How to Manifest Good Health for Someone Else in 6 Steps

How to Manifest Good Health for Someone Else

How to Manifest Good Health for Someone Else

You may have heard about the law of attraction and how you can manifest anything you want with it. 

Typically, the desires that you manifest are for yourself. For your happiness, comfort, and pleasure.

You may be naturally curious to know whether you can manifest good things for others. You may have tried to persuade this person to follow the manifestation routine but they are refusing to. However, you are not willing to give up easily. You want to know whether you can make it happen for them.

The simple answer is yes. You can do that. But it comes with a rider.

You can manifest things in the lives of others only if they welcome them and want them. 

Consider this scenario. Someone you care about a lot wants to have something good but is not willing to put in the effort to manifest it. Then, you can step in and do the work for them. However, you should be able to get them to cooperate and they should not offer resistance.

This article explores how you can manifest good health for a loved one. 

How does the law of attraction for health works?

The law of attraction works on the principle of “like attracts like”. This means you can attract anything you want into your life with positive thoughts and intentional action.

To attract your desire, you need to raise your vibrational energy to match that of your desire. This process is known as manifestation. 

Manifesting good health involves shifting your mindset about your perspective about foods, eating, working out, and general wellbeing. The law of attraction offers a range of manifestation techniques to help you with this. Such as visualization and affirmation.

You need to be aware that in most cases, manifesting goals takes time. It is not a fast or overnight process. Though there are some techniques like the 369 manifestation method for affirmations to speed up the process. You need to have patience and determination to succeed in manifesting good health.

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How different is it manifesting goals for others?

Manifesting your own desires is easier when compared to manifesting for others. The reasons are obvious.

The goal you set for your manifestation is something you want deeply and often passionately. You may be as passionate about the desire you want to manifest for another person. But the question here is, do they want it at all. 

Understandably, you want to make life better for a loved one and are willing to put in the effort and endure the hardships of the manifestation process. However, if the person doesn’t desire the same thing or is even against it, manifestation is not possible. 

Consider this scenario. If you can manifest whatever you want for others, evil minds can misuse this provision to make the lives of others difficult. Manifestation works the same way whether the goal is good or bad.

You can manifest something for others only if they also want the same thing. Only when the person is aligned with the goal you have set for them, you can work on their behalf and make it happen for them.

Even when you want the best for a loved one, if they are not in agreement, manifestation is not possible.

6 steps to health manifestation for others

Unlike the steps to manifest your own health, manifesting health and healing for others involves a different approach.

While you need to ensure that your desire for them is in alignment with what they want for themselves, you also need to keep the fact that you are manifesting physical healing for them a secret. The reason for this is simple.

You may think that when you reveal that you are undertaking the manifestation process for good health on their behalf, they would appreciate it and consider this as a sign of love and affection.

It may not always work like this. When two people are involved, even if there is love and understanding between them, ego has a role to play in their relationship. This can create trouble for manifestation.

When you offer to manifest health, their pride may take a beating. It may seem to them as if you are telling them they are incompetent and incapable of accomplishing their desires.

So many shades of negativity can come into play when you take it upon yourself to do something for another person. Even if you have no ulterior motives and your intentions are pure.

Keeping this in mind, here are the 6 steps you can follow to manifest healing and health for a loved one.

Step 1: Ensure the alignment of the goal

As you are setting goals and manifesting on behalf of another person, you need to be absolutely sure that this is something they also want. You can use your proximity to the person to find out their thoughts on the subject.

However, it is better to keep the fact of your effort from them. So, you may have to work behind their back, even if it is for their own good. As long as they are in alignment with the goal and offer no resistance, your manifestation attempt has a good chance of succeeding.

Step 2: Believe in the power of the Universe

Of course, you need to trust the Universe. You also need to make this person believe that the Universe is working to make their lives better and there is still hope for them.

Often you find people give up hope and turn to despair, thinking that there is no way out of their situation. Without that sense of trust and hope, your manifestation attempt may not work. You need to work with this person and convince them that good things can still come their way anytime and the Universe is looking out for them.

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Step 3: Transfer energy to the person

Sometimes, when people give up hope and are in a state of despair, their energy levels reach dangerously low levels. As you care so much for this person, you can step in to help in arresting this energy drain.

You need to figure out what works with them. Since you know them well, you should be able to find a way to cheer them up and make them feel more positive and optimistic.

By spending more time with them and doing things they love, you can make them see the positive side of life. You can transfer some of your positive energy by close association.

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Step 4: Take supportive action

Manifestation never works without helpful and favorable steps to make your goal a reality. You can coax this person to follow some actions that can help in making your desire come true.

As you are manifesting good health and healing for the person, they may be suffering from ill-health. You can take them to a doctor and ensure that they get the best treatment available. You can make this happen even without revealing your manifestation attempts on their behalf.

In case, this person has health problems that can be resolved with lifestyle changes, use your closeness and relationship with them to get them to agree to the same. You can summon all your love and affection for them to make them agree to this.

This may not be easy. They may not agree immediately. But don’t give up easily. Persist and persuade them with all your love for them.

Step 5: Get help from manifestation techniques

To manifest goals, you can get help from techniques like visualization and affirmations to boost your energy levels. You can follow these techniques even if you are not manifesting.

You can make suggestions to this person to follow these techniques for boosting positivity. If they agree to this suggestion, it is a big victory for you. Things will be much easier. If you can, get them to do scripting exercises and “manifest on paper” techniques. They are good for staying focused and positive.

However, there is a good chance that they may reject your proposal. Don’t pressurize them. Leave it be. You can do the work and transfer the energy to them. That works equally well. So, there is no need to feel frustrated by their refusal to follow your suggestion.

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Step 6: Trust, be patient and let go

When you are manifesting good health for someone else, you may often have to face setbacks and heartbreaks. Through this all, continue to trust the Universe and believe that the Universe will listen to your prayers. That your desire for good health for your loved one will be realized soon. 

As in any manifestation attempt, this may not happen as quickly as you expected. If you start losing hope and start despairing, your manifestation attempt is doomed to fail. You need to be patient and continue to persevere even in the event of setbacks.

Another point you need to remember is not to get obsessed with the goal. Learn to relax and take it easy. Maintain your focus without being obsessed with it.

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Concluding thoughts

When you have the power to heal and bring good health to your loved one, you should use the opportunity to the best of your abilities. It would be sad and wasteful to let it go without trying.

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