How To Improve Body Image And Self-Esteem

How to Develop Body Positivity and Self-confidence

How to Develop Body Positivity and Self-confidence

Are you unhappy with the way you look? And feel inferior in the company of others? If you have a negative body image and are low on self-esteem, it is time you introspect and address the issue.

First things first, self-depreciatory thinking is not productive in any way to anyone. The simple wisdom says that when you do not appreciate or value yourself, why should anybody else? That said, is this what you want in life? Unappreciated, unacknowledged, and considered worthless by others?

Have you ever dug deeper and found the reason for your low body image? Why do you think you are inferior to others? Such thoughts coming from others are bad enough, but entertaining such thoughts about self is worse and really sad.

Whatever your reasons are for such a low opinion about yourself, here are some hints and ideas to better your body image.

1. Comparison is a no-no

Do you realize that your negative body image is a direct outcome of comparing yourself with others? An easy and simple way to reverse this is by putting a full stop to the act of comparison. This is easier said than done. 

To help you achieve this, here are some facts and arguments. Human beings are created uniquely. No two humans are alike – appearance-wise or behavior-wise. That being the case, why bother comparing yourself with others? 

Have you heard the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? Whoever drew up the perfect body attributes borrowed what they thought were the best features from different people and put it together. That doesn’t mean they coexist in one person.

Most people have a few good attributes and the rest average or even below par. If you look at yourself in the mirror without prior judgment, you will be able to identify some good features as well. 

The secret behind how some people manage to look better than others is how they highlight their favorable attributes and downplay their negative ones. Learn this trick and you too can look as good as anybody else.

2. Don’t follow trends blindly

Wear what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable rather than follow the latest fashion trends or even other’s choices. To quote Shakespeare, “Clothes maketh the man”. Sure, they do make a difference. But don’t turn shopping into an obsession. Nor ignore it.

You need not spend huge amounts on expensive clothes and accessories to make you look beautiful. Even within your budget restrictions, you can manage to have that pretty blouse or that lovely scarf or those nice earrings. With just a small addition, you can feel more beautiful and happier, exuding that extra glow of confidence.

3. Don’t ignore grooming routine

Visiting a salon is not only for special occasions or festivals. To look like a million bucks, you need to take care of your body regularly. And, it is important to look your best every time you step outside. A well-groomed look says a lot about yourself. It helps shape your image in other people’s minds, which in turn will reflect on their behavior towards you. All these have a big say in your self-confidence.

4. Spruce up your living space

Your surroundings can make or mar your wellbeing. Pay attention to the decor and color scheme in addition to ensuring cleanliness, ventilation, and sunlight. The presence of a few potted plants and scented candles can transform any place to another level. It is important that you feel at home and comfortable, but at the same time proud of your living space. This has a profound impact on your self-image.

Did you know? Learning and practicing law of attraction also can help you develop body positivity and self-confidence.

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