How to Manifest Friends in 6 Steps: Law of Attraction Secret

How to Manifest Friends in 6 Steps

How to Manifest Friends

Are you having trouble finding friends and making friendships? Are you described as a loner and a reticent person?

You are here and reading this article is proof that you want to change all that. Don’t worry. You too can have friends by following these simple steps of manifestation.

You may have often wondered how easily others form friendships and have a coterie of friends. Some people are blessed with inherent “friend-attracting” behavior that helps them form friendships without any effort. 

While some others like you are not so fortunate in this department. This doesn’t mean you cannot have those qualities. You too can develop the same attitude and behavioral patterns if you want to, with a little effort.

The law of attraction and manifestation process can help you get there. You too can turn into a people magnet with the help of manifestation techniques and processes.

This article takes you through the principles of the law of attraction and helps you understand how to manifest new friends and long-lasting friendships. Here you will also find how to turn your limiting beliefs into affirmations for friendship.

The law of attraction and manifestation

Before we proceed further, here are the highlights.

The law of attraction is a philosophy that tells you that you can attract positive events and people into your lives with a positive attitude. The same is true for negative thoughts as well. This is described in short as “like attracts like”.

Another Universal Law, the law of vibrations states that all things are made up of energy and they are in perpetual vibration. This includes living and non-living, tangible and intangible. This means your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are also energy.

You can raise your positive energy vibrations with positive thinking and other similar manifestation techniques. When your energy level matches that of your desire, it is attracted towards you. This process is called manifestation.

You have various manifestation techniques to choose from to raise your vibrational energy. Such as visualization, affirmations, and gratitude.

Using the manifestation process, you can manifest anything you want including best friends and friendships.

How to attract friends with manifestation?

Reading the steps of manifestation is easy, understanding them is difficult, practicing them the hardest. 

You need to be passionate and focused about what you want to develop the kind of patience and determination that can get you through the manifestation process and help you come out of it successfully.

However, let this not scare you or deter you from knowing more about it and trying it. As you get to know more about it, you can always work on the basic requirements and improve them.

So, here are the 6 steps for friendship manifestation.

Step 1: Be clear about the intention behind your desire

This is one of the prime requirements for successful manifestation. As you know, manifestation is all about positive energy. So, this means your desire has to come from a positive space.

Do you want to manifest friends to get away from your lonely existence? Or are you looking for friendships as a desperate measure to prove to the world that you are also popular?

These reasons for desiring friends and friendships have negative connotations. And hence doesn’t conform to the tenets of the law of attraction.

Instead, if you want to find a best friend purely for the joy that such a relationship brings, you are on the right track.

Before proceeding with manifestation steps, ensure that your goal of attracting friends is based on positive thoughts.

Step 2: Visualize yourself surrounded by your friend group

Visualization is a powerful technique used to amp up your positive energy during the manifestation process. This involves imagining your future life after the realization of your goal.

Imagine yourself surrounded by the kind of friends you want to have in your life. Be as specific about the details as you can. How are they behaving? What are they saying and doing? What sort of camaraderie exists between the friends in the group?

The more details you have in your visualization experience, the more positivity you will feel and the better your chances of manifestation.

Bring in your emotions and sensations into the experience. In your imagination, feel the connection and pleasure of having such good friends. Take in the happy feeling of being in such wonderful company. 

Stay in this zone as long as you want to. And repeat this exercise as often as you want to. Daily visualization exercises can do wonders for your manifestation.

Step 3: Do away with mental blocks

Even when one half of your mind is wishing for best friends, the other half will play the devil’s advocate and may have negative things to say to deter you. Such as “Friendships are exploitative” or “Friends always leave you when you need them the most”.

These may be from your own past experiences or that of others you know of. But history is after all history. You should learn from them and move on. You should not use that as yardsticks for the future. The new people you meet are different.

You need to work on such limiting beliefs and eliminate them from your mindset. Because wishing for friends and having such negative opinions about friends do not go together. You have to choose one. 

Getting rid of mental blocks is easier said than done. Affirmations are your best bet for this. They work on your mind in a slow but effective way.

If you want fast results, you can try the “manifest on paper” method. Also known as the 369 method, this exercise involves writing down a chosen affirmation three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at the end of the day. This can help you change your mindset overnight and manifest friends quickly.

You can turn around your limiting beliefs into powerful affirmations. Here are some sample friendship affirmations.

Limiting beliefs Affirmations
I am not good at making friends. I am good at making friends.
People don’t like me. People like me.
I will always be friendless. I will always be surrounded by friends.
Friends will abandon me when I need them. Friends will always stand by me.
Friendship is hard work. Friendships are most enjoyable.

Step 4: Get proactive

The manifestation process is not only about wishing for something and focusing on the same. Merely dreaming about something is not going to get you results. You need to take supportive action to make your dreams come true.

To manifest friends, you have to get out, meet new people, and take the extra effort to know them better. Friends connect and friendships happen when their energies and interests match up.

Think up ways you can meet new people. You can try both online and offline. When you show a keen interest in connecting with people and knowing them, your friends’ circle will naturally grow.

Online friendships are much easier. Join groups with themes you find interesting. It is easier to find common ground there.

Step 5: Believe in the power of the Universe

Trust is a vital component of the manifestation process. Without it, the rest of the process will fall apart.

Again, trust is not easy to build. It is something you have to start at the foundation and build it brick by brick. One bad turn of events and it crumbles like a house of cards.

A simple approach to building trust in the Universe is to break down the goal into smaller and easily achievable intentions. With the success of each intention, you will find your confidence in the Universe is growing.

Step 6: Let it go

There is no room for negative energy in the manifestation process. Even if it is related to your desire. Your desire should remain within limits and not turn into an obsession. Because obsessions come from a place of lack and have negative energy.

The presence of negativity in the manifestation process can hamper your efforts in becoming an energetic match for the goal.

To ensure that your dreams are not turning into obsessions, you should learn how to relax and let go of the goal. This doesn’t mean you should stop visualization exercises and repeating affirmations.

You should learn the balancing act of focusing on the goal without being consumed by it.

With this move, you are declaring your trust in the Universe to bring you the goal.

Concluding thoughts

You may find friends in the unlikeliest of the people and places. Keep your mind and options open when you are searching for new friendships.

The secret to successful manifesting is to avoid preconceived notions about what you need and is suitable for you. Just allow the Universe to guide you to your new best friend.

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