How To Make Him Beg For Your Attention Again?

How To Make Him Beg For Your Attention Again?

How to make him beg for your attention again
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    So, you had this great thing going on with this guy and then, out of the blue, he gives you the cold shoulder, so to say. He doesn’t seem interested in you anymore. 

    However, you are still in love with him and want him back in your life. At the same time, you don’t want to look anxious or seem desperate. 

    You genuinely believe that you have found the perfect life partner in him. The trouble is how to convince him without losing your self-respect. How to make him beg for your attention again?

    You fear that if you remain silent, the amazing opportunity to have a beautiful relationship will slip away and you will regret it later on.

    Ever found yourself in such a situation and at a loss about what to do?

    In this situation, you would be wishing for a miracle. You dream about waking up one day to find him in love with you again. But that is something you can only wish for or dream about and not do anything about it. 

    Is there something that you can actually do to make him pay attention to you? Or better still, make him beg for your attention?

    11 ways to make him beg for your attention again

    You may now be at your wit’s end trying to figure out a way. However, the more you think about it, the more you feel depressed and desperate. 

    Should you just leave it be and wait for him to come back? 

    Not exactly. The first step you should take is to calm yourself down. Even when you are desperate to get something, showing your desperation will not help. Instead, tackle the situation in a mature grown-up way.

    Here are some suggestions on how you can regain his interest. Not all of these suggestions may be suitable for you, your partner, or your relationship. Choose the ones that will work best for you.

    1. Invest time in self-care

    Nothing can make you shine like a star when you learn to embrace yourself for who you are. How can another person appreciate you when you can’t?

    Women tend to forget themselves and their needs when they care for others. They tend to forget the importance of their support system, hobbies, interests, and most importantly, me-time. Relearn how to cherish your gifts and achievements. 

    Because when you start loving yourself, it will come out as a glow no one can ignore. Even this guy who seemed disinterested in you.

    2. Let him see what he is missing

    Now that you have all the time in the world to pay attention to yourself, go all out in pursuit of your goals. The ultimate objective is to feel good about yourself and eliminate the regrets. If you want to scale great heights in your career, go for it no holds barred. If your dream is to have a body that anyone would covet, pursue it with a vengeance. 

    Don’t allow anything to stand in the way of your dreams. So that when you succeed, your sense of achievement will be tenfold. 

    Announce your success and happiness to the world from the rooftops. Social media gives you the perfect opportunity for this. Upload your photos and videos to your social media accounts. Anyone following you should be left in awe, including this guy who abandoned you.

    3. Make yourself scarce

    Have you heard the idiom “absence/distance makes the heart grow fonder”? Nothing is truer. When you were together, he clearly didn’t appreciate you much. It is common for partners to take each other for granted. The fact that he is not with you is evidence enough. 

    If you want to rekindle his interest in you, the ideal approach would be to help him see your real worth. Make him see you for who you really are. Often people understand the worth of others when they are no longer with them. You can use the same strategy. 

    Keep your distance from him. Or even go away for a short vacation on your own or with your friends. When you come back, you will probably see the difference in him.

    4. Give him the respect he deserves

    Trust and mutual respect are the mainstays of a relationship. Without these two, it is bound to collapse. When he is making his disinterest clear to you, it may help to introspect whether you have given him the kind of respect he expects from you. If you find you are lacking in some areas, you can step up to the plate and do what is necessary to convince him of your respect.

    In a relationship, women are mostly looking for love and care, while men give more importance to trust and respect. If he feels that he doesn’t have your respect, he may feel inadequate in the relationship. If this is the case, all you need to do is to show your appreciation.

    5. Make him feel like a hero

    Have you heard about hero instinct? It is a natural instinct in all men to provide for and protect their loved ones. Unfortunately, this is not something a man can do all on his own. As his partner, you need to offer him the opportunity to play the hero. Only you can trigger his hero instinct.

    You can achieve this easily by asking him for help. Or you may let him know how much you appreciate him and his efforts. Praising him and celebrating his successes are all good opportunities to trigger his hero instinct. Hero Instinct 12-word text is another method you can try.

    The more you make him feel like your hero, the more effort he will put into appeasing you and making you happy. If you want to know more about hero instinct and how to trigger it, check out His Secret Obsession Review.

    6. Praise him in the presence of his friends and family

    Especially friends. It is a huge boost for him when you show your appreciation for him when his friends are present. Among his friends, his stature will go up a few notches when you approve and cheer for him. This is a very “guy thing” that most women find hard to understand.

    However, just to make it right with him, don’t overdo this appreciation part. Be genuine and honest. Say and do only what you really believe in. Or else, your efforts are bound to fall flat. 

    7. Talk to him in a love language he understands

    We all know that women need reassurance about love and acceptance. But the general perception is that men do not need it. That is not true at all. The reassurance men need is of a different kind though. They want to be reassured that they are needed and they are giving you the kind of life you expect from them. That they are making you happy. Figure out his love language.

    Often couples tend to forget the need for reassurance or let each other know their feelings and thoughts. Just as it is important to have open conversations when something is wrong, it is also vital to let your partner know that they are living up to your expectations. Or better still, they are exceeding it.

    8. Request for his help

    This is one of the simplest ways to trigger his hero instinct and make him feel needed. At least some women feel this is demeaning as they are self-sufficient and can handle their lives. Asking for his help doesn’t mean you have to let go of your dignity and self-respect. He will value your request for help more knowing that you reached out to him despite being capable of handling it.

    But make sure that you are justified in this demand for help. If these are things that you are very well capable of handling yourself, they may end up backfiring on you. He may even feel manipulated and insulted. Ask for help only when you genuinely want it. And, make sure that you present it in an appealing way to him.

    9. Let go of your needy and clingy behavior

    Of course, he wants to feel needed. Don’t misinterpret this as you acting needy. There is a world of difference between the two. While making him feel needed can trigger his hero instinct and bring him closer to you, acting needy will only make him run as far away from you as he can. 

    When you act needy, you are demanding him to pay attention. That is bound to get him desperate and irritated. This will ultimately force him to stray and not pay attention to you at all. 

    Again, if you cling to him like a limpet, it clearly displays your desperation and your distrust in him. Take efforts to eliminate both these negative traits. This will help you reclaim his attention.

    10. Rediscover yourself

    In the rat race of modern times, women often let go of their femininity to become more competent and self-sufficient. In the melee, they forget that they can have both. They can be efficient without letting go of their femininity. Reconnecting with your feminine side is especially important if you are dating an alpha male.

    Resume your hobbies and interests and reawaken your creative talents. Spend more time in close contact with nature. This helps you to understand yourself better. Don’t let go of opportunities to laugh out loud. Listen to your intuitions and use them more often in decision-making. Accept and acknowledge your emotions. Learn to live in the present. In short, be yourself.

    11. Enjoy yourself

    Don’t allow your worries to tie you down in life. You just need to realize that anxieties will always be there in life but they can affect you only if you allow them to dictate your life. 

    Instead, you can choose to be happy, content, and carefree. Learn to go with the flow and fill your life with fun and laughter. You may find life challenging at times, but you can overcome these challenges easily with a “can-do” attitude. Chilling and having fun once in a while can help make life more enjoyable.

    Men obviously tend to feel attracted to the fun element in you.

    Some more tips to regain his attention

    1. Reinvent yourself and transform your appearance.
    2. Open your heart and add spice to your daily life.
    3. Impress him with your magnetic presence.
    4. Leave a bit of yourself hidden and mysterious. 
    5. Reveal your sense of humor.
    6. Let him see your confident self.
    7. Flirt with him when the occasion is right.
    8. Give him space and be patient.
    9. Let him discover you at his own pace and time.
    10. Don’t allow others’ opinions and expectations to get to you.
    11. Use social media to your advantage.
    12. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin.

    What are the signs that he has lost interest in you?

    That is simple. When he is no longer interested in you, he will ignore you and turn to other things that interest him. This is definitely not rocket science.

    At times, he may cover up his disinterest in you so as not to offend you. However, you can easily figure it out from his behavior. Here are some obvious signs that he is not into you anymore.

    1. He is rude to you.
    2. He finds faults with you.
    3. He avoids you.
    4. He pushes you away.
    5. He doesn’t answer your calls/texts.
    6. He avoids face-to-face interactions with you.
    7. He has excuses ready to evade you.
    8. He fails to pay attention to you.
    9. He no longer includes you in his plans.
    10. He stops talking to you about the future.

    Bottom line

    What are your chances of making him beg for your attention?

    This is a question that has been nagging you for some time. There is no simple answer to this. It entirely depends on why he lost interest in you. In some instances, you have a chance to get him back, but this may not always be the case.

    If you can manage to convince him that you are worth pursuing, he may come back. If he realizes that he ignored you for silly reasons and that it wasn’t your fault, you got a chance to make him beg for your attention. 

    He may realize that he left you just because he felt bored and desired a change. He may pursue what he felt to be exciting and figure out that it was just a myth. After all, the grass is always greener on the other side. There is a good possibility of him returning to you.

    On the other hand, if he doesn’t come back, it is because he found validation that you two do not make a good couple. He may have his own reasons for thinking so. He has already left you in every sense – physically and emotionally. He has ejected you from his mental space. Nothing you can do or say can persuade him to love you again.

    Instead of living in a fool’s paradise, you should get to the bottom of it and gain clarity.


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