How To Become A Resourceful Person In Any Situation

How to Stay Sharp and Resourceful at All Times?

How to stay sharp and resourceful at all times

It is strange that we are quick-witted and capable on some occasions, while feel confused and incompetent only to falter and fail in others. Have you ever wondered why this happens to the best among us?

The reason for this is simple – we are just being human. It is in our mental conditioning to fold up and shut down when faced with certain situations. However, the good news is that this can be overcome by reprogramming our minds at the subconscious level. 

To be always resourceful, you need to know how to access the appropriate mental states within yourself and utilize them to your advantage.

To help you improve your resourcefulness and retrieval capabilities, especially in dire situations, you may follow these simple mind exercises.

Step 1

From your experience, think of a situation when you felt you could have been more resourceful – an occasion when you would like to have more behavioral flexibility. Such as, chatting with a friend or family member, conversing with a colleague, or being on a date. 

Step 2

The next step is to identify how different you wish you had behaved on the given occasion. Calm, serious, dignified, playful, flirting, friendly, talkative, aloof, or nonchalant?

Step 3

Now, internalize this state of mind you would like to have and use your hands to express this response. Do not hesitate or feel shy. Just go ahead with confidence and allow your hands to convey your chosen attitude to the best of your abilities. Rehearse these gesticulations to impress on your mind the association of these hand movements with your desired state of resourcefulness.

Step 4

Go back to your chosen situation in step 1 – one in which you wished you were more resourceful. What was the particular point in the situation where you started floundering? What happened just before it all started going downhill? What specific moment would you have benefitted from enhanced resourcefulness?

Step 5

Holding on to that particular moment along with its audio and visual accompaniments, use the ‘resourceful hand movements’. 

Step 6

Repeat this exercise a few times to affirm the same in your mind. Start from step 4 and continue until step 5. That is, conjure up the scene you would like to change and use the preconceived hand gestures. This will help in associating and establishing the hand movements with that particular situation.

Step 7

Disconnect from the scene. Move your thoughts to something unconnected with this episode. Such as your next weekend plans or your shopping list.

Step 8

Come back to the situation in step 1 and evaluate your reaction now. In case, you are not satisfied with the improvement, go back to step 4 and repeat the exercises until you feel comfortable.

Getting a grip on your behavior is important for your confidence and in turn, for happiness and contentment in life. Being resourceful and adaptable in all situations can raise your self-belief and poise to an altogether different level. Instead of brooding on “Why am I not being resourceful?”, you can change track and think “How can I be more resourceful?”. Practicing exercises like the one described above can reprogram your mind’s automatic response and help you become more resourceful in no time. 

Thank you for reading this article, We hope you like it. If you are interested to learn more about positive thinking topic such as law of attraction exercises, we have a complete guide for you.

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