How to Manifest a Relationship with Someone?

How to Manifest a Relationship with Someone?

how to manifest a relationship with someone

Have you been searching for the ideal relationship with that perfect someone? After suffering a series of heartbreaks, you must be wondering where you went wrong. The rest of the world seems to have figured this out.

Even as relationships are no rocket science, you would still require some understanding of human nature including yourself to get it right. Once you have figured out what you want, the law of attraction can help you with the rest.

This article takes an honest and sincere look at the issue and comes up with some solutions and tips to help you find your true love.

What went wrong?

When you are saying that you want to manifest a relationship with someone, are you aware of which one is the operative word? Relationship or someone? 

Do you already have a person in mind and want to have a relationship with that specific person? Or have you figured out the kind of relationship you want and are searching for someone to fit the bill?

Both come with pluses and minuses. The problem here is you have already decided the outcome and are trying to work towards it. It may work if the outcome you came up with is the right one. 

It is always good to know what you want and the law of attraction can help you manifest it. However, if your desire is not rooted in reality, you may face roadblocks on your manifestation path.

For example, you may have listed the qualities of the person you want to have a relationship with based on what you saw around you. Like in movies or among your friends. 

Before you decided that this is the kind of person you want in your life, did you think for a moment about how the person will fit in your life or whether they are suitable for you? Even if there is nothing wrong with a person, they may not be the right one for you.

So, you would be looking for these qualities in the people you are having relationships with. And, when you do not find them, you are disappointed and the relationships end in breakups.

Does this sound too familiar?

There may be more issues that are preventing you from finding your soulmate. Such as unfinished past relationships and loss of faith. Or you may be unconsciously putting up a wall to shield yourself from frequent heartbreaks.

Read on to learn how you can realign your desires and expectations to manifest that perfect relationship with someone.

How to manifest love?

Do you know that you can manifest love using the law of attraction? And, this includes the relationship that you desire with a specific person. 

You need to pay attention to certain aspects of the process to have a successful manifestation. Clarity of thought, real intention, and managing your expectations are the key points you need to focus on. Read on to know more about this.

1. Decide what you want

This is always the first step of a manifestation journey and trying to manifest a specific person or a relationship with someone is no different. Take your time to understand what you are searching for in a relationship and your partner. 

This step gains importance as without a clear idea of your desire, your manifestation attempt will be dead even before it can get started. To gain clarity, you need to ask yourself questions such as,

  • What are the qualities you want in a partner?
  • What traits in the person will make them the most compatible with you?
  • What are the habits and behaviors in your partner that you find abhorrent?
  • What kind of treatment are you expecting from your partner?
  • Do you expect support and encouragement from your partner in realizing the major goals you have set for yourself in life?

Looking for love without any clear-cut idea of the details is one of the main reasons for its failure. Many relationships end in breakups because one or both partners enter it with a vague idea and set their expectations later on. 

A point to remember here is that defining the qualities of your partner and relationship does not imply that you should carve them out in stone. For all you know, you may be looking for a perfect person who is non-existent. 

Be flexible and keep your heart open to the possibilities that open up for you. You should be willing to reassess your choices at each stage as you move forward in the manifestation path.

2. Love yourself

Do you know that your heart opens up to love someone and accept love only when you can love and accept yourself? Many of us think that these two aspects are not linked. Nothing can be further from the truth.

When you are not comfortable in your own skin, this means you look down on yourself and lack confidence. This translates to the presence of negative energy vibrations in you.

The law of attraction is all about “like attracts like”. That is if you have a positive mindset, you attract positive people, things, and events. The reverse is also true.

When your mind is in a negative space, you tend to attract negative people. However, you are searching for a partner with positive traits. This mismatch in reality and expectations can result in disaster.

The simplest way out of this dilemma is to learn to practice self-love and to accept yourself for who you are. If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect another person to love you? And if you can’t love yourself, how can you love another person?


3. Prepare to welcome your partner

This step may not seem important to you as others. There is a world of difference between wishing for something and living it. When you actually get your dreams, you may realize that you are not ready for it or that is not what you want.

To avoid such situations, you need to mentally prepare yourself to accommodate your partner in your life. Moreover, the Universe needs to be convinced that you are ready for the realization of your desire.

The law of attraction offers tools and techniques to help you with this. 

Visualization is considered the most powerful of all manifestation techniques. This involves using your imagination skills to envision your life after you have manifested your dreams. Involving more senses in this exercise can make it stronger and more effective. You may imagine significant moments in your future life such as getting married or having children.

Affirmation is another effective tool you can use to remove hurdles in your manifestation path. These simple positive statements can help you to let go of limiting beliefs that can hamper your progress. You can use affirmations to gain clarity of thought and stay connected to your goal.

As you spend more time thinking and reflecting about the relationship and the partner you are seeking, you would be better prepared to welcome them into your life.

4. Trust the Universe

You may be following the steps of manifestation to the best of your ability but still, you may go wrong with your goal. The reason for this can be as simple as you may not be aware of some of the choices open to you. 

Even when you think you know what you really want, keep your mind open for new opportunities you may come across in the manifestation path. Because the Universe brings them to you with some purpose. Have complete faith in the Universe to bring you what is best for you. For all you know, you will end up with someone who you never knew existed and way beyond your expectations. 

Final word

Though it is always desirable to know your heart and work towards achieving your dreams, you should also keep an open heart to the possibilities and opportunities that come your way. The reason is simple enough. When you set your heart on something, you may not be aware of all the choices available to you.

Again, trust the Universe to know what is best for you. All you need to do is to stay alert to the signs of the Universe and accept the blessings with grace and gratitude. 

When searching for the love of your life, start by loving yourself. And, instead of feeling the absence of love in your life, truly believe that you have already found it. Have faith in the Universe and that perfect relationship you have been wishing for will be yours in no time.


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