How to Make Him Fall in Love With You Over Text?

How to Make Him Fall in Love With You Over Text?

How to Make Him Fall in Love With You Over Text

Your heart may be overflowing with love and romance but you need someone to share it with.

In life, you may face a situation in which you are crushing on someone but you are not getting the reply you expect. Then, you may be searching for ways to make the guy fall in love with you. 

This is not as hard to manage as you might think. When the guy is not receiving your signals correctly, you may think it impossible to let him know how you feel about him without being upfront about it. 

You would be happy to know that there are indirect ways to approach this seemingly impossible task through well-written love text messages. In other words, you send him the correct message and you make him fall for you like a ton of bricks.

This article will help you understand how to make him fall in love with you over text. Here you will learn about the important rules you need to keep in mind when texting him and the various kinds of texts you can use on different occasions. 

RULES to follow while texting him

Before we start describing the method, the rules, and the various formats you can use to make him fall in love with you over text, you should be aware of certain basic guidelines you need to follow. 

You will find sample love text messages here, but you may not be able to use them as such. You may have to adapt them to your situation. Or you can pick from the text message templates and personalize them to suit your circumstances.

Now, let’s move on to the RULES of texting. Don’t jump to conclusions that this is some elaborate and complex set of rules for you to follow. It is just an acronym for some tips on how to write texts to make him fall in love.

R for Re-reading the message before sending

When you type a message on your phone, there are so many different ways something can go wrong. If you send it immediately without checking, the person receiving it may get the wrong idea about you. In fact, what you want to convey may even get lost in the melee. 

So, it is vital that you re-read the message to ensure it is conveying what you actually want to say. Besides this, you should also check for spelling mistakes, tone, and clarity. It is recommended to read the message at least 3 times before sending it.

If you send without checking, there is always a chance that you overlooked some simple mistake. Your original message would lose its impact when you follow it up with corrections and explanations. You may feel that this is taking it too far and isn’t necessary. But this simple exercise can save you blushes and add power to your messages.

U for Using a language that describes an action

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. This describes the situation well. Often women find it hard to think from a guy’s perspective because they can’t understand them. Women don’t seem to understand the need for the kind of messages that men find attractive or evoke a good response in them.

Women tend to favor texts that are descriptive and elicit emotions in them. On the other hand, men prefer to visualize what you are conveying. So, a descriptive love text that triggers the imagination of a man in the need of the hour.

For example, a woman may fall for “I miss you lots”. However, a man would be bowled over by “I desperately want to hold you tight right now”. While the former is all about feelings, the latter describes an action in words.

You may think that this isn’t too important. But in love, little things have a way of adding up.

L for Leaving him craving more

A trick you need to know when trying to make him want you over text is not to go all the way and let him experience the ultimate. This means you should always hold something back and not show your hand completely. In other words, don’t send him too many messages even if they are the right kind.

Instead of feeling too enthusiastic about the whole thing, choose your words with care and send him a well-crafted message. He would love it and would look forward to the next one. Take your time to send the next one. That is how it should be. 

E for Excitement

No one needs to teach you that excitement is the cornerstone of romance. The same applies when texting as well. Avoid boring and unimaginative one or two-word texts. Such as “Hi!” and “What’s up?”. With these messages, you are wasting away the opportunity to grab the attention of the guy.

Such one or two-word uninteresting messages are typically sent when you don’t want to put much effort into it. It gives the impression that you are sending them for the sake of sending them. With these messages, you are expecting the receiver to provide you with entertainment. That is going about it the wrong way around.

Make every text you send to him count. Make it as enticing, interesting, and exciting as you can. It should draw him out and compel him to see you in a romantic light. It should get him excited to interact with you. 

If you are in a kind of relationship with him where you constantly exchange texts, you may not find it easy. First, you need to work on this and bring down the number of texts to manageable levels. Do this in a phased manner that will not arouse suspicion. 

S for Staying positive

When you use secret words to make him fall in love with you, your efforts may not always meet with success. You may face setbacks. If you want to make this happen, you need to maintain a positive attitude throughout. Because your frame of mind will definitely reflect on your text messages and avoid sending him negative and depressing texts like the plague.

This doesn’t mean you have to be artificial or fake your emotions in the text messages you send to him. On days you are not feeling so great, you can try to keep it pleasant instead of being downbeat. You will get your chance to be open and reveal all your thoughts and feelings to him but there is a time for this. It’s definitely not now. 

Moreover, revealing your dark and depressing thoughts through text messages should be avoided at all times. Even when you are angry or upset, don’t go on record with text messages. People welcome feel-good messages and so send them to him.

Sweet text messages to make him fall in love

If you are unsure of how to frame love messages for him to fall in love, read on.

1. “I’m thinking of you” text

This is a good starting point for you to make him fall in love with you over text. So, you must have met him and interacted with him a few times. You hesitated to show your interest in him because he didn’t show any himself. This is the perfect way to let him know that you are interested in him. 

This text will get his attention as it says clearly your feelings towards him without any ambiguity. You can also use this message when you have already been in a relationship with the guy. If you feel your relationship is going nowhere and it needs some perking up, this love text message will do wonderfully. This is sure to bring a smile to his lips. That is exactly the intention.

You can expand on this idea of “thinking of you” and send longer text messages. Make sure that the tone of the message remains positive. 

“Hey! Today I was listening to “All of Me” by John Legend on Spotify. I was transported to that first time we met. The entire day I was thinking of you.”

“Today I woke up thinking of you and thoughts about you stayed with me the entire day. Can’t wait to see you.”

Both these are simple yet bring out your emotions so well. 

2. “Make him go wild and crazy for you” text

You cannot always play it safe and mild when trying to make him want you over text. You need to be bold and give him what he wants. That doesn’t mean you have to send him dirty pictures of you. If you know how to, you can achieve the same with the right text messages. 

The goal of these text messages is to create a fictional world for you and your guy to live in. In this world, you have the freedom to say all those things that you want to say and he wants to hear. You may find it too awkward or embarrassing to verbalize your fantasies about your time spent with him. But text messages offer you the perfect platform to describe them in detail.

While at this, you need to learn to draw pictures with words. This is what works for a guy. You can ignite his mind and drive him crazy in love with you with such text messages. 

“I love the way you hold me. I can feel the warmth of your hand on my body – tender and timid. Can’t wait to be in your arms.”

“I can feel your sweet gentle kisses all over my body. You know exactly how to arouse me.”

You can let your imagination run wild while crafting these text messages. There is no obligation for you to carry them through as long as you don’t explicitly agree to that. If you agree to something and back out of it, he will consider you a fake and a turn-off.

3. “I love …” text

You can take these flirty messages to whatever level you want to. As the occasion demands, you can keep them within limits or make them X-rated. You can talk about what you would love to do with him or what you love in him. Men tend to invariably fall for these messages.

Men are not used to being appreciated but have an unquenchable thirst for compliments. There is a misconception that it is women who want to be appreciated and that men are least interested in them. This is not true at all. You can tap into this potential and make the most of it with these texts. 

“I love your strong arms and muscular body. I feel so safe and secure when I am with you.”

“I love how much you care about me. Where were you when I was in high school?”

“I love your passion for justice. I have a lot to learn from you.”

Whether you are talking about his physical body, his behavior towards you, or his emotions, when you show appreciation for it, he will be impressed. But it would be recommended to avoid the obvious in text messages. Like his deep blue eyes, friendly nature, or readiness to help you. Because he must have heard those compliments from almost all those who come across him.

When writing texts like this, make sure to add as many details as you can. Or else they may look superfluous and not authentic. When a guy is handsome and has a muscular body, he is working hard on maintaining it and is well aware of his positive traits. You are using his ego to your own advantage.

4. “Recognizing his efforts” text

The previous section was about appreciating his innate qualities with “I love …” texts. This one is about acknowledging and appreciating the work he is doing to win you over. This will make his heart melt and he will be putty in your hands thereafter. 

Something a guy hates is not being given due recognition for his efforts. This is an amazing opportunity for you to win him over and make him do your bidding with some well-written text messages. Your man will be on cloud nine when you praise him for all that he is doing for you. 

Since this is about something your guy has done for you, there is no specific template for you to follow. Figure out the most important thing that he has done for you. While at it, don’t go back too far. Time is of the essence here. If you compliment him for an amazing evening out a year or two later, it obviously won’t work. 

However, you can use the past to add more intensity to the present. As in,

“I really appreciate everything that you have done for me. Even if I don’t spell it out always, I want you to know that you mean so much to me.”

“I’m not sure what I have done to deserve you but I know how lucky I’m to have you.”

“I’m not always easy to get along with. I can be difficult and stubborn at times. I’m incredibly grateful to have you in my life. You make my life joyful and blessed.”

5. “Triggering the memory” text

If you are already a couple, you can use these texts to jog some beautiful memories you created together. The trick here is to include all details about the incident so that he will retrieve the memory you are referring to without much effort.

Another thing you can do to make these memories more powerful is to bring those memories to the present. Such as,

“Do you remember our first date? Both of us feeling so awkward to sit close to each other but at the same time wanting to come closer and snuggle against each other.”

“We were partying the entire night and the sun was shining bright when we made it back home. When snuggling into your arms, I remember feeling all my weariness melt away.”

“Every time your lips touch my body, it sends shockwaves through it. Don’t blame me for what I do next.”

Just remember to write your own memories and not use the ones listed above. These memories must be real or else he will think you sent the text to the wrong guy. That’s going to be quite awkward for you.

Here are a few templates for text messages you can try. 

“Do you remember when …”

“Just imagine us in …”

“That time when we were …”

Use flirty words denoting actions and emotions in plenty. Be as descriptive and make it as real as you can. 

Bottom line

It’s all about triggering the right emotions in him to make him fall in love with you over text. You may think it is harder to do this over text and easier if you are interacting with him in person. You got it all wrong. You can be as effective over text as you are in person. Learn how to write the perfect text and he will be yours in no time.

If you’re looking to learn how to make a man fall in love with you over text, then The Devotion System Review is an excellent resource to explore. By checking out The Devotion System Review, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the strategies and techniques that can help you create a deep emotional connection with a man through text messaging.

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