How to Know Who Your Soulmate is? 12 Early Soulmate Signs

How to Know Who Your Soulmate is?

How to Know Who Your Soulmate is

The term “soulmate” is bandied about so much that you can be excused for feeling confused about its real meaning. 

What is a soulmate? Or is there only one meaning? The way it is generally perceived, the soulmate means different things to different people.

Some think of it as “only one” person existing among almost 8 billion world population for each one of us. This is the fairy tale kind of soulmate in the “happily ever after” stories. Then, the question is how do we find them? Also, it is hard to imagine there is only one perfect match for every one of us.

Another interpretation of a soulmate is that it is someone with whom you feel an instant connection and deep affinity. There need not be a romantic angle to the relationship. This is someone who understands you without a word being said, accepts you for who you are, and helps you realize your potential.

Whichever, the theory you subscribe to, finding a soulmate is no easy task. This article describes some common soulmate signs that you can keep in mind so that you will recognize “only one” when you meet them.

Are soulmates real?

From the soulmates meaning in the dictionary, you get to understand that this is “a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner”. This is “a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament”. If you choose to believe this definition, obviously, soulmates do exist. 

Of course, for the other definition, the one that says soulmate is the perfect match and the “only one”, there is no proof as such. But there is no evidence to the contrary either. So, the answer is maybe, maybe not. 

It is up to you to decide which one of the definitions you want to believe in. The only difference between the two definitions is this. In the “only one” theory, clearly, there exists only one such person, while the other one says there can be more than one. 

This means irrespective of which theory you believe in, the signs to identify your soulmate are the same. Let’s see how to identify a soulmate.

Our guide to recognize different types of soulmates may be of interest to you.

How to identify your soulmate?

Have you ever wonder how to know if someone is your soulmate?You’ll know you have a soulmate connection when you see these 12 signs. Sometimes it’s not clear, but when you see these signs, you’re pretty sure the other person is the one for you.

1. You just know it.

Call it intuition or something else, you feel it in your bones that this is a special person in your life when you meet them. If the soulmate match has a romantic angle, it is often referred to as “love at first sight”.

We tend to feel more comfortable being with some people than with others. If you feel energized, light-hearted, and relaxed with this person even in your first meeting, it is a good sign that the person is your soulmate.

2. You are best friends.

The two of you get along well with each other like a house on fire. Whether romantic or otherwise, the relationship is based on friendship. You “get” each other on a deeper level. You have many common interests. 

After the first meeting, the soulmate becomes an integral part of your life. So much that you start wondering how you lived for so long without them.

3. You feel calm and peaceful.

With this person by your side, you feel as if you can tackle anything. You are not anxious about anything anymore. For some inexplicable reason, they seem familiar and the comfort level in the relationship is unusually high.

Maybe it is the fact that this person understands you even if you met them recently. Or maybe you know intuitively that you have their unconditional support.

4. You feel their joy and pain.

The empathy level in a soulmate connection is very high. Without a word being said, you can sense their mood. The reverse is also true. They too know what is in your mind and what you are going through. There is no need for an explanation. You can feel each other’s emotions. 

You instinctively know what they are thinking and feeling. This may sound scary to read but a pleasure to experience. Life can be much easier when you don’t have to offer an explanation for everything you do, think, or feel.

5. There is mutual respect.

This is essential for a healthy relationship. A soulmate does not just love you; they appreciate you, treat you well, and have high regard for your feelings and ideas. Even after knowing each other well and recognizing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, soulmates continue to respect each other.

When someone has respect for you, despite being aware of your flaws and quirks, then the relationship should mean something. It is indeed special.

6. You work together well as a team.

You are not similar. Each one of you has strengths and weaknesses. But together you are great. You compensate for each other’s weaknesses. You balance each other out. 

This can be about the skillset, interests, or temperament. You gel well like yin and yang.

7. You tend to agree on important points.

You may still fight for trivial issues like which restaurant to go to or which movie to watch. However, on serious issues, there is no disagreement or confrontation. Soulmates are on the page on important things in life. This is in fact the essence of being soulmates.

8. You have the same vision for the future.

Soulmates walk the same path towards the same or similar goals. There is no need to choose the direction of your life. This also means there is no need for compromises and adjustments. And so, no disappointments and regrets. The two of you are happy and content with the way your lives are panning out. 

9. You push each other to do better.

One of the basic conditions for a soulmate is that they should help each other realize their potential. So, if there is hesitation or lack of intent in one partner, the other will use all their persuasive powers to get them going and work towards their goal.

10. You feel comfortable being yourself.

Unlike with others, when you have to put on and project a certain persona to be acceptable, with a soulmate, this is not necessary. You can just be your real self. You can say and do whatever you want without thinking of the consequences.

11. You are ready to go all out for the relationship.

You value the relationship with your soulmate so much that you won’t allow any power on the earth to come between the two of you. If you feel any threat to your bonding, you are willing to put up the fiercest fight of your life to keep the relationship from harm.

12. You are always there for each other.

In good times and bad, soulmates stick up for each other no matter what. There are no questions asked or answered. The trust in each other is perfect and absolute. You back each other up whatever the situation is.

Concluding thoughts

You somewhat understand who your soulmate is. And, what the early soulmate meeting signs are. Still, it is not easy to know that you’ve found your soulmate. You need knowledge and experience to know for sure that you’ve met your soulmate.

Someone you met may appear to have most of the qualities of a soulmate but you realize later that they are not because they did not satisfy some of the basic requirements. With each such encounter, you are gaining experience.

Ultimately when you meet your real soulmate, you would recognize them right away. There is no doubt about this.


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