How to Know if Your Soulmate is Thinking of You?

How to Know if Your Soulmate is Thinking of You?

How to Know if Your Soulmate is Thinking of You

Have you ever wondered if your soulmate is thinking of you?

There are so many synonyms for the term “life partner” – from the basic boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or spouse to better half, significant other, companion, and beloved. But nothing compares with the word “soulmate”.

Soulmate suggests intimacy and deeper bonding between the partners more than anything else. It implies a greater understanding and affinity beyond the realm of our physical existence. 

Where did we get this image about the soulmate? Is it just our imagination or is it real? Why do we have such special relationships even when you can have other partners who are a perfect match for you? What exactly is a soulmate connection? How to tell if someone is your soulmate?

Questions like these are bound to flood your mind whenever you think about soulmates. In this article, you will find some answers to your endless queries. More importantly, you will have the soulmate connection explained from a psychological viewpoint. You will also find a list of signs that say your soulmate is thinking of you.

5 psychological facts about soulmates

Why is the soulmate relationship special? We can try to make sense of this using psychological facts and reasoning.

1. Better communication

One of the stand-out features of a soulmate relationship is its higher level of communication. Besides the verbal level of communication, non-verbal communication through facial expressions and body language is top-notch. 

You use verbal and non-verbal cues in all your conversations, not only with soulmates. However, in your interaction with your soulmate, the use of non-verbal signals is more intense and evolved. It is a result of being more tuned into your soulmate than others.

You can sense their mood, make more eye contact, and hear more in the tone of their voice than you would with others.

2. Shared emotions

Because of deeper connection and understanding of each other, soulmates can experience the emotions of one another. Your emotions are highly contagious to your soulmate and vice versa. This leads to more understanding and affinity, forming a virtuous cycle. 

3. Reinvent and revive

A soulmate relationship will lose most of its sheen if it is treated like any other relationship. In the long-term, it undergoes change and can turn ordinary if an effort is not made to keep it new and alive. Emotions play a key role in keeping alive the freshness and interest in the relationship. Each couple should find what works for them to make this happen.

4. Trust in each other

A soulmate relationship has an advantage over an ordinary relationship in the aspect of trust. The relationship starts with the trust between partners at an all-time high. This paves the way to more sharing and better communication as long as the partners do nothing to damage the trust. The level of trust is so high that partners find it easier to share their innermost secrets without hesitation. 

5. Dealing with challenges

Challenges exist in any relationship, even in the one between soulmates. However, soulmates are better equipped and positioned to handle them. Excellent communication and trust can help them overcome most of the challenges unless they damage the foundation of the relationship itself.

10 signs your soulmate is thinking of you

Often you remember and think of people you care about at random. Naturally among the people you care about, your soulmate features at the top of the list. 

Have you wondered whether others think about you? Can you sense your soulmate remembering you? What are the indications that your soulmate is thinking about you?

Here are some clear signs telling you that your soulmate is remembering you.

1. You think of them

This is the strangest one of them all. Soulmates have a deeper spiritual connection than the rest. This means when one thinks of the soulmate, it triggers the same reaction in the soulmate. This just means that when you are thinking about your soulmate, your soulmate must be thinking of you.

2. You feel intense happiness

It is natural to feel happy when something good happens. But this is true even without any cause. There is a smile on your lips and spring in your steps that you don’t have an explanation for.

3. You can make sense of past experiences

You have been through difficult times before and have often wondered what is the purpose of such experiences. Out of the blue, you gain clarity and realize it is part of the Universe’s plans for you. One thing led to another and you found your soulmate. All that makes sense to you now.

4. You experience coincidences

You and your soulmate may be miles apart. But without actively coordinating, you end up doing the same thing at the same time. You can feel each other when apart. You may come to know about it in later conversations. This is indeed strange and so are many of the workings of the Universe.

5. You have dreams

Your soulmate is remembering you and you are dreaming about your soulmate. All this happens in your subconscious mind. When someone is thinking of you, it is believed that they send energy vibrations to you. Your subconscious mind becomes aware of these vibrations and it comes out as dreams.

6. You have goosebumps

As long as no physical factors are contributing to your episode of goosebumps, you are probably receiving a telepathic message from your soulmate. And this shows up as goosebumps. 

7. You feel the urge to be with them

Maybe you are at the office or out shopping. Or you are in another city. You must be missing your soulmate. All of a sudden, you feel this unexplainable desire to be with your soulmate. This must be the pull you are experiencing as a result of the vibrations from your soulmate energy. 

You notice that love is in the air. All your negative feelings and thoughts vanish. The world around you is beautiful, so are the people in it. Anywhere you turn, you can see only love and beauty.

8. You can feel their presence and hear them

Though you know that your soulmate is not in the same room as yourself, for some strange reason, you feel as if they are. You can sense them moving around the room, talking to you. You can even hear their voices. It will sound so real as well. You can see the signs your soulmate is near.

9. You feel a surge of energy

All day you were feeling lethargic and dull. You know that you have done nothing to change this. But you can feel an unexpected spike in your energy levels. It must be your sixth sense telling you that your soulmate is thinking of you.

10. You experience mood swings

For no apparent reason, your mood shifts from feeling low to insane happiness in a matter of minutes. Your heart swells with love, gratitude, and optimism in the middle of feeling sad and depressed. You try to find out the reason but remain perplexed.

Final Thought

Most of these soul mate attraction signs are weird but you have learned to take them in your stride. This means you may not notice them unless you deliberately look for them. A cursory glance may not reveal them. If you know where to search for these signs, you will come across them.

Meeting your soulmate is in the destiny the Universe has planned for you. All you can do is thank the Universe for bringing you together and allowing you to experience this beautiful relationship.

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