How to Know If Two Souls are Connected

How to Know If Two Souls are Connected?

We connect with others all the time. Most of them are momentary or fleeting connections. Some last a bit longer. Some others sustain for a considerably longer time. Very rarely do we find another person to connect with for a lifetime.

Relationships that are meant to last a lifetime may not last forever and fall apart. 

This is food for thought. Why do some relationships last while others falter? Experts in this field attribute it to the lack of soul connection. 

This leads us to the question – what is soul connection? How to establish a soul connection with someone? And more importantly, how to know if two souls are connected?

This article explores the topic and comes up with some theories and suggestions.

What is a soulmate connection?

When two people feel their relationship is on a more profound and spiritual level, you can call it a soulmate connection. They become soulmates. Their connection is not based on materialistic things or superficial feelings. The connection is more intense and runs much deeper.

A soulmate is a person with whom you feel a natural and deep connection. It can be both romantic and platonic. The relationship between the soulmates can be anything – partners, friends, siblings, or even parent-child.

A soulmate connection is often described as a connection of the minds – a connection based on a deep understanding of each other, mutual respect, and unconditional love. They have similar energy and share a similar purpose in life. They don’t always rely on spoken words for communication. They understand each other so well that they can communicate without a word being said aloud.

Souls are believed to be immortal and eternal. When one life ends, they move on to the next life. Across lifetimes, the souls have a tendency to connect with the loved ones of their previous births. The Universe is known to help souls reunite in each lifetime.

Different types of soulmates

Not all soulmate connections are the same though there are many commonalities. Here are some of the common soul connections to help understand the concept better.

1. Soul partner:

The most prevalent of all soul connections is the one in which you build a partnership in this lifetime. This need not always be romantic though that is one of the most common of them all. Your soul partner can be anyone who shares the same interests, passion, and goal as yourself.

Soul partners are there to support each other unconditionally on all levels – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They offer this support so that both of them can achieve their shared dreams and thereby realize their potential.

The Universe provides you with soulmates as it is difficult to travel the life journey alone and achieve your life mission without help.

2. Soulmates:

Many Eastern philosophies believe in life after death. That the soul lives on and moves on to the next birth. The Universe helps such souls reconnect after rebirth.

Soulmates feel as if they have known each other for a long time even if they have just met. It is as if an unknown force is propelling them towards each other. They can’t resist being drawn to each other.

The soulmate connection need not always be romantic. Any kind of relationship has the potential for a soulmate connection. The purpose of past life connections may be to heal some old wounds or help each other find and realize the purpose of life.

3. Twin flames:

This is a very intense and powerful connection at the soul level. But unlike any of the other types of soul connections. Twin flames are believed to be two halves of the same soul that split into two. After rebirth, these two halves inhabit two different people.

Twin flames may not be aware of the existence of each other. And not everyone has a twin flame. However, the Universe has this tendency to bring them together at some point in their lifetimes.

The intensity of the connection is so great that the relationship will be a turbulent one even when it offers unparalleled happiness. During their lifetime, twin flames are known to break up and reunite multiple times.

4. Karmic soulmates:

Karma is best described as cause and effect. It means that everything you say or do will have a repercussion. Through your interactions with others, you are creating karma. This is something you need to be mindful of and not something for you to worry about or dread.

Karmic soulmates come into your lives to improve your karma and live a better life. This is merely the Universe’s way of giving us a helping hand in dealing with the complexities of life. Karmic soulmates are there to hold your hand, guide you in the right direction, and make your life better in every sense.

Now that you have been introduced to some common types of soulmates, let us move on to know how to look out for the soulmate signs.

How to recognize deep soul connection signs

Most people who have experienced soul connection would certify that they just recognized them right away. You will “know” that you have met your soulmate instantly.

In case you have trouble with instant soul recognition, here are some more soulmate signs for you to look out for.

  1. You feel as if you can communicate silently. You just know what your soulmate is thinking or feeling.
  2. You find your thoughts wandering off to them throughout the day. You feel as if you can’t help it. It just happens and you have no control over it.
  3. You are constantly desiring their presence. You keep wishing that they were with you right at this moment though they are physically far away.
  4. You feel as if you understand and know them so well as if your relationship has been there for a long time. This may not be true at all. You may have recently met. But this unexplainable feeling that you have known them for ages is hard to ignore.
  5. You sense a strange feeling of calm and peace in your love. It is as if you have found something you are meant to. You have fulfilled your life’s mission.
  6. You feel confident and positive to move ahead in life, now with your soulmate lending you a helping hand. You know that you have someone who will accept you for who you are and support you no matter what. You have someone to turn to for help.
  7. You feel this urge to be a better person because of the presence of the soulmate in your life. They are always encouraging you to improve yourself.
  8. You can see only the positives in your soulmate though you know they are human and they too have flaws. And this prompts you to change your perspective. You start searching for positive traits in others. This will help improve your other relationships as well.
  9. You find yourself willing to go to any lengths or make any compromises to make this soul connection stay healthy and last forever. All you want is to make them happy and feel happy as a consequence. You will be willing to make changes in your lifestyle or life plans to accommodate them in your life. You want to freeze this moment forever.
  10. You feel as if you are drawn to them by an invisible force. It is something you can’t resist and don’t want to resist. You are always craving their company and enjoy physical contact with them.
  11. Your energy levels are higher than usual. By coming together, soulmates raise the vibrational energy of each other. And this is felt as happiness, excitement, or satisfaction.
  12. You feel instant chemistry. And this is not just on the physical level. You experience the connection at much more profound emotional and spiritual levels.
  13. You have shared dreams. The dream is a realm where the subconscious mind meets the conscious mind. When you share dreams, it is a sure sign of a soulmate connection.

Final thoughts

When two souls connect it need not necessarily mean that it will last for a lifetime or even beyond. Some soulmates come into your life to fulfill a specific purpose. Once the task is done and purpose achieved, they move on with their lives. This doesn’t make the soul connection any less important or intense than others. 

When you feel this kind of connection with anyone, know the signs to recognize it right away. Don’t throw away the opportunity to experience the purest form of all relationships. 

And the fact that you are connected on a deeper level doesn’t mean you can take it easy. Even soul connections need constant effort to keep it alive and healthy. 

Not everyone gets a chance to experience a soul connection. If you are one of the fortunate few, don’t waste the opportunity. Enjoy every moment of it.

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