversation goes. How do you get a reply from the Universe? How does the Universe speak to you?

Signs are the most common method used by the Universe to converse. When you are asking the Universe for guidance, you can ask for a sign as the answer. You can ask the Universe, “I need a sign yes or no”. 

When you are expecting a response from the Universe, all you need to do is look out for these signs. They can be anything out of the ordinary that is bound to catch your attention.

How to ask the Universe for a sign?

So the next dilemma for you is how to recognize the sign and how to understand its meaning. Don’t worry, there is a way around this as well.

You have two options open to you regarding the signs. You can either choose a specific sign and ask the Universe for it. Or you can leave it to the Universe to pick the sign and trust your instincts to recognize and interpret it. 

When you are picking a sign, you again have choices in how you are asking the Universe. You can take a direct approach and ask for it straight out. Or else, you can include the information as part of a prayer and say it. 

Your choice in this matter is not relevant in the bigger scheme of things. Whether you are asking for a specific sign or giving the Universe a free hand in choosing a sign, you are not wrong. One is not a better or a worse choice than the other. 

Asking the universe for a sign itself is a big step forward for many of us. With this act, we are placing our trust in the Universe and making it evident our willingness to team up with the Universe. With this act, you are relinquishing your control over yourself, giving the Universe access to your core self, and allowing yourself to be guided by it.

An important thing to remember when you are asking the Universe for a sign is that you may not receive the kind of sign or answer you are expecting. You may even find it hard to accept this response from the Universe and reject it. 

Instead of taking such extreme steps, sleep on it and think it over the next day. You may be able to see the wisdom in the response you received from the Universe. At some future date, you may even realize how wrong you were and how apt the Universe’s response was.

Let’s see in detail how you can ask the Universe for a sign.

1. Pick your sign

This is the simplest and straightforward way to accomplish the task. Select a sign that is out of the ordinary – something that you don’t normally see so that you will notice it straight away. And, let the Universe know about it. Saying it out loud is always the best choice. If you are uncomfortable with this, you may ask silently or even write a letter to the Universe.

The best and easiest signs are numbers, songs, and birds/animals. Whatever you choose should be common enough that you will come across it in your daily life but scarce enough so that you won’t run into it multiple times a day. Like a white feather, or a blue butterfly.

Don’t make this process more complicated than it needs to be. Take care not to overthink it. When you are searching for a sign, what is the first thing that you visualize? Usually, this is the best choice as your instincts know better than your awareness.

It doesn’t really matter which sign you are asking for as long as you feel comfortable with it. If for some reason this choice is making you feel uncomfortable, pick another one that is putting you at ease. Just remember that when you ask for a sign, it may appear to you in real or as images. Or some other form as well. 

Another point to note is not to go chasing after these signs. You should not ask for a sign from the Universe and go searching for it the next moment. After you ask the Universe for a specific sign, you should leave it at that. You should get on with your life as usual. The sign you asked for should come to you in your normal course of the day.

2. Convey your sign as a prayer

Prayers are just conversations you are having with the higher power. You can include your request for a sign in your daily prayers. If you are not in the habit of praying regularly, you can choose a special prayer just for this purpose. 

Are you the kind of person who shies away from praying? If your inner voice is urging you to pray, go ahead with it in whatever form you are comfortable with. As said before, prayer is just a direct communication window with the higher power. If you feel uncomfortable with the regular prayers, you are free to make one up by yourself.

Such as this one. 

“Dear Universe, it would put my mind to rest if you can show me a white feather by tomorrow as a sign to confirm that I am on the right path.” 

You may add or delete details in this prayer to suit your requirement. 

Prayers need not be the ones that are accepted by religions. You are free to write one in a language of your choice.

Saying it out loud is the most powerful and effective way to say your prayers. Again, if you are not in favor of this method, you can choose to say it silently or write it as a letter to the Universe. Remember not to go chasing after the sign. Sit back and relax. Let it come to you. Only then, the sign is relevant and has meaning.

3. Leave the choice of sign to the Universe

If you don’t want to pick a specific sign, you may just ask for a sign without specifying which one. Many people think that this method carries more weight. After all, what you believe in is of the utmost importance. As long as it isn’t anything negative, there is no need to challenge it. Go with what you feel is right.

Ask the Universe to show you any sign. You can choose to say it out loud or silently. You may write a letter to the Universe with the request or include it in prayer. 

Do remember that when you are asking for any sign, you need to be more alert to anything usual in your neighborhood. At times, the Universe sends signs in obvious and easy-to-spot ways. At other times, the Universe may use subtle signs to send you messages. 

You need to develop the skill to interpret these signs. Don’t feel let down when you miss the sign or interpret them wrongly. It takes experience to get this right.

Bottom line

You may have asked for a blue butterfly as the sign. As blue butterflies are rare and may not be present in your neighborhood, the Universe may grant your wish through an image of a blue butterfly. Such as in a magazine or on a laptop or television. 

When you ask for a sign, it is ideal to specify a time limit. Or else, you won’t know how long you should wait for it. Another point to note is to make the sign a yes or no situation. Seeing the sign is “yes” and not seeing it is “no”.

When you ask the Universe for a sign, you will either see the sign within the period mentioned or you won’t. There you have the response from the Universe plain and simple. Now, it is up to you to decide what you want to do with the answer.

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