How to Manifest Using Paper and Pen?

How to Manifest Using Paper and Pen?

How to Manifest on Paper

Are you aware that you can manifest all your goals with the Law of Attraction? No desire is too outlandish, ambitious, excessive, or extravagant. 

Even if you are struggling to make ends meet now, it is perfectly okay to wish for a billion dollars. There is no limit on what or how much you can wish for and manifest with the Law of Attraction. Though beginners are always advised to start small and scale it up slowly.

Once you have set the goal and embarked on your manifestation journey, you can adopt a variety of manifestation tools and techniques to make your dreams come true. 

Visualization, affirmation, vision board, meditation, and gratitude, are some of the most commonly used techniques for successfully manifesting goals. Each one of them is powerful and effective, especially visualization and affirmation.

Do you know that you can make your visualization and affirmations more intense and forceful using pen and paper? That is by writing down your goals and affirmations and maintaining a gratitude journal

While using your writing skills to speed up your manifestation attempt, you need to follow the rules of the game. Read on to learn more about ways to use paper and pen to succeed in manifesting goals.

Writing techniques used in manifestation

Are you one of those people who find it easy to express themselves with the written word rather than the spoken word? If yes, you would be thrilled to know that your manifestation process is going to be easier than that of others’.

It is possible to incorporate writing into various manifestation techniques, such as visualization and affirmation. For example, scripting is a written form of visualization, the most powerful of all manifestation techniques. 

Even as affirmations can be repeated in innumerable ways, writing them down adds intensity to the whole exercise. This is more relevant when you are looking for faster manifestation. 555 method, 777 method, 333 method, and 369 method are all ideal for utilizing your writing skills for the prompt manifestation of goals.

Writing down a manifestation list is another way to make use of your writing talent to ramp up your manifestation effort. Maintaining a gratitude journal is found to help you along in your manifestation journey. 

Let us understand these techniques in detail.

Scripting your way to manifesting goals

Visualization is undeniably the most powerful of all manifestation techniques. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone can use their mind to imagine their life after the realization of the goal in such a way that they would believe it to be true themselves. 

Staying focused for extended periods is difficult for many people. In case they are good at expressing themselves through words, they can utilize the talent to write it down instead of seeing it in the mind’s eye.

Though writing it on a laptop or phone is handy and convenient, it is better to opt for the paper-pen mode as it offers the best results.

Scripting involves writing in detail about life after the manifestation of a goal. It is a powerful reality shifting exercise that offers multiple benefits. They include:

  • Scripting offers the opportunity to delve deep into the desire and explore it in detail. This helps in gaining clarity about what you want to manifest.
  • Scripting offers a chance to use visualization even for those who struggle with their mental capacity for imagination. 
  • Scripting allows you to explore your emotions, thoughts, and feelings in great detail. Understanding them is key to triumph in manifestation effort. 
  • Scripting helps in gaining trust and belief in the effectiveness of manifestation, which is vital to its realization. 

Attributes of a good script

Not all scripts offer the same benefits. Certainly, there are ways to make your script better.  You can get the maximum advantage from scripting by paying attention to a few points. 

1. Write in the present tense

This is crucial to a successful manifestation. You indeed want to achieve your goals in the future. However, when you are scripting you should think that it has already manifested. As if you have already succeeded in your manifestation effort.

This is done to trick your mind into believing that your wish has already come true. By shifting your reality, you are elevating your vibrational energy to much lighter levels that help you achieve success in your manifestation attempt.

Moreover, it sends the right message to the Universe. It reveals how important your goal is to you, how much you want to manifest it, and how much happiness and fulfillment it is bringing to you. As we know, the Universe is always striving to give you what you want and to make you happier.

Writing in the present tense may pose a few mistakes grammar-wise but don’t bother too much about the grammatical correctness of what you are writing. Just pour your heart out and write what comes to your mind. Go along with the flow. 

Instead of writing “I will” and “I want”, write “I have” and “I am”.

The purpose of scripting is to get your mind in that particular state when you are feeling ecstatic after getting what you wished for. And how this has changed your life for the better, making you joyous and content.

2. Clear and detailed

Both clarity and inclusion of details are what separates a good script from a not-so-good one. The more descriptive you are about your future life, the better you would be able to connect with it mentally. 

By being vague about the details of your goal, you are sending unclear signals to the Universe about what you want. If you already have a clear idea about what you want, write it down and develop it further. Writing is found to be immensely helpful in chasing away ambiguity and confusion and forming a clearer picture.

Though scripting is recommended for those who have trouble with using their imagination for visualization, the writing exercise when done in conjunction with the mental visualization can bring in unbelievable results. In fact, you can use scripting to trigger your mental faculties.

3. Describe your emotions

Your emotions, thoughts, and feelings play a vital role in the success of your manifestation attempt. However, most of us are hesitant to talk about our emotions, even to ourselves. You need to overcome this reluctance and explore your thoughts and feelings about your goal and how you would feel on realizing it.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you to experience your future reality. Words are more powerful and effective when they are infused with feelings and emotions. Visualization in the true sense is possible only by including your emotions in the process.

Manifestation with the Law of Attraction is all about tapping the potential of your emotions to get what you want. Explore, understand, and utilize your feelings while scripting to make your dreams come true.

4. Feel grateful

Gratitude can raise your energy vibrations instantly and help you manifest your dreams faster. Including this feeling in your script can make it better and bring you closer to your goals. 

You can introduce the feeling of gratitude in your script when describing your life after manifestation. You may express the feeling of thankfulness to the Universe for making your wishes come true and helping you stay joyous and content.

Do remember to maintain the present tense while including gratitude in the script.

5. Make it realistic

The Law of Attraction says that no dream is too big, no goal is beyond your reach, and nothing is impossible. It also says that for you to manifest a goal, you need to be able to believe in the law, your goal, and your ability to achieve it.

This means that setting the bar too high may not be a good idea at least for beginners. The believability of your goal is the key to a successful outcome. Trust and faith in your script are vital for successful manifestation. 

This doesn’t mean that grander dreams are not achievable at all. When you are starting with manifesting with the Law of Attraction, it would be ideal to start small and work your way up to bigger and more ambitious dreams.

As long as you can believe in your script wholeheartedly, go right ahead and dream up a billion dollars.

To learn more, download our Free law of attraction scripting template.

Write down your affirmations for added focus

Affirmations are simple statements to boost your confidence and self-belief. This is a simple yet effective tool for manifesting with the Law of Attraction. 

You can practice affirmations in many ways – saying them out loud or in mind. Or listen to it or watch it as a video. Vision board is another way to include affirmation in your daily routine. Nowadays many are going for the electronic version of a vision board that can be set as wallpaper or screensaver in your phone or laptop.

All the above methods are effective but none as effective as writing them down using paper and pen. You may even keep a journal exclusively for the purpose. The reason is simple – writing helps you stay focused on the topic at hand more effectively. The more focused you are, the better the outcome.

Writing down affirmations is more useful for instant or faster manifestation as focusing is essential for quicker results. The manifestation methods such as 555, 333, 777, and 369 all utilize the powerful writing technique to get you what you want easily and quickly.

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Write a manifestation list to manifest what you want

At any given point in time, you would be craving for a bundle of things. Most of them would be a fad or momentary desire that will wear off in no time without the need for any action. Some others last a while longer until you realize that they are not right for you or not what you really want.

Very few among your wishes are the real ones. 

For a regular person, separating the chaff from grain is no easy task. Which ones are real and which ones to ignore or discard is a hard decision. 

This is where a manifestation list can come in handy.

Often when you are feeling confused and unable to find your way forward, writing things down can help in clearing the mind. A manifestation list achieves the same task.

A manifestation list is a list of all your dreams and wishes that you want to achieve in life. You may find it easier to maintain this list on your cell phone or laptop but it is the most effective when done using pen and paper. 

You need to pay attention to a few points when creating the manifestation list.

Write down everything you want to manifest in your life, how much ever inconsequential or grand it may be. There is no need to maintain any order or prioritize them. Just write them down as they come to you.

As in the case of scripting, clarity is the key to a successful outcome. You may keep adding details about the desires as and when you think of them. 

Review the list whenever you have spare time. You can strike off the ones you no longer wish for. You can analyze the remaining ones and prioritize for better results.

As you are revising the list, write it down on another piece of paper. At this point change the tense to present. This strategy raises your interest and responsibility in achieving the goals.

Update your manifestation list periodically.

Make copies of it and display them in places that you frequent. The idea is to remind yourself of your desires and goals in life to inspire you to work towards realizing them.

Some may find it easier to imagine or visualize their desires. But if you are among the few who find it hard to practice this mental exercise, feel assured that you can still benefit from visualization. All you need is paper and a pen. 

Writing helps you focus more. Moreover, seeing the intentions in writing can better motivate you to work towards achieving them. Besides adding clarity to your dreams, writing them down makes your goals more real and tangible. 

And, the best thing about the written word is that it allows you to keep track of your progress and celebrate achievements with a tick mark or a strikethrough.

Manifestation is the act of imagining what you want and turning it into reality. You can use the law of attraction to manifest anything you desire in life, including love, money, success, and more. For more on this topic, see our article on how to manifest anything overnight or How To Get Your Ex Back With The 369 Manifestation Method.

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