How To Manifest Money When You Are Broke

How To Manifest Money When You Are Broke

How To Manifest Money When You Are Broke
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    We all know the popular saying, “money doesn’t grow on trees.” This is true, but what if we told you the secret of how to manifest money when you are broke? We know it sounds impossible, but it’s not!

    If you tried this once, you would know. There is a reason why you are finding it hard to manifest money when you are broke. 

    Manifestation is all about belief and a positive mindset. With no money in your pocket and struggling to pay rent, this is a hard ask, even if it is for your own good. Moreover, you need to act rich to be rich. How can you be expected to behave as if you have all the money in the world when your unpaid bills are piling up on your desk?

    This is a conundrum for sure. But there is a way out. Read on to learn how to manifest abundance when you are broke. This article details how you can overcome your poor financial situation and still manifest the wealth you have dreamed of. 

    Why do you fail to manifest money when you are down and out?

    The manifestation process follows the same pattern and steps no matter what your goal is. Also, there is no restriction on what you can manifest as well. With that said, some manage it so well, while others fail time and again. Why? What goes wrong, resulting in your failure? You have been faithfully repeating money affirmations and following other manifestation techniques without fail.

    Manifestation works on the principle of “like attracts like”. With a positive mindset, you can attract positive things into your life. A positive mindset translates to a “can-do” mentality. With an empty wallet and no sign of change in sight, you must be having a scarcity mindset and feel desperate to manifest money. Desperation comes with negative energy and will work against you. 

    Belief in the process is one of the cornerstones of manifestation. When you want to achieve something, you should be able to believe in your ability to achieve it without an iota of doubt. Again, your present financial condition may prevent you from believing wholeheartedly in your manifestation success. 

    A vital manifestation technique to succeed is “acting as if”. If your goal is to be healthy and fit, you should behave with 100% authenticity that you are healthy and fit. You should do all the activities that a healthy and fit person would do. You should eat and exercise like a healthy person. This will get you into the mind space of a healthy person, and real health will follow.

    The same theory applies to money and wealth. If you want to attract money, act as if you have money. Live the lifestyle of the moneyed people and spend money like them. The trouble with this approach is if you are broke, you may find this hard to practice. Finding money for your lavish lifestyle may be difficult. Also, you may have a mental block to carrying this out.

    Besides all these, you may also have limiting beliefs about money. For instance, you may consider gaining wealth without doing work as ill-gotten money. Or you may think of wealth and abundance as evil and corrupting influences. Unless you work to eliminate such beliefs, they can eventually hurt your manifestation attempt.

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    These are some of the issues where you may falter. Pay attention to these points, and you have a better chance to manifest money that you desire.

    Now, let’s see how we can overcome the hurdles and manifest abundance successfully even when you are broke.

    5 ways to manifest money when you are broke

    1. Think rich

    As you already know, to manifest your goal, a positive attitude is essential. When you are worried about putting food on the table, how can you stay positive?

    “Putting food on the table” is a worst-case scenario. You may be in a much better financial situation. But parting with money is something you feel bad about. You need to work on this and change your attitude. And that means reprogramming your subconscious mind.

    They say that people are not rich or poor by wealth but by how they think. Whether you have an abundant or scarcity mindset is more important than how much money you actually have. Your money mindset influences your every decision, not the money in your wallet.

    Focus on developing a positive money mindset and learning to think rich. With this money mindset, you would be surprised that you have enough money to live a comfortable and happy life, irrespective of the actual money you have. If you can manage this, you will be feeling rich.

    2. Act rich

    This doesn’t mean throwing away all your savings on extravagant things. This is part of the “act as if” strategy. 

    When you want to change your money mindset and reprogram your subconscious mind, there is no better way to achieve it than act as if. Often this technique is misunderstood and interpreted as wrong and evil. Try to understand its real meaning and intention.

    The “act as if” technique is linked to your mindset. With a scarcity mindset, you may not ever be able to convince yourself that you have enough money, whether you are broke or not. On the other hand, with an abundant mindset, you will feel that even the little money you have will be more than enough for your needs. Without changing your circumstances, you can change your life by changing your money mindset. You can achieve this by working on your subconscious mind.

    When you have an abundant mindset, you will start looking for ways to make things happen rather than find ways not to do them. Here are some things you can do without changing your financial situation when you have an abundant mindset.

    • Take better care of yourself
    • Have a positive attitude
    • Feel happy and content
    • Change the way you interact with others
    • Develop new friendships
    • Cultivate hobbies that are not investment heavy

    Acting as if doesn’t mean you have to fake wealth. This attitude is all in your subconscious mind. Unless your consciousness is involved, there is no question of faking.

    3. Take action to make your wish come true

    Change in mindset is vital for success in money manifestation. But this alone will not get you there. You need to put in the right action to witness changes on the ground. 

    When you are set on manifesting money, it may not always come to you as bundles of cash dropped from the sky. Sometimes, it will come to you as a business opportunity or a coveted job. Ultimately this will convert into cash and all the luxuries that it brings. 

    This means looking up every opportunity that comes your way and not leaving any without checking them out. This also means actively going out and searching for a job or a business opportunity. If you already have a job, you may try to find better ones or something you can manage on the side. 

    To figure out what action you can take to make your wish come true, you can revisit your skill set. You may even upskill if that will help. 

    If you want to attract money, you need to clear a path so that the money can come to you.

    4. Practice self-love and self-care

    In your rush to make more money, the most ignored aspect is self-care. You may even think that once you have the money, you can splurge it on yourself and make up for the lost time. However, it doesn’t work this way.

    Self-care is something you cannot switch on and off. Today you ignore it for your convenience, and tomorrow you will pamper yourself silly. This is wrong. You need to be consistent in your approach towards yourself. Moreover, you cannot develop an abundant mindset by abandoning self-care.

    Self-care doesn’t mean spending thousands in a luxury spa or going on expensive holidays. It just means prioritizing yourself and taking good care of your wants and needs. It also means paying heed to your emotions and thoughts. 

    Self-love is the ability to appreciate and accept oneself for who they are. Without both of these, it will be difficult to get anywhere near your goal.

    5. Feel grateful

    The feeling of gratitude can help you eliminate most of the negative emotions that are weighing you down and preventing you from manifesting money. Such as the feeling of lack, a scarcity mindset, or limiting beliefs. The best aspect about gratitude is you cannot have it when there is even a tiny bit of negativity in your mind. 

    Developing gratitude is one of the best approaches to money manifestation, not just in this instance. However, when you are broke and find it hard to develop a positive money mindset, the feeling of gratitude offers you a shortcut. It naturally repels negativity and cultivates positivity.

    You may find it hard to manage your expenses with the money you have. Even in these trying circumstances, you will come across something good every day if only you care to look for it. By making gratitude part of your habit, this will become second nature to you. You will start seeing the positives in every situation.

    Bottom line

    Money may come and go and come again. But your attitude and mindset stay with you for a lifetime. Make sure that these remain in the positive space. Money will naturally follow. You need not do anything more for it.

    We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Manifesting money when you are broke is possible, but it requires practice. The more you do it, the better you will get at it.

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