How to Make Him Choose You Over the Other Woman [9 tips]

How to Make Him Choose You Over the Other Woman?

How to Make Him Choose You Over the Other Woman

When a third person enters a relationship, it gets complicated.

With another woman joining the scene, you know that you have got some serious competition. However, you need not worry about how to make him choose you over the other woman at all. If you play your cards right, you can steal his heart and be the winner. 

What makes a man choose one woman over another?

The first step toward this goal is to figure out what kind of woman he wants as his partner. Most men wish for someone easygoing, caring, compassionate, attractive, supportive, affectionate, funny, and intelligent. 

Try to project the traits in you that he may find attractive. Make the time spent with him fun-filled and relaxing. Show your interest in knowing more about him. At no point, bring up the topic of the other woman. Behave as if you don’t care. And, most important of all, trigger his hero instinct

This is not all. This article explains in detail the strategies you may adopt when a man is torn between two women and to make him choose you over the other woman. Once you follow these tactics, all you need to do is look out for the sign he chose you over the other woman.

9 fail-safe plans to make him choose you over the other woman

1. Let him see how compatible you are with him

More than anything else, this is one factor that is bound to make him favor you. Though it is said that in relationships opposites attract, it rarely comes true. There are indeed such couples, but very few when compared to couples with similar interests.

It is a human tendency to gravitate toward people with similar tastes, viewpoints, beliefs, and values. Or for that matter, similar interests and hobbies. Shared beliefs and behavioral traits make it easier to get along well with each other, while differing views may cause friction even in a committed relationship.

By now, you must know enough about him to figure out your commonalities. Now, all you need to do is let it come up casually for him to notice. When he sees that you gel well together, he will be more interested in you.

2. Don’t fawn over him too much

In other words, in your eagerness to make him choose you over the other woman, don’t devalue yourself. That will not serve your purpose.

As part of this strategy, don’t wait on him hand and foot. Meaning, don’t agree to everything he says or asks of you or be available at his beck and call all the time. Though a healthy and committed relationship doesn’t involve playing mind games, making yourself not so easy to get has its advantages.

However, don’t take it to the extreme to make him think that you aren’t interested. Learn where the fine line is drawn between “hard to get” and clamoring for his attention in desperation. At no point abandon your dignity. Let him not think that you cannot live without him or you’ll do anything to be with him.

Even if you feel so, let it not show in your interactions with him. Act cool as if you don’t care. However, you may watch out for the sign he chose you over the other woman.

3. Let him know that you enjoy his jokes

Laughing at his jokes is something he is definitely going to appreciate. That is what he has been practicing so hard to accomplish. You score a big point with him by letting him know how much you enjoy hearing his jokes.

Men tend to have a substantial ego and laughing at his jokes is a simple way to massage his ego. Moreover, this gives you a chance to laugh together and this is considered a clear sign of mutual attraction.

But make sure that your laugh is not hollow. If he suspects that you are faking the laugh or laughing at him, your entire strategy is bound to fall apart like a house of cards.

4. Flirt with him a little bit

Again, keep it within the limit and not overboard. If you do that, he will know that you are faking it for your own selfish and gainful reasons. 

Flirting is a genuine way to woo a potential partner and build a relationship. It is through flirting that you let him know that you are romantically attracted to him. Or else, you may end up forming a beautiful platonic friendship with him.

Flirting is also an excellent tool for developing chemistry in a committed relationship. If he flirts back, you know that he is interested in you. It is an excellent technique to break the ice in a relationship. While flirting, you have the freedom to express your attraction toward him much easier than otherwise. You can be playful and tease him, keeping the atmosphere light and easy.

5. Trigger his inner hero

Have you heard about hero instinct? This is a term coined by the relationship expert James Bauer to denote this special feeling a man feels toward the people he loves and cares for. When their hero instinct is triggered, men want to protect you from real and perceived harm. They want to make your life as easy and free of troubles as they can.

While this definitely seems like an attractive proposition, hero instinct is not something your man can trigger himself. It’s entirely up to you to do the work and enjoy its benefits as well. 

6. Believe in yourself. Be confident and assertive

No matter what any situation might make you feel, make sure to remain confident. Don’t let low self-esteem make you doubt yourself.

You know your worth and make sure that he does too. He needs to see why it is a better option to choose you over the other woman. Show him what you are capable of and make sure he understands why you make the best decision for him and why his trust should be in you instead of anyone else.

Reaffirm that this is the choice he should make, and make sure that your self-confidence comes through loud and clear.

7. Be positive and avoid negativity

Rather than dwelling on negative feelings and insecurities, make sure to focus on the positive!

Be confident that you make the best choice for him so make sure to make your presence known with joyful conversations full of compliments, laughs, enjoyable topics, and happiness.

This way, make him choose you over the other woman as he is sure to see just how amazing you are with your attitude!

8. Create opportunities to spend quality time together

Spending quality time with someone you care about can make a world of difference in strengthening your relationship – make sure your man knows that.

To make it easy, take the time to make plans for a romantic dinner or movie night, or even take a day trip away.

Don’t forget to make him feel special when he has chosen to spend his valuable time with you! Showing how much you value such moments and making him feel appreciated will make him choose you over the other woman every day of the week.

9. Try to know him more by asking questions

Now that you have taken the time to get to know him better make sure that you make him choose you over the other woman.

Take advantage of this opportunity to make sure that you are familiar with what matters most to him in life, as well as his likes and dislikes.

Ask questions about the other woman in his life, so that at least you can understand who she is and where she fits in his world. This can help make things much clearer for both of you, so make sure you make use of the time.

Some more suggestions to make him choose you over the other woman

  • Let him know that he has competition. Don’t restrict your options.
  • Don’t allow the other woman to trouble you. Forget about her.
  • Request for his help. This will trigger his hero instinct.
  • Get physically close to him and develop intimacy.
  • Create opportunities to spend quality time together.
  • Let him into your inner circle and see you for who you are.
  • Give him a glimpse of your self-respect and how much you value yourself.
  • Try to see the situation from a perspective other than win/lose.

What to do if a guy is choosing between you and another girl?

Instead of worrying over how to make him choose you over the other woman, consider how to make him feel attracted to you and make him see you as the one. It all boils down to some simple truths. 

He needs to find you more attractive than the other woman. The main factors of attraction are similarity, proximity, familiarity, reciprocity, and physical attraction. When you have the right combination of these factors and you tick more boxes than the other woman, you become the winner in this game of hearts. 

In simple language, he will choose you over the other woman.

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