How To Know If Someone Misses You Without Contact

How To Know If Someone Misses You Without Contact

How To Know If Someone Misses You Without Contact
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    If you have experienced a no-contact period, you would know how hard and traumatic it can be. 

    You also know how important it is to stick to the no-contact rule. But your mind seems to be free-willed and refuses to abide by the rules. Your thoughts keep drifting to this person.

    How are they dealing with this? Are they thinking about you? Are they missing you?

    It would definitely help if you can find answers to these questions, especially this one – do they miss you?

    Though you can’t contact them directly, you can always look out for signs of them missing you. Here are some clear signs to know if someone misses you without contact.

    When you really miss someone do they miss you?

    You are facing this question because you are missing the person. You are having a hard time without them and would like to know whether they too feel the same. 

    The answer to this question is “maybe”. This may be disappointing for you but that is the truth. 

    They will miss you if there is still love left for you in their hearts. You are missing them because you still love them. So that is obvious. 

    Since you are in a no-contact phase, it means you are either breaking up or taking a break in the relationship. Your relationship is definitely not in the pink of health for sure. There is an elephantine “if” hanging over your relationship. So, you cannot say with conviction that your partner is still in love with you. This means there is no guarantee that they are missing you.

    This is one more reason why you should look out for these signs. If you come across these signs, you know where you stand in the relationship. You can end the uncertainty and finish your no-contact period with confidence, knowing well your relationship is intact.

    11 Signs Someone Misses You Without Contact

    If you want to know if your partner misses you without getting in touch with them during the no-contact period, look out for these signs.

    1. Check their social media

    In this digital age, when everyone has a social media presence, the easiest way to check what a person is doing or feeling is by checking their social media. 

    If they are having a blast and making new friends, it means they are on the right track to rebuilding their life after the breakup. They are not mourning or pining for you. On the other hand, if they are maintaining radio silence on social media, it implies that they are not keen on the human company now. There is a good chance that they are missing you.

    You can also check your posts on social media to check whether your partner has viewed them. If your partner is following your social media activities, it means they are still interested in you.

    2. Their social media posts seem to be meant for you

    As they cannot contact you directly during the no-contact period but want to convey a message to you, social media offers them the ideal platform. These posts can be read by everyone but when you read them, they seem to speak directly to you.

    If your partner misses you, they will not waste the opportunity of social media. They will be kicking up a storm on these platforms with a deluge of posts. In all probability, they are trying to get your attention and let you know that they are missing you.

    3. They are making big changes in their life

    You reached this difficult stage of your relationship because of the way you treated each other. Maybe your partner is blaming themselves for the turn of events and trying to make amends. Or they are trying to distract themselves from loneliness and your absence in their life.

    You may get to know about this through their social media profiles or mutual friends. When your partner is actively trying to transform their lives, it is a clear sign that they are missing you and want you back in their lives.

    4. They maintain close contact with your family and friends

    Only you are out of bounds for them because of the no-contact rule. They try to make up for your absence by meeting your family and friends often. 

    If they are not interested in you, why would they bother to keep in touch with your near and dear ones? They must be missing you so badly that they are finding comfort in this. Also, your partner must be pestering them with questions about how you are handling the phase and how you are managing.

    5. They make changes in their appearance

    Maybe they are not so keen on transforming their lives as a whole but feel the need for change before they can meet up with you after the no contact period. They know that something about them is making it difficult for the relationship to work well. This is their contribution to changing the status quo.

    Whenever someone is going through hard times, they try to alter their looks in some way. This seems to give them the illusion of transformation and they feel as if they can get back what they lost with this change. 

    6. You seem to “accidentally” run into them

    Your partner has never been to a stadium to watch a match. Or visited a bookshop or this particular restaurant. They know for sure that these are your hangouts. You have run into them multiple times in places that you alone frequent.

    Clearly, they are missing you and trying to arrange these “accidental” meetings. There is no other explanation for their presence in these places.

    7. You have never met them even by chance

    You live in the same neighborhood or work in the same building. In the normal course of events, there is a high probability for you to run into each other occasionally. But after the no-contact rule came into force, you haven’t met them even once. That definitely seems strange.

    Your partner must be consciously dodging you to avoid the heartache for you as well as themselves. They are clearly in love with you and missing you.

    8. You hear about how they are pining for you from mutual friends

    When your partner misses you because of the restrictions, they would probably talk about this to the people close to them. Some of these may also be your friends. Since they know what you are going through, they will convey this message to you.

    If your partner is talking incessantly about you, it may even irritate them. They might even come and complain to you about this. If you want to know more, it is better to take the direct approach of asking them outright rather than go about it in a roundabout way.

    9. You hear stories about how your partner is lashing out

    Your mutual friends may tell you about how your partner is in the foulest mood they have ever seen. When you hear this, it will make you wonder whether you alone are the reason for this. Is something else wrong in their life?

    Though that can also be a possible reason, most probably, your partner misses you and this is coming out as irritation and anger.

    10. You have a strong gut feeling

    You are trying to get on with your life but there are times when your thoughts drift to your partner. You feel an unexplainable longing for them and feel the urge to reconnect. 

    If these thoughts appear to you in the middle of a busy day, there is a good chance that this is genuine intuition. Your partner misses you and these thoughts reach you and trigger your intuition.

    11. They flout the no-contact rule

    You don’t need any more signs to know that your partner misses you during the no contact period. They couldn’t handle your absence and called or texted you. 

    Your partner must have held on for as long as they could and debated on flouting the rules. They must have missed you so badly that they didn’t care anymore.

    What to do when you miss someone but can’t talk to them?

    If you’re in a situation where you can’t talk to the person you miss, there are still things you can do. Here are a few ideas:

    • Write them a letter: It’s old-fashioned, but it works! Sometimes, just getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper can make you feel better. And who knows – maybe they’ll get the letter and write back!
    • Talk to a friend about how you’re feeling: It can be helpful to talk to someone who understands your situation. They might be able to offer some words of wisdom or just lend a sympathetic ear.
    • Keep busy: Sometimes, the best way to deal with missing someone is to keep yourself occupied. Throw yourself into your work, or pick up a new hobby. Find something to distract yourself from the thoughts of the person you can’t be with.

    Bottom line

    Rules are rules and you need to follow them no matter what. Just to satisfy your curiosity, you cannot flout the no-contact agreement. This rule is there for a reason. 

    If you break this rule, you may be spoiling a good chance for reconciliation. With the no-contact rule in place, they are missing you and want you back. They are willing to work on themselves to win you back. By contacting them, you are throwing away your chance to get back together.

    Instead, you may look out for these signs and bide your time until you can meet them again.

    Do you have any other tips on how to tell if someone misses you without contact? Share them in the comments below!


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