How to Know If Someone is Your Twin Flame?

How to Know If Someone is Your Twin Flame?

how to know if someone is your twin flame

You may possibly have heard about soul mates and how they are the perfect match for you. You may even have searched for your soul mate and been disappointed. All these may have led you to think that concepts like soul mates are just works of fiction.

The truth is that neither are they figments of imagination nor untrue; there exists spiritual deep connection like twin flames. Different from a soul mate relationship in many ways, a twin flame connection is believed to be the purest soul connection of them all.

Your mind may be overflowing with so many questions now. What is a twin flame? Why is this relationship so special? How do you know when you have found your twin flame? Are there any signs that you can look out for? 

This article explores in detail the intricate aspects of a twin flame connection and the common signs that alert you that someone you met is your twin flame. The article also explains the seven twin flame stages and their meanings and implications.

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    What is a twin flame connection?

    Known as a mirror soul, same soul, or soul connection, a twin flame, simply put, is the other half of your soul. It is believed that some souls bifurcate at higher energy levels and inhabit two different bodies. 

    The two split-up parts of the soul are always trying to unite and rejoin with each other. The Universe also approves and aids in this reunion of the soul parts or twin flame union. 

    This means not everyone has a twin flame. Only if you have a split-up soul and are one-half of the twin flame connection, you will have a twin flame. And if you are a twin flame, you are destined to meet the possessor of the other half of your soul during your lifetime. 

    As we know, the Universe works in mysterious ways. Just like two magnets, twin flames are attracted to each other without any awareness or effort from either of you.

    The meeting of twin flames and the relationship that follows is very intense and almost always disturbing and complicated. As they mirror each other, it would be like looking at and having a relationship with yourself. Those who have experienced this would know how difficult this can be.

    A twin flame relationship is not always distressing and troublesome. When you meet this person for the first time, you will feel as if you have known them well for ages. You feel complete and experience a sense of wholeness. These are natural as they are the other half of the same soul.

    A twin flame connection has its pluses and minuses, ups and downs, joys and conflicts. That is what makes this relationship unique, precious, and pure. All you need to do is to learn how to traverse a twin flame journey and make the most of it.

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    7 twin flame reunion stages explained

    Meet your Twin Flame

    Just like there are stages in any relationship, twin flame connections also come with distinct stages. After you meet your twin flame for the first time, you are in for an exciting and life-changing soul journey. The dynamic nature of the relationship will encourage transformation, facilitate growth, and help you to acknowledge and accept yourself as you are.

    All these developments happen in well-defined stages, some more enjoyable and exciting than others. Whether they are pleasant or difficult, you can do nothing about it. It is part of the process and all you can do is learn how to make the most of this journey.

    There are seven significant stages in a twin flame relationship. The time taken for each stage may differ based on the two people involved.

    Stage 1: The Pursuit

    This is where the twin flame journey begins. All you know and can sense is an overwhelming feeling of incompleteness and a longing for something unknown. You feel as if you are lacking something without even being aware of what exactly it is. At this point, you know nothing about the existence of a twin flame. 

    Since you don’t know what you are looking for, you will try new ideas and activities. When your attempts remain unproductive, you may feel frustrated and may want to give up but can’t because of this irresistible force in you that compels you to continue.

    Stage 2: The Tryst

    This is the step when you actually meet your twin flame. Most probably it will happen out of the blue in a chance meeting. Before the meeting, you may get advance signs that something significant is about to take place in your life. It is up to you to pay attention and be prepared for it.

    The first encounter with your twin flame may be short-lived, as both of you may not be aware of its significance. As the magical impact of the relationship sinks in, you may feel irresistibly drawn to each other.

    Stage 3: The Trial

    This stage is about understanding the relationship, testing boundaries, and settling down after the initial euphoria of discovery. This is a vital period as your decisions and actions taken at this juncture will determine how your future is going to be. 

    As your bonding stabilizes, you will find conflicts cropping up now and then. Where your relationship is headed and how long it lasts depends on how you deal with these conflicts.

    Stage 4: The Setback

    A twin flame connection can give you as much pain and suffering as it offers happiness and fulfillment. Even in the best of relationships, a crisis stage can creep in unawares. That is part of the deal. There is no escaping this. The best you can do is to try to reduce the impact.

    The negative turn of events can come in any form – lack of communication or appreciation, arguments, infidelity, or anything else that can cause strain in a relationship. Even though twin flames are destined to be a perfect match for each other, this stage is inevitable. You may end up breaking up at this stage.

    Stage 5: The Chase/Flee

    After the difficult and disastrous stage, comes the time when you are either fleeing from or chasing your twin flame. The roles may reverse now and then. The half of the twin flame experiencing pain or betrayal will try to prevent further damage to themselves by being unyielding and turning defensive. At the same time, the other half will try a reconciling approach to salvage the relationship.

    Both will realize the futility of this approach after a while and recognize that they are destined to be together.

    Stage 6: The Submission

    As the realization dawns that you two are meant for each other and you can do nothing about it, you finally decide to surrender to the whims of the Universe. This awareness helps you to relax the urge to control the relationship and accept that the past is past. You let go of your negative feelings and learn to live in the moment.

    It is pertinent to note here that the conflicts that need to be resolved are mostly the ones you have with yourself. Since the twin flame is your mirror, the issues you have with your twin flame are reflections of your own internal conflicts.

    Stage 7: The Homecoming

    As you decide to let bygones be bygones, resolve your differences, and ultimately surrender to destiny, you will feel a sense of relief and at peace with yourself and the entire world. After learning so much about yourself in this tumultuous and eventful journey, you are ready to settle for some happy and peaceful time. And, you definitely deserve it.

    Irrespective of how difficult your journey has been and what kind of intense connection you two end up with, your life hereon is one of love, happiness, peace, acceptance, and understanding. After all the hard work, you are ready to enjoy the feeling of being complete together.

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    Common signs to know someone is your twin flame

    Common signs to know someone is your twin flame

    If you are not aware of such a relationship, you may brush off the happenings and the strange feelings you are having as coincidences or accidents. It is to your advantage that you recognize your twin flame and make the most of the relationship. 

    Knowing the basic signs and their meanings can help you in this regard. Here are the common signs you’ve found a twin flame connection.

    1. You know right away

    You may not be aware of the concept of the twin flame relationship or the existence of your twin flame. But when you come across them by chance you have instant recognition and understand right away that this is someone special and they are going to have a major role in your life.

    You may feel confused by their familiarity though you have never found your twin flame before. You will be racking your brains about how you know so much about them.

    2. You are intrigued by the similarity

    As you get to know your twin flame, you will feel fascinated by how similar your values, interests, beliefs, behavior, goals, likes, and dislikes are. Most probably, you may have had similar experiences in your lives until now. In fact, the similarities are too many to just dismiss them as accidents or coincidences.

    3. You are complementary

    Not everything about the twin flames is identical. After all, they are two different individuals. There are bound to be differences. But these dissimilarities are such that they complement each other. 

    Such as when one is an introvert, the other may be an extrovert. When one is the worrying kind, the other is relaxed. When one is organized, the other thrives on chaos. Despite your polar opposite traits in some of these matters, you work well together as a team. 

    4. Your negative traits gain prominence

    As your twin flame is your mirror, your flaws and shortcomings become easily visible to you. As you notice the faults and defects in the character of your twin flame, you will know that they are yours as well. You suddenly become aware of your own negative qualities that you have been ignoring and avoiding earlier.

    The purpose of a twin flame is to help you confront your demons and triumph over them. This means that in a twin flame relationship, this issue is bound to surface though they can make you feel uncomfortable and your life difficult. Ultimately, this is for your own good. It is up to you to make use of the opportunity to purge these negative habits and emerge a winner.

    5. You find your twin flame irresistible

    However hard you try, you won’t find another relationship you have had similar to this. You will experience difficulty in verbalizing the emotion you feel towards your twin flame. Magnetic or like a moth to a flame may describe the situation.

    You have never felt this attracted to a person before. You think of them all the time. You yearn to be with them when you are apart. You can sense their nearness every moment of the day. Even your sensations are deceived; you can feel their touch, or smell their presence. 

    6. The relationship goes through bad patches

    It is not all easy going all the way. Once the honeymoon phase is over, you are forced to encounter the reality of a twin flame connection. The things about yourself that you have been ignoring all these years come into focus. As your twin flame is a mirror reflection of yourself, you see the same defects in them. 

    Even though it infuriates you, you know in your heart that these are your faults as well. This phase can be incredibly challenging and how your relationship shapes up depends on how you deal with this situation.

    7. The relationship is emotionally charged

    The hallmark of twin flame relationships is the intense emotional connection felt by both. There is no escaping this. Unlike a regular relationship, when you get to know the other person gradually and the emotions intensify in stages, twin flame relationships are a whole new ball game. 

    The emotions go from ground zero to the other end of the spectrum in the blink of an eye. The reason is simple. The familiarity of your twin flame is the key. As you know them at a deeper level, the emotions develop much faster than you would expect.

    8. You break up and reconnect

    When the relationship gets too intense one of you will call it quits and walk away unable to take it anymore. However, the nature of the relationship is such that when one flees, the other will pursue. After some running and chasing, the roles may reverse. The one pursuing will start running and the one fleeing will begin to chase. At some point, you will decide to reconnect.

    This is just the beginning. You may break up again and reunite again. Twin flame relationships are famous for their oscillating nature. You may remain separated for years and come back together again. That is the kind of magnetic attraction twin flames have for each other.

    9. You are pushed to scale greater heights

    You end up achieving way more than you would have otherwise because of the compelling presence of your twin flame in your life. The whole purpose of the twin flame relationship is to help you confront your demons, overcome them, and to realize your potential. 

    On your own, you may not find the initiative or motivation to do all these things. The challenge posed by your twin flame acts as the driving force to overcome obstacles and achieve seemingly impossible goals.

    11. The relationship feels sacred and divine

    As you realize the nature of the twin flame relationship, you come to understand the part the Universe played in bringing you together. You feel blessed to be part of the divine scheme of things. Often, the sacred nature of the relationship helps in keeping you together as you will feel that something the Universe brought together, you should not let it disintegrate.

    12. The relationship seems otherworldly

    The communication that happens between twin flames can be best described as a clairvoyant or psychic connection. Without a word being said or even when you are far apart, you can sense what your twin flame is thinking or doing. Initially, this can be disconcerting. But as time goes by, you will realize that this is part of the deal and even start enjoying it.

    13. You have the same thoughts and feelings

    You may have never met anyone whose thoughts, feelings, and emotions are totally in sync with yours. Irrespective of whether you are together or not, in the same place or not, this is true. Again, in the early days, you may find this unnerving, but later on, will get adjusted to it.

    14. You have identical dreams

    If you are looking for any more proof of the divine and unique nature of a twin flame relationship, look no further. When you experience identical dreams, whether you are together or miles apart, it says a lot about the relationship.

    15. You feel comfortable being yourself

    One of the first things you notice when you meet your twin flame for the first time is how comfortable you feel in their presence. You don’t feel the urge to put on a show or behave in a certain way. You feel as if you are expected to be nothing but your authentic self. That is exactly what you found attractive in your twin flame. 

    Frequently asked questions

    Yes, it is possible. All you need to do is to learn to love yourself. Since your twin flame is your mirror, loving yourself is the same as loving your twin flame. As long as you are at peace with yourself and happy in your own skin, your bond with your twin flame will remain a happy and healthy relationship.

    The relationship of twin flames is eternal as their undeniably intense bond will continue to exist through lifetimes. Often infinity symbol (Ꝏ) or yin-yang symbol (☯) are used to represent twin flame connection.

    The energy in a twin flame relationship is intense, electrifying, and overwhelming. You will have a sense of familiarity and feel like you are back home. It is guiding, supportive, loving, and embracing at the same time exposing your flaws. It brings out the best and worst in you for the ultimate good. 

    At the deep subconscious level, both know when they meet their twin flames. But at a conscious level, some may not recognize them right away. They may do so as they get to know each other better. Or this may not happen at all.

    Out of the blue, you will experience an unexplainable yearning, though you are at a loss for what. You will feel alone and lonely even in a crowd. Suddenly you will have memories and dreams of the good old days together if you are going through the breakup phase.

    No, they need not be. They can also be platonic. Such as friends or family members. However, the intensity of the emotions involved makes twin flame couple and twin flame lovers more common. They make the best life partner.

    Not everyone will have a twin flame. Only when you are possessed by one half of a split soul, will you have a twin flame. And, as your twin flame is the other half of the same soul, you can have only one twin flame.

    Yes, they can. That is one unique aspect of the relationship. As your twin flame will mirror your character defects and weaknesses, the bond can turn ugly and messy, or even toxic. Again, during the breakup period, both may find it difficult to function properly. This is the sign of an unhealthy and codependent relationship.

    Twin flame marriage is not for everyone. There is no need for twin flames to marry as they are already bonded in every sense of the term. However, if both individuals feel that they would like to formalize their relationship through marriage, nothing is stopping them from doing so.

    Concluding thoughts

    Not all of us are fortunate to experience this amazing relationship. Twin flame relationships blend conflicting views and ideas together – they are strong as well as brittle, there is so much unconditional love but they can be incredibly painful. This confluence of opposing concepts is something that makes twin flame relationships unique, beautiful, and pure.

    If you are fortunate enough to meet your twin flame, don’t let the opportunity of a lifetime slip by for lack of awareness. Use the signs to recognize your twin flame right away and make the most of this out-of-the-world experience.

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