How To Make A Man Crave You Emotionally [11 Tips]

How To Make A Man Crave You Emotionally

How To Make A Man Crave You Emotionally
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    Ever experienced the feeling of not getting enough of something? The more you have it, the more you want. That’s craving.

    Is it possible to make a man crave you emotionally? That would be every woman’s dream in a relationship. 

    It is said that a woman thinks with her heart and a man with his head. Whether this is true or not, one thing is for sure. Women tend to feel more emotional attachment than men. And, they expect it from others. 

    To a woman, the essence of love in a relationship is emotional connection. She definitely enjoys the thrill of meeting a man and being attracted to him. But only when she is emotionally attached to her partner, does she feel truly in love.

    A woman believes that a man is totally into her when he craves her. The look and smile he gives her, his show of desire and appreciation, and the way he treats her – all these put together help her realize that he has eyes only for her and she is the only one in his life. When she finds out that he cannot stay away from her even for a moment, she is on top of the world.

    None of these come naturally for a man. A man can be madly in love with a woman without any of these outward displays of affection.  However, from a woman’s perspective, these are essential for a strong relationship. So, what is the solution? 

    Women can take steps to make a man happy, feel good, and crave her. If this can be accomplished, both get what they want. Read on to learn more about how to make a man crave you emotionally.

    This article explores the world of relationships and comes up with suggestions on how to make a man emotionally addicted to you.

    11 easy ways to make a man crave you emotionally

    If you know anything about human behavior, you would know that it is virtually impossible to make a person do something he/she doesn’t want to do. Instead of using coercion tactics, it would be more beneficial to build the right environment. 

    To make a man fall in love, you need to develop a relationship in which craving you comes naturally to him. This will happen only in an atmosphere where love, respect, trust, and honesty flourish. 

    These steps will help you build a strong and healthy relationship in which emotional attachment happens without force or coercion.

    1. Give him your undivided attention

    This is often misunderstood as “needy” and “dependent”. This is further interpreted as weak, incapable, and desperate. You do not want a man like this for sure. 

    You have to realize that giving a person your attention to strengthen your relationship is vastly different from attention-seeking behavior from your partner. As a modern independent woman, you would like a partner who is strong, self-reliant, and who is capable of taking care of himself.

    However, too much independence and self-sufficiency do not create the kind of atmosphere you want to have. Another point worth noting here is that giving undivided attention is one of the key elements of any good relationship, romantic or otherwise. 

    All this means is when you are with your partner, give him your whole attention, without allowing yourself to be distracted by people, the environment, or gadgets like phones or TV. You need to be actually present, actively listening to what he says and getting really involved in the conversation.

    2. Show your affection

    Loving him deep inside and not revealing it is not doing you any good. Let him know how much you love him and how much he means to you.

    You can include words of endearment in your conversations. You can also show him that you care deeply for him through thoughtful gestures and conscious touches. Often we don’t give importance to the display of affection in our lives. This offers you the shortcut to his heart.

    When you are showing clear signs of affection, it is easy for him to pick up the signals and arrive at the right deduction. This will also do a world of good for you by bringing you closer to him. 

    The power of positive touch is one of the most forgotten aspects of a relationship. Even when you are taking the initiative to touch your partner, both of you will reap the benefits from it. 

    3. Let him know how much you appreciate him

    Appreciation means more to men than women in a relationship. For this, his hero instinct is to be blamed. 

    All men feel an innate tendency to protect and provide for the people they love and care for. In return, he expects acknowledgment, appreciation, and gratitude for his efforts. Even if this is not too hard to do, often women don’t realize the importance of this gesture. 

    Not being appreciated is the most commonly cited reason for breakups and divorces. Sometimes a cursory “thank you” is not enough for the man happy and to make him feel that his efforts are being truly valued. Besides the verbal form of appreciation, you can convey your gratitude through simple actions. 

    For this, you don’t need to set aside time or go out of the way. If gratitude is already part of your mindset and behavior, this will come naturally to you. If not, there is no need to worry. If you want to do something, you will find ways to make it happen.

    Showing appreciation makes men feel the encouragement and energy to connect with you intimately and emotionally.

    4. Accept him as he is

    If you care to think about it, acceptance is one thing you long for in a relationship, sometimes even more than love and care. Your partner may not show or verbalize his need for acceptance, but he too long for it as much as you do.

    Offer the kind of acceptance that makes the man happy and feel at home with you. Embrace him for who he is and not for the potential he has to become the person you want him to be. This is a mistake that most women commit in the relationship.

    Women, with their active imagination, create images for their perfect partners. When they realize that the man of their dreams doesn’t exist, they settle for someone who shows the potential to transform into one. Most women fall in love with men based on this assumption rather than on who they really are.

    The need of the hour is complete acceptance. Let him know that you are aware of his efforts and highly value him for this. He will melt like butter in your hands.

    5. Show him respect

    Not showing respect is a major hindrance to a happy relationship. This may be due to a lack of respect or ignorance about the importance of showing respect. If it is the latter, it is easier to rectify. Now, after reading this article, you must have realized how vital your show of respect is for him and the relationship you share. All you need to do is to figure out healthy ways to make him know that you respect him and everything he stands for and does for you.

    In case you are finding it hard to respect him because of his behavior, you need to tackle the root of the issue. Think and figure out what is preventing you from respecting him. Once you identify the exact cause, you can approach him and request him to change his behavior. 

    There is no need for you to feel guilty about making this request. You are within your rights to make such a request. Once you have said your piece, it is up to him to decide what to do with your request. If he is making adjustments in his behavior, well and good. If not, you may walk away, depending on how important this issue is to you.

    A relationship without mutual respect will have a hard time surviving.

    6. Develop emotional maturity

    This is an often forgotten element in a relationship. For the health and balance of a relationship, both partners must be emotionally mature. 

    Emotional maturity means the ability to have a grip on the emotional state. This includes both what you feel and express. While some attain emotional maturity on their own, others need to work on it to reach the same level. Self-love, self-care, and self-growth will lead you to mental maturity,

    Taking responsibility for your feelings and thoughts are as important as owning up to your actions and words. When you have your emotions under control, men will find you very attractive.

    7. Spice up your relationship with variety

    Monotony is one of the dangers you need to be alert to in a relationship. It can sneak up on you and your partner unawares. Once monotony sets into your relationship, your daily life would resemble a hamster on a wheel. 

    Confidence and assurance are important in a relationship. This translates to developing a feeling of stability and certainty. When you know everything about each other and exactly what to expect in the relationship, it can get too boring and monotonous.

    Uncertainty and mystery are the perfect ingredients to spice up your relationship. Be spontaneous and playful. Be ready to explore the unknown together. Try things outside your comfort zone. Flirt with danger a bit. In short, make your life together a non-stop adventure.

    8. Be free and set him free

    Loving and caring for your partner doesn’t mean keeping yourself or your partner in the bondage of love. You should be able to stand on your feet and take care of yourself. It is equally vital that you don’t tie him down with expectations. 

    Because of his hero instinct, he may want to protect and provide for you but he also wants you to be capable enough to manage your life. He would find it reassuring that you have his back and can help him if need be. He would love and respect a woman who is independent and self-sufficient but would still like to have him as her partner and build a life together.

    He doesn’t want to surrender his power to you or expect the same from you. He wants a partner who can stand tall as an individual, at the same time love and bond with him.

    9. Exude radiance

    Radiance comes from a positive outlook. It is when your heart is brimming with positive emotions and thoughts that you feel radiant even in not-so-great situations. When your chakras are in perfect balance and you are perfectly aligned to the Universe, the world will look beautiful even when things are topsy-turvy.

    Self-love and self-acceptance are essential to get you there. Unless you can embrace yourself for who you are and acknowledge and accept your emotions, it would be hard to reach such heights of energy. 

    Any man would find it hard to resist a radiant woman.

    10. Show him your vulnerable side

    One of the shortcuts to emotional attachment and getting a man crave you emotionally is to reveal your vulnerabilities. Let him see your true self, beyond the facade you have erected for the world. When you open your heart to him, you are allowing him unlimited access to all aspects of your life. This is your way of telling him that you trust him completely.

    When you take this step, you are also inviting him to do the same. You are offering him safety and security from the big bad world. 

    11. Use Hero Instinct 12-word Text

    Hero Instinct is a powerful force that compels us to help others in need. It’s what makes us want to save people from burning buildings or rescue kittens from trees. When we see someone in trouble, our hero instinct kicks in, and we feel compelled to help.

    This instinct drives men to want to protect and care for the women they love. When a man feels like he’s your hero, it triggers his instinct to take care of you and make sure you’re safe and happy. So if you want to make your man crave you emotionally, make him feel like your hero.

    One way to ensure that a man is emotionally attracted to you is to use the Hero Instinct 12-word text. This text is designed to trigger a man’s hero instinct, and it has been proven to work time and time again. If you want a man who is emotionally attracted to you, send him the Hero Instinct 12-word text today.

    Bottom line

    Making a guy emotionally addicted to you and craving you is an art you can master with some effort. To make this happen, you need to be perfectly balanced and aligned with yourself. Learn to embrace yourself with all your virtues and vices. 

    Remove all doubts and desperations from your mind. Gain the ability to say “no” to a relationship that is ill-suited for you and be comfortable being in your own company. 

    You need to learn to love yourself as you are. Then and only then, your partner will find you charming and craveable.

    If you want to learn more about How To Make A Man Crave You Emotionally, check out His Secret Obsession Review. You’ll learn everything you need to know about how to make a man emotionally addicted to you.


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