How to be Aligned with the Universe With 5 Easy Steps

How to be Aligned with the Universe?

how to be aligned with the universe

Have you ever felt that something is wrong with your life but can’t put a finger on it?

Don’t worry. This happens to the best of us. You are out of alignment with the Universe. You are disconnected from the Universe.

The disconnect or the misalignment may come out in diverse forms in different people. While some feel it as an unexplainable fear, for others it will be the feelings of despair, hopelessness, or depression. 

Instead of flowing along smoothly, your life will feel like a struggle on different fronts. You get the feeling that you are swimming against the flow. The more effort you put in to overcome the challenges, the more seem to appear out of nowhere.

No wonder you start wishing for those good old days when life used to be filled with happiness, fun, and peace. To your pessimistic mind, it may seem as if those days are lost forever; you are never going to be happy again. 

No no no! Don’t jump to conclusions. This is just an illusion created by your mind because you are not aligning your energy with the Universe. All you need to do is to re-establish the connection to enjoy those magical, joyous days once again.

This article takes you through the signs when you are out of alignment with the Universe and gives you suggestions on how to go about re-establishing the alignment. You will also find here signs that tell you that you are back in alignment with the Universe.

7 signs of disconnection with the Universe

Unfortunately, the importance of aligning with the Universe is not a hot topic and not many are aware of its significance or fallouts if ignored. In our mad pursuit of what we consider as more important things in life, we allow our connection with the Universe to get out of sync.

Only when this happens and we begin to notice unexplainable feelings and events, do we start digging around for the reason for the mess we find ourselves in. Being aware of this eventuality and the signs of misalignment can help us recognize it earlier and take remedial action without delay.

Here are the signs of misalignment.

  1. Every waking moment you feel uneasy and feel that something is off. No matter how much you investigate, you can’t pinpoint the cause.
  2. You feel a sense of distance from yourself. You are not in tune with your emotions and feelings. You keep wondering what happened to the bright and cheerful old self. 
  3. You feel a big chasm is developing between your real world and your desires. No matter how much you try, you are finding it difficult to bring them closer.
  4. You are feeling sick and exhausted for mysterious reasons. Doctors fail to diagnose your ailment.
  5. You are devoid of energy. You are perpetually feeling drained, inactive, and uninterested.
  6. You can’t think clearly and feel unfocused. You can feel as if a fog is enveloping your brain.
  7. You can’t realize any of your goals. Your energy vibrations stubbornly remain low despite all your efforts.

How to align yourself with the universe?

When you are well-aligned with the Universe, the world will be one happy place. Though the realigning process is not an easy one, there is no doubt that it would be worth the effort.

And, alignment is not something you can forget or ignore after you achieve it. It is a constant process you need to follow throughout life.

Here are some of the simplest methods to reconnect with the Universe.

1. Practice gratitude and appreciation

Practice gratitude daily to feel happier, more fulfilled, and more optimistic about the present and the future. The effect of gratitude can best be compared to the cartoon character Popeye eating spinach. If you are familiar with Popeye, you would grasp the meaning easily. In short, the effect is instant.

Your energy vibrations and thereby, your level of positive energy will hit the roof, to put it mildly.

Feel thankful for all the blessings the Universe has bestowed on you. Express your gratitude to all those who have helped you when you needed it most.

Gratitude is best expressed verbally in person. You may write down your gratitude towards the Universe in a gratitude journal.

2. Do something to make yourself happy

The feel-good emotion is another instant energy booster. Don’t overthink the consequences. Just do it.

This may seem like the easiest of all methods to realign with the Universe. It really is if only you can make it happen.

Your mental block and limiting beliefs will put up a big fight to prevent this from happening. You should make efforts to overcome or eliminate such outdated beliefs and do what you got to do.

You may also want to take a look at our guide on 500 Things to be Grateful for Today.

3. Forgive yourself and others

Anger and resentment can breed so much negativity that they can pull you down. Again, your limiting beliefs may not allow you to carry through this simple act. There will be so much resistance to this beneficial act.

Often you need to find ways to remove these mental blocks with techniques like affirmations before you can use them to reconnect with the Universe.

4. Marvel at the wonderful events happening around you

You don’t need a holy or spiritual person to perform miracles. Even ordinary people like us are perfectly capable of creating them. All we need are special eyes to recognize them.

Every day, in the life of every person, miracles are happening. Open your eyes and notice them.

It is not the magnitude of the miracle that counts. Just the fact that you are capable of performing miracles can boost your morale no end.

5. Pray/talk to the Universe

Do you realize that the Universe is always working to make you happy and content? All you need to do is ask what you want.

Your requests and prayers will reach the Universe, only if there exists a communication channel. That necessitates getting aligned.

You can revitalize your relationship with the entire Universe through prayers. Your prayers need not have religious connotations. You can talk to the Universe as if you are talking to a friend.

Here are some more ways to realign or bond with the Universe.

  • Practicing mindfulness. It means living in the present moment.
  • Taking good care of yourself. Believing in yourself.
  • Acknowledging and accepting your talents and capabilities.
  • Discovering your passion.
  • Trusting the Universe and allowing the Universe to guide you.

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Signs that you are reconnected with the Universe

Universe alignment doesn’t happen overnight. It is a slow process. The only thing for you to do is to keep following the steps to reconnect. 

Now, the question arises whether your efforts are working. One of the obvious signs of alignment with the universe is the slow yet steady disappearance of uneasiness and confusion. All the signs of disconnection mentioned earlier will fade away gradually. 

You will once again feel happier, peaceful, and focused. Your desires and goals will begin to come true one by one. Instead of indecision, hesitancy, and fogginess, your mind will be flooded with inspired ideas and happy thoughts. You feel full of vigor.

Earlier you were perplexed by why things are not happening. Now, you find challenges exciting and things have started working out for you.

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Bottom line

It would be futile to expect to control everything that is happening in your life. What you can and should try to control is your reaction. 

When you become one with the Universe, you know the role you need to play and how the Universe will support you in your endeavors. You will be able to work together with the Universe in perfect harmony and co-create a life you want to live.

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