How to Increase Positive Energy in Your Body?

How to Increase Positive Energy in Your Body?

How to Increase Positive Energy in Your Body

It is common to say “be positive” or “create positive energy”. So, what is positive energy? What are the signs of positive energy? What are the positive energy sources? And, how to bring positive energy into your life?

Read on to find out more about positive energy and how to attract it.

What is positive energy?

Positive energy is that indeterminable something present in humans that influences their attitude, behavior, and approach in a good way. It is referred to as good energy or vibes. It is not possible to scientifically identify or measure the energy in a person, but it is simple to sense its presence.

You know you are brimming with positive energy when you feel happy, optimistic, confident, and ambitious. At best positive energy can be described as the mental state that concentrates on the good aspects and expects good happenings. 

On the other hand, having lower levels of positive energy means the presence of more negativity. This translates to the mental state of pessimism, a tendency to see the dark side of everything and to expect the worst. Despair, disappointment, heartbreak, and failure are the indications of its presence.

What are the signs of positive energy?

As positive energy is an abstract and immeasurable concept, you need to look out for signs to gauge your energy levels.  Some of the obvious and easy to spot signs are:

  • Feeling happy
  • Very confident and energetic
  • Good happenings and experiences
  • Attract lots of friends
  • Have good health
  • Feeling very grateful
  • Overcome negativity easily
  • Lingering smile and infectious laughter
  • Motivated, inspired, and creative
  • Doesn’t depend on materialistic things to feel happy

What are the positive energy sources?

You can restore your positive energy levels when you detect its absence by tapping into one or more of these energy sources.

  • Exercising
  • Eating the right kind of food
  • Ensuring sufficient sleep
  • Keeping good company
  • Meditation
  • Practicing gratitude 
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Practicing law of attraction exercise
  • Performing random acts of kindness
  • Staying close to nature
  • Seeking opportunities to laugh and smile

How to attract positive energy into your life?

It is normal for the energy level to oscillate between positive and negative. This happens because of external influences around us. However, the good news is that it is possible to increase positive energy in your body and restore your optimistic attitude.

11 Ways to Increase Positive Energy in Your Body 

1. Go for a brisk walk

There is nothing better than a jog or a fast-paced walking to shake off those negative vibes. This is more effective if done outdoors in the company of nature. 

2. Take a short break

When you feel too stressed or when things get too intense, take a breather from your killer schedule. It could be taking a power nap or a short walk or just hitting the pause button on life. 

3. Seek the silver lining 

When your life is passing through a dark phase, force yourself to search for the bright spot. This is a mental exercise that will come naturally to you with practice. Remember the saying, every cloud has a silver lining. There is always something positive to derive from the worst of situations. The tiny bright spot amid all the darkness can turn things around for you. 

4. Take deep breaths

Breathing exercises can help in getting rid of the stagnant air in your lungs and fill it up with fresh air. This not only reinvigorates your body, but it can also do wonders for your mind as well. Deep breathing exercises can help you cast off the negativity and gain mental clarity.

5. Get the help of a close friend

Talking has a great therapeutic effect. Take the help of your 3 a.m. friend and vent your anger and frustration. Talking it out with a friend can help you identify the problem and find the right solution. It will help you gain mental clarity even if your friend doesn’t have any helpful suggestions to offer. Just the feeling of having someone in your corner and getting emotional support can make a big difference. 

6. Practice positive self-talk

In case you are unable to have a conversion with a friend, you can try self-talk. Take on both the roles and try to be your own best friend. Have the conversation aloud. You are saying it and listening simultaneously. Again, this acts as a stress buster and is excellent for better mental clarity.

7. Maintain a journal

Writing down your emotions is a healthy way of dealing with them. A journal acts as a good outlet for your thoughts and feelings and can help you clear your mind. A journal can help you track down the source of your negative energy source and avoid it in the future. 

8. Pamper yourself

Finding time for yourself and treating yourself to simple luxuries can help in maintaining your positive energy levels. It is important to remind yourself of who you really are and celebrate it. It is easy to lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

9. Escape the humdrum

Take a break from daily routine and play hooky. It is a fun and liberating exercise to maintain your interest in life. Feel like a teenager and do whatever you feel like, not listening to that rational voice in your head. Curl up on your couch in your pajamas binge-watching TV series or go for a long trek. It doesn’t matter what you do; it has to be something fun you have always wanted to do. This can fire up your energy levels like a rocket.

10. Engage in any positive activity

Positive attracts positive. Take advantage of this and amp up your positive energy. Listening to music, reading a book, helping others, spending time with near and dear ones – all these are positive activities. There are many more you can do on your own or with others. 

11. Forgive and forget

There is nothing you can do about the past. You cannot undo it. It is over. Let go of the past. Forgive the mistakes and unkind actions of others. Most important of all, forgive yourself. Remembering grudges, hurts, anger, and guilt can only add to your negative energy. Learn more about the Power of forgiveness.

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Positivity comes naturally for some, while others need to work for it. For the latter group, maintaining a positive outlook will always be a challenge. That doesn’t mean you should give up and allow things to slide. Make the exercises listed above part of your daily routine. You will find that maintaining a positive attitude is not an uphill task after all!

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