How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You

How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You

How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You
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    Have you ever been ghosted in a relationship? How did that make you feel?

    Ghosting is one of the risks associated with dating a random guy and is considered one of the biggest drawbacks of the modern dating scene. 

    Consider this example. You met this person with no intention of dating him. The two of you spent some time together and got to know each other. You had a good feeling about him and the connection you share.  You also felt that your feelings were reciprocated. 

    You felt happy that you found the kind of person you have been searching for all your life. You thought that the two of you were together and much more than just friends. It was great while it lasted.

    Then, out of the blue, your world fell apart. He disappeared from your life without a trace. He stopped responding to your calls and messages. Eventually, you realized that he is no longer interested in you and has moved away. He has ghosted you.

    Naturally, you felt let down. You felt an array of emotions ranging from despair and sadness to anger and rage. Other than feeling these emotions by yourself and maybe talking about it to your best friend, you are at a loss as to what else you can do about it. 

    Is there a way for you to make the guy pay for his callous attitude? How to get someone to stop ghosting you? Can you make a guy regret ghosting you? Do guys regret ghosting?

    Read on to learn about how you can have your revenge on this guy for ditching you unceremoniously. In this article, you will find ways to make this guy regret that he lost the best girl he is ever going to find.

    5 steps to make a guy regret ghosting you

    How to make a ghoster regret?

    As a first step, you need to realize that you are not helpless when a guy ghosts you. You can do many things to make him regret his actions. Here are some of the most effective tactics you can adopt to achieve this. The more strategies you embrace and follow, the better your chances of success.

    The most hard-hitting strategy to achieve your goal is to prove to him that he lost the best bet in his life. And, he made the biggest mistake of his life by ditching you. He lost a chance of having a partner who truly understands him and cares for him. Your best revenge would be when he comes crawling back to you and you reject him saying it’s too late.

    Can you imagine this scene? Does it make you feel better? Does it give you hope? Do you think you can get back on your feet and start trusting people again? Follow these steps to make your life whole again. And in the process make him understand that he cannot get away with treating a girl like he did. Maybe you fell for him but you can ensure that he will not do the same with other girls in the future.

    1. Make it clear that you have moved on.

    When the guy left you in the lurch, you felt as if the ground beneath your feet caving in. You felt devastated and totally unanchored. You are in a daze and somehow getting through each day. It is understandable that you feel this way as you trusted him entirely and did not see this coming.

    Grieving is necessary for you to get over the trauma. However, if you are grieving the loss of the relationship in public, you are giving this guy the satisfaction of having destroyed you. So, grieve, but in private. And put up a brave front for the public. Let the world know that you have moved on. 

    You can plan actions to give the impression that you never thought much of him and cared about him. It’s good that he left on his own, or else you would have kicked him out yourself. His departure is not hurting you in the least. 

    In case you run into him, don’t even bother confronting him about his actions. Behave as if you don’t care and you have bigger fish to fry. Give him the impression that you played him and not the other way around. This is sure to hurt his ego big time.

    Initially, this can be hard on you, especially since you are reeling from his actions. As days go by, you will recover slowly from the blow and even begin to enjoy the process. In fact, adopting this strategy will help you recover faster.

    2. Never ever initiate a conversation with him.

    Be it a face-to-face talk, phone call, or texting. When he left you without a word, he expected you to pursue him. He knows that you will feel surprised by his actions and wonder why he did that to you. Your mind would be teeming with so many unanswered questions that he knows you will not rest until you find answers.

    So, he will be baffled by your silence and nonchalance. No calls or texts from you seeking an explanation for his actions. No begging from you asking him to come back. Even when you met him, you did not confront him, make a scene, or seem bothered. 

    When you are behaving in a way contrary to his expectation, it is going to puzzle him, no doubt. Now, he is the one more curious about what is going on with you. He will begin to doubt his assessment and understanding of who you are. 

    Once you plant the seed of doubt in his mind, it is half the battle won. He will start thinking, “Did I do the right thing?” “Is she the person I thought she was?” “Was I wrong in ending the relationship like I did?” “Did I get it all wrong?”

    Ultimately, it will come to “Did I ghost her or did she ghost me?”

    When a guy ghosted you, don’t ever give him the satisfaction of seeing you desperate and hurt. 

    3. Don’t ignore your looks.

    When you are going through hard times, you may neglect your appearance. Looking tired and washed out is not helping boost your morale. Moreover, it will give away the truth about how you are feeling inside easily. Take good care of your looks. Always make sure that you look your best.

    No matter where you are, always make sure that you are presentable. This will give a positive impression to the outside world. And, ultimately, it helps in improving your self-image. It is a win-win situation.

    You may run into this guy who ghosted you someday. If you are looking disheveled and careworn, what kind of impression are you conveying? This guy will assume that you are broken and sad because he left you. You don’t want to present him with this image of you. 

    You want him to think that you are well and doing great. You are neither missing him nor thinking about him. Irrespective of what you feel inside if you want to present this image of a happy and content you, you should make sure that your appearance matches the image you want to project.

    Looking at you, his first reaction should be one of remorse. You are looking so radiant and beautiful that he should regret his decision to walk out on you. He should regret that he lost the opportunity of a lifetime to share his life with such an amazing person.

    You should also pay attention to your attitude. Instead of hiding away from him, be bold and confident. Don’t shy away from his gaze. Look him back straight in the eyes. He will be forced to avert his gaze.

    4. Make him covet you.

    People close to you may advise you that this is not going to end nicely for you. Arousing his jealousy may go wrong as well. If you are sure of yourself and what you want, you can use this as a weapon to get back at him. Because this is an excellent technique that will get you results.

    Just because you want him to feel jealous doesn’t mean you spend every waking hour working on it. Whenever an opportunity opens up for you to strike, strike you should, without hesitation. You can use all the anger and resentment you felt towards him when he ghosted you to summon enough energy to hit him hard where it hurts the most – his ego.

    This approach also comes with its weak spots. When you arouse his jealousy, he may approach you with enticements to take him back. You should be sure about yourself that you won’t fall for such offers. Or else, you will go down with him as well. 

    If you are ready, you may get active on the dating scene. You may choose to go on a date to places frequented by your ghoster. When he sees that you are happy and move on in life instead of being sad and pining for him, he is sure to feel jealous. He never expected you to recover from the ghosting so fast.

    If you find it difficult to meet your ghoster face-to-face, you can go on dates and post pictures of it on your social media accounts. You can also share the news of your new boyfriend with your common friends who are sure to relay your message to your ex.

    There are multiple ways to make an ex jealous of you. Use your imagination to come up with unique approaches.

    5. Focus on self-love.

    What if he deserted you. You should know that you will always be there for yourself. It will make you happy that there is always one person in your corner who loves you forever. Practice self-love

    This is the time you need it the most. When this guy ghosted you, no doubt you were hurt and felt sad and desperate. Your self-worth came tumbling down.

    Don’t let another person decide what you are worth or make you feel less valuable. This guy walked out on you. He doesn’t have any right to make you feel lesser or sadder. Don’t allow this incident to alter your self-esteem and confidence. You should neither lower your standards nor ignore your values. This is the time for self-love.

    Prop yourself up with self-love. When you were basking in the love of your partner, you may have slacked on practicing self-love. Now it is time to step up to the plate and love yourself more than you have ever loved anyone before. 

    Look inward and understand who you really are. Now that you have more time to focus on yourself, identify your best attributes and appreciate them to the fullest. You may not realize this, but when you appreciate yourself, you will begin to exude confidence and irresistible beauty. You will begin to attract people in your vicinity towards you without making any special effort. 

    When your ghoster sees this, he is sure to regret his decision to dump you ingloriously. 

    Some more suggestions to make him regret ghosting you

    1. Be active online and share your best moments without fail.
    2. Don’t entertain his advances to reconnect with you. Ignore his overtures.
    3. If you are having a conversation with him, talk only about the great things you did together.
    4. Strike him where it hurts the most. As you know him and his habits well enough, do things that are sure to hurt his ego.
    5. Take steps to get rid of your anger, obsession, and desperation. 
    6. Convince yourself that whatever happened was not your fault. 
    7. Rediscover old hobbies and develop new ones. Do all those things you have always wanted to do but had been putting off for long.
    8. Work on your self-worth and self-belief.
    9. Make yourself your top priority.
    10. Feel alive and live life to the fullest as if you have no care in the world.

    Bottom line

    When the partner you trusted vanishes from your life one fine day, it is going to hurt. Your ego, confidence, self-belief, and self-worth are going to get hurt in a way you never imagined possible. 

    When this happens, you have two choices open to you. You can wallow in self-pity and drown yourself in sorrow or decide to pick up the pieces of your life and retaliate. Give him a taste of his own medicine. The advantage of the second choice is that it can help you recover from the blow faster and at the same time help you experience the sweet taste of revenge.

    Use the unbearable pain you are feeling to create a new and better version of yourself. Build a new life that will make you feel proud.

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