How to Deal with an Alpha Female in a Relationship

How to Deal with an Alpha Female in a Relationship

How to Deal with an Alpha Female in a Relationship
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    Alpha females – the go-getters, the high achievers, and the domineering women who aren’t happy unless they conquer and vanquish all things that happen to be on their path. These are the alpha females who want to leave an indelible mark on everyone and everything they come across.

    They are perfect role models for up-and-coming younger women. But how does it feel dating alpha females? 

    We indeed are living in modern times. The sky’s the limit, they say. But even today, women are expected to be softer and demure than their male counterparts and are expected to make more sacrifices. 

    In such a setup, how does an alpha female fit into a conventional relationship? Or more importantly, from a male perspective, how to handle dating alpha female.

    This article explores the world of dating alpha female and offers a few suggestions on how you can maintain balance and happiness in your alpha female relationship without losing your true self. 

    9 Ways to Deal with an Alpha Female in a Relationship

    An alpha woman, being focussed on her goal, doesn’t waste her time on petty squabbles and one-upmanship. She tries her best to avoid conflicts that will distract her from her goal. She is neither interested in deceit nor manipulation. She finds it easier to be honest.

    Many would consider all these alpha female behavior so unwomanly. It’s not always easy to navigate an alpha women relationship.

    If you are having a hard time dating an alpha woman, you may find these tips helpful.

    1) Be sincere with her

    Alpha females, and for that matter alpha males, are always trying to do much more than they have time and energy. They constantly try to push their own boundaries. Due to this alpha female behavior, they are always busy and focused on multiple things at the same time.

    The downside of an alpha female relationship is that they will have no time for vague messages and psychological games. They are straightforward and expect the same from others. They tend to lose their patience when others don’t follow this rule. They consider it unhealthy and a waste of time when others are evasive and devious.

    If you have a relationship with Alpha females, the best way to deal with her is to be honest too. Let her know how you feel and what you think. Don’t try to hide your feelings from her.

    Just be honest and come straight to the point without beating around the bush. Even if she doesn’t like what you tell her, she will appreciate you for being upfront. 

    She’ll appreciate your honesty, and it will help to create a more open and understanding relationship.

    2) Understand what makes her tick

    Some men paint all alpha females with the same brush. They think they are all highly ambitious, power-loving, and high-flying super women who will stop at nothing to achieve their dreams. Strong, confident, hardworking, and outspoken are some of the terms used to describe them. 

    What men fail to understand is that it is not just one or two traits that make a woman “alpha”. Instead, it is a collection of strong, positive behavioral traits that creates an alpha female. Even at that, some of the alpha female traits may be more pronounced in some women. 

    This means you need to know what interests and motivates her. You can learn a lot about her by being around her and watching her in action. See her and listen to her to really understand her. 

    This is the key that can unlock her mind for you.

    3) Treat her as an equal

    You need to understand the kind of prejudices and limitations she has to fight against every day. Despite the resistance, she will not bow down and continue to work toward her dreams. To her, this is a way of life and not a choice.

    She is used to being ignored, undervalued, and denied opportunities for being a woman. This kind of treatment can always get her to react strongly, lashing out at people who try to put her down. So many people in her life have let her down that she is always on her guard.

    Be kind to her and give her respect. You will get it back tenfold. Be open with her and treat her as an equal. Show your trust and confidence in her abilities. 

    4) Acknowledge and accept her feelings

    The world sees a woman as weak, emotional, and incapable of managing her affairs. And, it believes that women need men to take care of them. Every alpha woman has to fight against this myth to prove herself. In this effort, she finds it necessary to let go of her femininity. 

    Shedding her femininity to make her mark in a man’s world has its repercussions. A woman is forced to deny the existence of her emotions. This will make her feel incomplete and fall short in some way. 

    You, as her partner, can help here. You can help her understand that she can still be the alpha woman without denying her emotions. Encourage her to show emotions rather than suppress them.

    5) Respect her boundaries

    Boundaries are the vital ingredients of a healthy relationship. It applies to both setting boundaries and respecting them. 

    Alpha females are highly independent and strong women who are capable of managing their life. They may have their own goals, hobbies, and evolved way of life. Men may feel that alpha females are not ideal partners. They are quite unlike the dependent, clingy, and emotional partners most men are used to. 

    It would be unfair to form preconceived beliefs about an alpha woman without giving her an opportunity. Respect her need for independence and boundaries. If you care to think about it, this is beneficial for you as well as the alpha female relationship.

    If you are still in doubt, have open conversations with her. Try to understand her expectations.

    6) Give her more space

    You may have seen the best side of her. She is strong, capable, hardworking, focused, and successful. Do remember that no human being can remain this way throughout their lives. There are times when they need to relax or slip up. Allow her to be vulnerable and give her space to bounce back. Don’t expect her to always be perfect.

    After all, she is human. She too has her low moments when things don’t work the way she wants them to. She also has feelings like stress, anxiety, irritation, fear, and anger. Don’t allow your expectations to deny her the opportunity to express her negative feelings.

    Try to be supportive and understanding when she is feeling low. Allow her the opportunity to vent her emotions.

    7) Don’t compete

    There is no denying that she is highly accomplished and successful. You don’t need to achieve more than her to command her respect. Don’t allow the alpha female relationship to turn into a competition.

    When a relationship starts resembling a match where there is only one winner, it is bound to collapse and fail. Especially when alpha males compete with alpha females in a relationship, it can turn ugly. 

    Don’t behave like alpha males who cannot handle the success of their partners. There is no need for you to feel intimidated or demoralized by her. Instead, admire her and feel proud of her. Offer her the support she needs to reach newer heights.

    8) Trust her without hesitation

    When you find doubts, suspicion, and distrust creeping into the relationship, ask yourself where it is coming from. Is it her alpha female personality? Or your bad past experiences? Sometimes, you may have preconceived notions about how partners should behave in a relationship. You feel jittery when she doesn’t conform to your notion.

    Don’t you think that is unfair on your part? An alpha female is a fiercely independent woman. You cannot expect to tie her down to your beliefs. 

    In her professional life, she may have to meet and interact with numerous people. Don’t allow the green-eyed monster to take over your personality. Jealousy and suspicion have no place in a healthy relationship. Trust her implicitly. She will repay you big time for this.

    9) Allow yourself to evolve with her

    Alpha women are strong, ambitious, and hardworking to succeed in their goals. An often forgotten aspect about alpha women is how they inspire others and take them along with them. Take advantage of the opportunity to grow together.

    An alpha woman never builds castles in the air about her partner or family life, as an ordinary woman does. They don’t limit their future possibilities with such dreams. In fact, she doesn’t want to be tied down at all.

    Convince her that life with you won’t limit her growth and that you are ready to grow with her. 

    Bottom line

    You need not be an alpha male to be in a happy relationship with an alpha woman. Alpha couples may find incredible success and wealth but often have a hard time in their personal lives. Instead of trying to prove yourself an equal to her, be true to yourself and be the kind of partner who can gel well with an alpha woman.

    To have a happy and healthy relationship with an alpha female, it is important to understand what makes her tick. Additionally, set boundaries and support her in her pursuits. Finally, do not be afraid to date an alpha female; she might just be the best thing that ever happened to you! Let us know your thoughts on how to deal with an alpha female in a relationship in the comments on our Facebook.

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